Thursday, March 19, 2015

Twisted Ideas

Do you know when I found out President Obama was an ideologue? At the GOP House Issues Conference on January 29, 2010, President Obama was responding to Republican Congressional leaders that told him they did not think he was listening to their ideas about his economic stimulus and healthcare reform. Obama’s response was, “I am not an ideologue.” That was the time it became clear to me that President Obama was an ideologue. I mean, seriously, have you ever heard anyone claim they were not an ideologue that was not an ideologue? No, you have not. It does not happen.

He has made his social justice agenda clear. He is intent on righting all wrongs and his concentration is his major sphere of influence, the United States of America. In his apology tour he denigrated this country all over the world. Every step he has taken in foreign policy has been to make this country weaker. He has reduced the size of our military. He has removed our leadership from the Middle East causing chaos. He has alienated the only democratic country in the Middle East and is rallying support for Iran who wants to destroy Israel. European countries struck out on their own -- no longer expecting American leadership. The Russian reset has resulted in Russia going back to threatening nuclear annihilation. 

He raises taxes every way he can to punish those with money so he can give it to people who do not have money. He has flooded the country with immigrants in an effort to assure Democrats win elections. H1B visa holders are knocking educated Americans out of work on a daily basis. The result is the rich are getting richer, no jobs, no prospect of jobs, no economic growth, reduction of household income and assurance that the people he is trying to help will never be successful on their own – with his leadership we are doomed to a society of takers and fewer and fewer givers.

President Obama has had ICE release more criminal aliens to the streets than our jails can hold – 36,000 in 2013 and 30,000 in 2014. These people who should not be in this country at all and many of whom should be incarcerated are allowed and encouraged to perpetrate crimes harming American citizens. Our President does not want them deported. He just wants them here to vote for Democrats – who cares what else they do.

Race relations are worse than they have been in fifty years in this country. People are rioting in the streets, opposing police and supporting criminals. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder exacerbate race relations problems every time they get involved. The results are businesses burned down that will not reopen and burned police cars that have to be replaced. In the long run, the people being hurt most are the rioters.

It is all working. Our country is worse off because of President Obama. By definition an ideologue will not listen, so things are guaranteed to get worse.

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