Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rioters in the Streets

Well, I predicted six years ago when Obama first became President that he would find a way to stay in office after his term expired. Of course no one believed me – why should they. This is America. Actually the United States of America, where we have a Constitution and are a land of laws. Do not forget, that our President was a community organizer. Do you have any idea how many community organizers we have in this country? I do not have a clue. How many of those community organizers are working for what is best for all the people? I do know the answer to this one -- none of them. I know the Justice Department got a lot of extra cash when Obama became President and Eric Holder was Attorney General. What did they use the extra money for? Holder hired community organizer agitators in every major city in the country. Their job was to stop the perceived injustices perpetrated on people of color in this country. That sounds like a noble undertaking.

Since President Obama got into office we have seen the Justice Department drop cases against demonstrators, including Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling places and suing local police departments they determine are biased against people of color. We have seen bias in the IRS against people that oppose the President. We have government agencies colluding to punish the enemies of the President. Look at Bob Menendez, the Democrat senator from New Jersey. The Justice Department has known for years that he displayed scurrilous behavior. His misdeeds were deemed okay as long as he supported Obama. Now that he came out opposing Obama, it is okay to punish him.

Our state Department allowed an American Ambassador to be killed to perpetuate the lie that terrorists were on the run. Yes, our Administration will sacrifice anyone that is a political hindrance. Speech writers and spokespersons for this administration will be well prepared for a career writing fiction.

We have Homeland Security trying to corner the market on ammunition. We have the military doing Jade Helm exercises all across the country. This training is boldly stated as training to put down insurrections in this country.  Obama only recognizes terrorists that oppose him – what he deems as right wing extremists. Translate this to mean anyone that exposes him. Yes, he is preparing our Federal forces to use against the people that oppose him.

The rioting will continue to grow. It is being encouraged by minions of the President. Not by the President, as he always says the appropriate things in public, while people that work for him are doing something completely opposite from his rhetoric.

I predict rioting in the streets will continue, mostly in Democrat controlled cities. It will continue until Obama is no longer President. I also predict when the people have had enough of the lawlessness and begin fighting back, it will be declared an insurrection and used as an excuse to lay the Constitution aside and impose martial law. I do not trust our leadership. I have yet to see this administration do the right thing for all of the American people.

We have problems in every city in the country and we have laws to deal with those problems. Bad policemen should be removed from their jobs. Evil-doers should be punished to the full extent of the law. Our Federal Justice Department cannot continue with its obvious bias. Maybe Loretta Lynch is the answer. I trust she will have the courage to speak truth to power. If so, she may be what we need in Washington. 

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