Saturday, April 18, 2015

RV Park Avenger

My short story, “RV Park Avenger” will be available to download for free on Sunday and Monday, April 19th and 20th. You can download the book from

I have written three short stories about Averal Saunders, who is a 70+ year old RV traveler. I started with myself as a model for the main character and soon I could not keep up with his activities, as the character took on a life of his own. Averal travels alone, since his wife moved back home with her parents to help them through an illness. In “RV Park Avenger," Averal discovers his dog has been poisoned and finds who he thinks is the poisoner. Averal does enough investigation to assure himself, then sets out to get revenge, then he must take evasive maneuvers to dispel suspicion from himself.

The second short story in the series is “Road to Montana.” Averal has to face and solve several family crises while avoiding law enforcement officers in Texas. Averal is really pressed for time and money and has to balance his activities. This story moves so fast, Averal does not really get to enjoy life as a retired RV traveler.

The third short story in the series is called “Redemption.” Averal takes on a project that causes him to get back to work, all the while trying to reconnect and rebuild a relationship with his wife.

All the stories are available at

After completing and publishing the last short story I decided to turn the three stories into a novel, called “Turmoil to Redemption.” The novel is available in Apple Format, Kindle format, Nook format and in paperback, available at booksellers all over the world. Many people do not realize they can read Kindle books on their personal computer by downloading a kindle simulation program from Amazon.

In the process of writing the stories I used three different publishing companies. I started with Kindle Direct Publishing for the short stories and they are available exclusively at Amazon. I wanted wider distribution for the novel, so I used Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. I also wanted a paperback available, so I used CreateSpace. Each of these publishing companies required different formatting. The hardest formatting scheme to learn was with CreateSpace for the printed book. Electronic books use free text flow and allow readers to use different fonts for reading pleasure. Paperback formatting required more knowledge and skill, since the book format is fixed. You can see a preview of the finished product at Go to Amazon and search for Arlon Boozer and it will display all of my books.

Take advantage of a free copy of “RV Park Avenger.” It is a fun book to read.

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