Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Government out of Control

Remember when Barack Obama was a United States Senator running for President of the United States for the first time. One of the statements he made over and over was that people should stop complaining about the size of government, instead they should be concerned about whether the government works or not. Well, I think we are finding the reason why people clamor for a smaller government, because big government does not work too well.

The big government Obama administration has more than doubled our national debt since he took office, with the debt now over 18,000,000,000. George Bush was not much better. The last five Presidents contribution to national debt: Obama 6.1T, GW Bush 5.8T, Clinton 1.4T, GHW Bush 1.6T in only four years and Reagan at 1.8T. National debt for each President before Reagan was in the billions, not trillions. The debt itself is a national tragedy and a real burden on our future generations.

The Social Security Administration laws allow disability benefits to indigent citizens who do not speak English. Did you realize that SS has made every resident of Puerto Rico eligible for SS disability, if they do not speak English? Our government is so out of control, it is providing benefits to Spanish speaking people in a Spanish speaking country, because they speak Spanish. Does anyone beside me think this is insane?

Judge Hanen has kept the stay in place over the illegal immigration efforts Obama is trying to impose on us. His reasoning is because the President’s lawyers lied to him about implementing the amnesty program, before it was purported to begin. Additionally the judge ruled that Obama’s own actions contributed to his decision. Obama had already threatened to punish anyone involved in the immigration process that did not obey his policy directives.

If you are in Texas and have a tax problem, the IRS office in Dallas is not the place to go. They are currently servicing less than forty people per day, leaving long lines of people without a solution. The IRS switchboard only answers 20% of the calls to them. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to actually talk to a live person, they will only tell you what forms to use and where to get them. That is all they know. This does not even consider the plethora of blatant tax fraud cases we do not have time to investigate.

Did you know that Homeland Security is offering free flights to the USA for anyone that was ever deported for cause? Well, they are. They are going back and overruling previous administrations immigration policies. Something stinks with this administration – maybe a lot more things.

I contend the size of the government does matter. Obama did provide an answer to the question. The bigger the government is, the more inefficiency and waste we get. Smaller is better. Smaller is more efficient. I want a President that knows this basic common sense fact.

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