Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rioters in the Streets

Well, I predicted six years ago when Obama first became President that he would find a way to stay in office after his term expired. Of course no one believed me – why should they. This is America. Actually the United States of America, where we have a Constitution and are a land of laws. Do not forget, that our President was a community organizer. Do you have any idea how many community organizers we have in this country? I do not have a clue. How many of those community organizers are working for what is best for all the people? I do know the answer to this one -- none of them. I know the Justice Department got a lot of extra cash when Obama became President and Eric Holder was Attorney General. What did they use the extra money for? Holder hired community organizer agitators in every major city in the country. Their job was to stop the perceived injustices perpetrated on people of color in this country. That sounds like a noble undertaking.

Since President Obama got into office we have seen the Justice Department drop cases against demonstrators, including Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling places and suing local police departments they determine are biased against people of color. We have seen bias in the IRS against people that oppose the President. We have government agencies colluding to punish the enemies of the President. Look at Bob Menendez, the Democrat senator from New Jersey. The Justice Department has known for years that he displayed scurrilous behavior. His misdeeds were deemed okay as long as he supported Obama. Now that he came out opposing Obama, it is okay to punish him.

Our state Department allowed an American Ambassador to be killed to perpetuate the lie that terrorists were on the run. Yes, our Administration will sacrifice anyone that is a political hindrance. Speech writers and spokespersons for this administration will be well prepared for a career writing fiction.

We have Homeland Security trying to corner the market on ammunition. We have the military doing Jade Helm exercises all across the country. This training is boldly stated as training to put down insurrections in this country.  Obama only recognizes terrorists that oppose him – what he deems as right wing extremists. Translate this to mean anyone that exposes him. Yes, he is preparing our Federal forces to use against the people that oppose him.

The rioting will continue to grow. It is being encouraged by minions of the President. Not by the President, as he always says the appropriate things in public, while people that work for him are doing something completely opposite from his rhetoric.

I predict rioting in the streets will continue, mostly in Democrat controlled cities. It will continue until Obama is no longer President. I also predict when the people have had enough of the lawlessness and begin fighting back, it will be declared an insurrection and used as an excuse to lay the Constitution aside and impose martial law. I do not trust our leadership. I have yet to see this administration do the right thing for all of the American people.

We have problems in every city in the country and we have laws to deal with those problems. Bad policemen should be removed from their jobs. Evil-doers should be punished to the full extent of the law. Our Federal Justice Department cannot continue with its obvious bias. Maybe Loretta Lynch is the answer. I trust she will have the courage to speak truth to power. If so, she may be what we need in Washington. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


The people of the world are continuously bombarded with dreary predictions. The predictions keep changing, but the intent is the same. Science is never involved, just emotion and innuendo. Our government scientists cannot even make up their minds about what foods and food related products are good for us. We have been prompted for years to take vitamins, now some are saying taking vitamins may cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Famine is a good one. The first famine scare I am aware of was recorded in the 1800’s in England when Thomas Malthus predicted we had to cut the world population or we would starve to death. The idea pops up again occasionally. We are still here and the population is still growing. There may be a limit, but soothsayers will never predict it.

Most of us do not remember the DDT scare caused by Rachel Carson and her book “Silent Spring.” DDT saved about 500,000 lives by preventing malaria in many parts of the world. Carson’s book was filled with misinformation that created hysteria and true believers caused panic to outlaw DDT. Since then the world has lost about seven million people that would have lived without the ban. Carson does get credit for creating the environmentalist movement, which continues her legacy of causing harm to the world, as we pass another Earth Day.

Some of us do remember the threat of the new ice age from the 1970’s. Well those same people are back, but this time the problem is global warming. Then Al Gore said, “Oh wait. It’s not warming, so let’s just scare’em with climate change.”

Balderdash. Balderdash I say. I think the key to our intake is moderation. Every body is a different chemistry experiment. Some people thrive on foods that cause problems for other people. Soothsays are with us always, predicting doom and gloom. Kooks are easily able to round up a few people to follow them – sometimes even high level government officials -- maybe even a President.

