Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The biggest problem conservatives have is with messaging. The Democrats define themselves, but they also get to define Republicans and thus, conservatives. The reason Democrats get away with this is that the bulk of the media leans Democrat. It is like the newspapers and TV stations in the country shill for the Democrats. The result of this is the conservative message only gets heard amongst conservatives.

This is a shame, because conservative policies offer the best chance of returning America to its former position as the greatest country on Earth.

Under Progressive policies our foreign influence has become the weakest it has been since the end of WW II. Our economy is the weakest it has been since before WW II. Our family values are deteriorating under Progressive policies. Our religious values are being threatened by our government and its Progressive followers. Our country is more divided than it has been since reconstruction. Our current administration is great at convincing each fringe group that the conservatives are their enemies. The Progressives go unchallenged when they state that trickle-down economics has never worked. The fact is, that is how we got to be the strongest country in the world to begin with.  

Our military is the weakest it has been since Ronald Reagan was President. All the while China and Russia are strengthening their armed forces and building coalitions to defeat us militarily.

It is unfortunate that reporters no longer research before they print stories. This administration issues the story line and our media follows. Our children are not being taught the same history we were taught when we went to school. Today, children are being taught that we are an evil country. Can you believe this? Children are being taught that they are bigots. The result is they become bigots. The only difference is they now are told who to hate.

If you find an individual that is unaware of current events and no knowledge of history, it is a guarantee that person will vote for a Democrat. The Democrat power is based on the fact that people that elect them to office stay ignorant of the truth.

Conservatives need to change their methods of messaging. They need to see to it that our children get educated to know the facts, not conditioned with propaganda. School choice may be the answer. Teachers whose loyalty is to the teacher’s union instead of the children need to be marginalized. Good teachers consider the children first. We need more high school graduates from all races, colors and economic backgrounds. We need to get the federal government out of the way of educating our children, including student loan guarantees. When the government is involved education prices skyrocket. The federal government’s involvement in education should be limited to grants for students that need them.

Conservatives need to stop supporting news media that is used against them. Lack of funding will reduce the bias. If we want the conservative messages to be heard, we have to stop supporting media that perpetuates a false image of who conservatives are.  Republican should be punished by losing office for disparaging conservatives who are willing to stick their neck out to change the corrupted systems and institutions. The messaging needs to change. The messaging needs to change and we need more conservative messengers. If people know the truth it will set us all free.