Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Unintended Consequences

Our government, like all governments has many flaws. The major reason is we are ruled by people that are not clairvoyant. Even worse than that our legislators do not even consider unintended consequences of the laws they pass. Our two parties are busy trying to put one over on the other, since they have different views of what policies work to achieve their intended consequence. I am making a big assumption that all involved want good things to happen – though, I feel this is a real leap of faith. Let’s look at a few instances where unintended consequences have had less than desirable results.

About 30 years ago environmentalists started putting pressure on the forest service to stop allowing thinning the forests by cutting trees. This policy has led to unfettered growth of scrub brush which lead to more intense forest fires. Did you think environmentalists were actually clairvoyant, as they often pretend to be? Of course they are not and their efforts often give us unintended consequences.

Think about the Endangered Species Act and the delta smelt in California. The combination of the ESA and environmentalists in California have turned much of the state into a dust bowl. These efforts to do good have caused California to lose one-third of the highly productive farm land they used just fifteen years ago. The Endangered Species Act was supported by environmentalists to help shut down industry in this country. Well it is working well to shut down the farming industry in California.

How about the do-gooders in Congress who care so much about the poor they passed laws that exempted the poor from paying income tax. Think about that. On top of that they keep raising the definition of who is poor until most of the people in the country do not pay taxes. The rich do not make enough money to pay taxes to afford government handouts to the half of the people not paying taxes. Everyone should be invested in our country and our government, but now our Congress has allowed the majority of voters to support tax increases to everyone but themselves. Our revolution from England should have told us this will not work.

Now President Obama is trying to pass the Trans-Pacific Partners trade agreement that will allow free trade with most countries on the Pacific Rim. Republican like free trade and seem eager to jump on the bandwagon. What most of the Republicans do not know is that the free trade agreement includes a clause that allows free flow of workers between countries that sign the agreement. This is another attempt by our President to pull the wool over Republican eyes. Since treaties supersede laws passed by Congress, signing the treaty will mean Congress can no longer pass immigration laws, which will result in unrestricted immigration for all countries that sign the agreement. This consequence is not unintended by the President, but it will certainly be an unintended consequence if Republicans in Congress allow this agreement to pass. I hope they are not that blind to the fact that every treaty they sign and every law they allow to pass has unintended consequences for this country.

I want a President and legislators that care about the citizens of the United States of America. I am not against helping other people or other countries, but if we do not manage our own business better, we will lose the ability to even help ourselves. We need new people with more vision running our country. Our Republicans are too easily fooled and Democrats, using the left-leaning news media have a way to chide Republicans into making emotional decisions with unintended consequences. We can do better.


  1. I had never thought about potential conflicts when laws and treaties are at direct odds. I have certainly noticed our current president finds ways to get past our congressional, democratic system so he can dictate policy. This is an opportunity to see one way a person can usurp control over what is certainly going to be historically significant policy. Today's policy regarding immigration affects what America will be in the future. I wonder why more people are not alarmed when their country is hijacked.

    1. AJ. Other Presidents may have done similar things to what this President does and I just never heard about it. They have a lot of power by law and tthis one seems to be giving himself more power.