Most people do not see the big picture. Oh, they see the big picture as we are accustomed to thinking. But think about several trillion stars with more power than our sun and we do not even have an understanding of our sun’s power. We know the numbers that scientists have provided for us, but we do not understand about being burned to a crisp and disappearing by getting within ten million miles of the sun. People do not normally think in millions of miles. Even long haul truck drives still think in hundreds.

It takes a lot of arrogance to think we can predict the temperature of this earth a hundred years in the future. We have control of diddly squat in the grand scheme of things. We can kill all the energy in the world and the same things will happen, except it will happen in the dark – eek, no TV.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Unintended Consequences

Our government, like all governments has many flaws. The major reason is we are ruled by people that are not clairvoyant. Even worse than that our legislators do not even consider unintended consequences of the laws they pass. Our two parties are busy trying to put one over on the other, since they have different views of what policies work to achieve their intended consequence. I am making a big assumption that all involved want good things to happen – though, I feel this is a real leap of faith. Let’s look at a few instances where unintended consequences have had less than desirable results.

About 30 years ago environmentalists started putting pressure on the forest service to stop allowing thinning the forests by cutting trees. This policy has led to unfettered growth of scrub brush which lead to more intense forest fires. Did you think environmentalists were actually clairvoyant, as they often pretend to be? Of course they are not and their efforts often give us unintended consequences.

Think about the Endangered Species Act and the delta smelt in California. The combination of the ESA and environmentalists in California have turned much of the state into a dust bowl. These efforts to do good have caused California to lose one-third of the highly productive farm land they used just fifteen years ago. The Endangered Species Act was supported by environmentalists to help shut down industry in this country. Well it is working well to shut down the farming industry in California.

How about the do-gooders in Congress who care so much about the poor they passed laws that exempted the poor from paying income tax. Think about that. On top of that they keep raising the definition of who is poor until most of the people in the country do not pay taxes. The rich do not make enough money to pay taxes to afford government handouts to the half of the people not paying taxes. Everyone should be invested in our country and our government, but now our Congress has allowed the majority of voters to support tax increases to everyone but themselves. Our revolution from England should have told us this will not work.

Now President Obama is trying to pass the Trans-Pacific Partners trade agreement that will allow free trade with most countries on the Pacific Rim. Republican like free trade and seem eager to jump on the bandwagon. What most of the Republicans do not know is that the free trade agreement includes a clause that allows free flow of workers between countries that sign the agreement. This is another attempt by our President to pull the wool over Republican eyes. Since treaties supersede laws passed by Congress, signing the treaty will mean Congress can no longer pass immigration laws, which will result in unrestricted immigration for all countries that sign the agreement. This consequence is not unintended by the President, but it will certainly be an unintended consequence if Republicans in Congress allow this agreement to pass. I hope they are not that blind to the fact that every treaty they sign and every law they allow to pass has unintended consequences for this country.

I want a President and legislators that care about the citizens of the United States of America. I am not against helping other people or other countries, but if we do not manage our own business better, we will lose the ability to even help ourselves. We need new people with more vision running our country. Our Republicans are too easily fooled and Democrats, using the left-leaning news media have a way to chide Republicans into making emotional decisions with unintended consequences. We can do better.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

RV Park Avenger

My short story, “RV Park Avenger” will be available to download for free on Sunday and Monday, April 19th and 20th. You can download the book from Amazon.com.

I have written three short stories about Averal Saunders, who is a 70+ year old RV traveler. I started with myself as a model for the main character and soon I could not keep up with his activities, as the character took on a life of his own. Averal travels alone, since his wife moved back home with her parents to help them through an illness. In “RV Park Avenger," Averal discovers his dog has been poisoned and finds who he thinks is the poisoner. Averal does enough investigation to assure himself, then sets out to get revenge, then he must take evasive maneuvers to dispel suspicion from himself.

