Monday, April 13, 2015

Government Spying on Citizens

Have you heard of Hailstorm? Hailstorm is the latest stingray type technology that law enforcement is using to track people they want to locate by simulating a cell phone tower to locate your phone. This is very hush-hush in police circles. The FBI has instructed all police departments to hide the technology from the public and from the courts. In fact, if a person is being prosecuted and it appears the defense will make the technology known to the courts, the prosecutors are instructed to drop the case. That’s right. We have the Federal Government hiding the fact they are spying on us from the court system. Why would they hide this technology? Because they know it is unconstitutional and they know if it ever gets to court the spying will be stopped.

I have reported earlier that the DEA writes their own warrants to monitor cell phones. Somehow one of the drug enforcement statutes is being used to circumvent the Constitution. And do not forget Edwin Snowden. He revealed how the NSA has the ability to monitor any phone conversation. They say they only do so with a court order, but the court orders in the national security areas are mere rubber stamps the minute someone indicates it might be terrorism. I am positive if 10,000 people have the ability to listen to phone conversations, some of them are doing it on a daily basis. Remember John Roberts rewriting Obamacare from the bench to make it appear constitutional. Do you think someone may be tapping his phone?

George Bush caused us some big problems with his overreaction to the terror threats. We have lost tons of freedom in this country in the last fifteen years and it does not look like anyone in the Federal Government cares.

In other words our laws are moving toward protecting the government. We need to pick and elect some representation that protects the people and the Constitution.

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