The second short story in the series is “Road to Montana.” Averal has to face and solve several family crises while avoiding law enforcement officers in Texas. Averal is really pressed for time and money and has to balance his activities. This story moves so fast, Averal does not really get to enjoy life as a retired RV traveler.

The third short story in the series is called “Redemption.” Averal takes on a project that causes him to get back to work, all the while trying to reconnect and rebuild a relationship with his wife.

All the stories are available at Amazon.com.

After completing and publishing the last short story I decided to turn the three stories into a novel, called “Turmoil to Redemption.” The novel is available in Apple Format, Kindle format, Nook format and in paperback, available at booksellers all over the world. Many people do not realize they can read Kindle books on their personal computer by downloading a kindle simulation program from Amazon.

In the process of writing the stories I used three different publishing companies. I started with Kindle Direct Publishing for the short stories and they are available exclusively at Amazon. I wanted wider distribution for the novel, so I used Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. I also wanted a paperback available, so I used CreateSpace. Each of these publishing companies required different formatting. The hardest formatting scheme to learn was with CreateSpace for the printed book. Electronic books use free text flow and allow readers to use different fonts for reading pleasure. Paperback formatting required more knowledge and skill, since the book format is fixed. You can see a preview of the finished product at Amazon.com. Go to Amazon and search for Arlon Boozer and it will display all of my books.

Take advantage of a free copy of “RV Park Avenger.” It is a fun book to read.

Feel free to visit my website at http://arlonhboozer.com

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The biggest problem conservatives have is with messaging. The Democrats define themselves, but they also get to define Republicans and thus, conservatives. The reason Democrats get away with this is that the bulk of the media leans Democrat. It is like the newspapers and TV stations in the country shill for the Democrats. The result of this is the conservative message only gets heard amongst conservatives.

This is a shame, because conservative policies offer the best chance of returning America to its former position as the greatest country on Earth.

Under Progressive policies our foreign influence has become the weakest it has been since the end of WW II. Our economy is the weakest it has been since before WW II. Our family values are deteriorating under Progressive policies. Our religious values are being threatened by our government and its Progressive followers. Our country is more divided than it has been since reconstruction. Our current administration is great at convincing each fringe group that the conservatives are their enemies. The Progressives go unchallenged when they state that trickle-down economics has never worked. The fact is, that is how we got to be the strongest country in the world to begin with.  

Our military is the weakest it has been since Ronald Reagan was President. All the while China and Russia are strengthening their armed forces and building coalitions to defeat us militarily.

It is unfortunate that reporters no longer research before they print stories. This administration issues the story line and our media follows. Our children are not being taught the same history we were taught when we went to school. Today, children are being taught that we are an evil country. Can you believe this? Children are being taught that they are bigots. The result is they become bigots. The only difference is they now are told who to hate.

If you find an individual that is unaware of current events and no knowledge of history, it is a guarantee that person will vote for a Democrat. The Democrat power is based on the fact that people that elect them to office stay ignorant of the truth.

Conservatives need to change their methods of messaging. They need to see to it that our children get educated to know the facts, not conditioned with propaganda. School choice may be the answer. Teachers whose loyalty is to the teacher’s union instead of the children need to be marginalized. Good teachers consider the children first. We need more high school graduates from all races, colors and economic backgrounds. We need to get the federal government out of the way of educating our children, including student loan guarantees. When the government is involved education prices skyrocket. The federal government’s involvement in education should be limited to grants for students that need them.

Conservatives need to stop supporting news media that is used against them. Lack of funding will reduce the bias. If we want the conservative messages to be heard, we have to stop supporting media that perpetuates a false image of who conservatives are.  Republican should be punished by losing office for disparaging conservatives who are willing to stick their neck out to change the corrupted systems and institutions. The messaging needs to change. The messaging needs to change and we need more conservative messengers. If people know the truth it will set us all free.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Government Spying on Citizens

Have you heard of Hailstorm? Hailstorm is the latest stingray type technology that law enforcement is using to track people they want to locate by simulating a cell phone tower to locate your phone. This is very hush-hush in police circles. The FBI has instructed all police departments to hide the technology from the public and from the courts. In fact, if a person is being prosecuted and it appears the defense will make the technology known to the courts, the prosecutors are instructed to drop the case. That’s right. We have the Federal Government hiding the fact they are spying on us from the court system. Why would they hide this technology? Because they know it is unconstitutional and they know if it ever gets to court the spying will be stopped.

I have reported earlier that the DEA writes their own warrants to monitor cell phones. Somehow one of the drug enforcement statutes is being used to circumvent the Constitution. And do not forget Edwin Snowden. He revealed how the NSA has the ability to monitor any phone conversation. They say they only do so with a court order, but the court orders in the national security areas are mere rubber stamps the minute someone indicates it might be terrorism. I am positive if 10,000 people have the ability to listen to phone conversations, some of them are doing it on a daily basis. Remember John Roberts rewriting Obamacare from the bench to make it appear constitutional. Do you think someone may be tapping his phone?

George Bush caused us some big problems with his overreaction to the terror threats. We have lost tons of freedom in this country in the last fifteen years and it does not look like anyone in the Federal Government cares.

In other words our laws are moving toward protecting the government. We need to pick and elect some representation that protects the people and the Constitution.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Government out of Control

Remember when Barack Obama was a United States Senator running for President of the United States for the first time. One of the statements he made over and over was that people should stop complaining about the size of government, instead they should be concerned about whether the government works or not. Well, I think we are finding the reason why people clamor for a smaller government, because big government does not work too well.

The big government Obama administration has more than doubled our national debt since he took office, with the debt now over 18,000,000,000. George Bush was not much better. The last five Presidents contribution to national debt: Obama 6.1T, GW Bush 5.8T, Clinton 1.4T, GHW Bush 1.6T in only four years and Reagan at 1.8T. National debt for each President before Reagan was in the billions, not trillions. The debt itself is a national tragedy and a real burden on our future generations.

The Social Security Administration laws allow disability benefits to indigent citizens who do not speak English. Did you realize that SS has made every resident of Puerto Rico eligible for SS disability, if they do not speak English? Our government is so out of control, it is providing benefits to Spanish speaking people in a Spanish speaking country, because they speak Spanish. Does anyone beside me think this is insane?

Judge Hanen has kept the stay in place over the illegal immigration efforts Obama is trying to impose on us. His reasoning is because the President’s lawyers lied to him about implementing the amnesty program, before it was purported to begin. Additionally the judge ruled that Obama’s own actions contributed to his decision. Obama had already threatened to punish anyone involved in the immigration process that did not obey his policy directives.

If you are in Texas and have a tax problem, the IRS office in Dallas is not the place to go. They are currently servicing less than forty people per day, leaving long lines of people without a solution. The IRS switchboard only answers 20% of the calls to them. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to actually talk to a live person, they will only tell you what forms to use and where to get them. That is all they know. This does not even consider the plethora of blatant tax fraud cases we do not have time to investigate.

Did you know that Homeland Security is offering free flights to the USA for anyone that was ever deported for cause? Well, they are. They are going back and overruling previous administrations immigration policies. Something stinks with this administration – maybe a lot more things.

I contend the size of the government does matter. Obama did provide an answer to the question. The bigger the government is, the more inefficiency and waste we get. Smaller is better. Smaller is more efficient. I want a President that knows this basic common sense fact.

Monday, April 6, 2015

What Is Fair?

In my thought process and in the world I want to live in, everyone abides by the same laws and lives by the same rules. How did we get to the point murder is a crime, but if you do not like the person you murder, it becomes a hate crime. The only purpose of this kind of activity is for the Federal government to be able to overrule our state and city police forces. This needs to stop.

We are at the point now that if you are a Democrat supporter you are above the law and if you support a conservative position you are guilty of something if the Democrats think you might oppose them. Senator Menendez is a good example. As long as he was a Democrat going along with Obama initiatives, being a corrupt politician was okay. Now that Menendez made a stink about the lack of sensible sanctions on Iran, he became an Obama enemy and is being charged with a crime.

Lois learner appears to have conspired with the White House lawyers to use the power of the IRS to marginalize tea party groups. The Holder Justice Department will not prosecute her because she is a good corrupt Democrat.

Hillary Clinton is allowed to destroy e-mails to hide activities she took while being the Secretary of State. That is obviously okay with this administration and with the news media.

Policemen are accused of not being fair to Black people. I am sure this is true in some instances and this needs to stop. My personal feeling is that occasionally a police officer might be unfair to anyone they deal with in the heat of the moment, but this is not the norm. The “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot.” Lie got several police officers killed only because they wore the uniform. In other words they lost their rights because someone hated them. Are the Black perpetrators being charged with hate crimes? What do you think? If you are a minority, you will not be charged for a hate crime by this administration.

I think people have a right to ply their trade and have the right to refuse service to anyone. It is stupid to turn away customers and if they turn away enough customers, they go out of business. But they should have a right to go out of business.

I have not heard of any business turning away gay customers, although it could happen. On the other hand, marriage is a custom that is over two centuries old and the institution was created for a purpose. Now we are being forced to change the definition of marriage without thinking about the implications or limitations. This is scary. I think the debate is far from over on the marriage issue.

We do not make atheists go to church, but they have the right to disrupt church activities. I do not think so.

It is time for American people to fight for the rights that are being taken away from them on a daily basis. George Bush did it over national security, allowing the NSA to spy on American people. The Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department act like only minorities have rights.

I repeat. I want to live where the laws apply to everyone equally. Nothing else is fair.

Friday, April 3, 2015

What is the Purpose?

The Department of Homeland Security is offering free flights to all people in Central America that want to migrate to the United States.

This got me to thinking. The President of the United States main job is the security of the citizens of this country. So what is President Obama trying to accomplish by flooding our country with people that cannot take care of themselves? The first training they get is how to make a living from government benefits. What is the purpose? Who does that help, other than the recipients of the gifts? No One.

If this is a humanitarian gesture, why does he not say so? Why is this humanitarian effort not in the headlines? Why does he not make speeches about it? President Obama is an egotist that takes a bow for everything he does that might make him more popular. But, he has not taken a bow over this humanitarian endeavor to get as many Central American citizens as possible into the United States. The only headlines he wants about this issue are in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “Free Flights to the USA” – thanks to President Obama.

Why do we not read these stories in our newspapers? We all know why. Our news media is corrupt and biased. Our President uses his job to promote social justice which demands that he punish this country. In the not too distant future, Caucasians will no longer be the majority in this country. It is inevitable. The President may speed up the process, but will not change the timeline drastically. Our children are being taught that white people cause all their problems. Diminishing the power of the white population may be his purpose. I do not mind that at all, if the people of color replacing whites are better leaders.

My assumption is that President Obama thinks he can turn these new immigrants into citizens and get them to vote for Democrats. That may be his purpose. I think he may be disappointed. Many of the new immigrants have been fooled by slick talkers before now. They may not fall for the same rhetoric that mesmerizes Democrats in this country. Some of these people will come in wanting a better life. Many will soon realize the Democrat policies are designed to keep you where you are and conservative policies are designed to allow everyone the opportunity to do better. Unfortunately, Republicans have managed to suppress conservatives as easily as Democrats do.

I am disappointed with our news media. I am disappointed with the Democrats that support the lawlessness. I am so disappointed in conservatives in this country who would not get out and vote for Mitt Romney. Instead, by standing on the sidelines, conservatives have allowed reelection of a President that hates them. I am disappointed in myself for not howling louder.

We can absorb the immigrants coming into the country, at the expense of American citizens. I am not against immigration. I do think the number of immigrants needs to be limited to allow new arrivals to adjust to us while they learn to fit in as citizens. I think our citizenry is being treated unjustly by this administration. I think we all deserve better. I want a president whose purpose is to make our country better.