Monday, April 6, 2015

What Is Fair?

In my thought process and in the world I want to live in, everyone abides by the same laws and lives by the same rules. How did we get to the point murder is a crime, but if you do not like the person you murder, it becomes a hate crime. The only purpose of this kind of activity is for the Federal government to be able to overrule our state and city police forces. This needs to stop.

We are at the point now that if you are a Democrat supporter you are above the law and if you support a conservative position you are guilty of something if the Democrats think you might oppose them. Senator Menendez is a good example. As long as he was a Democrat going along with Obama initiatives, being a corrupt politician was okay. Now that Menendez made a stink about the lack of sensible sanctions on Iran, he became an Obama enemy and is being charged with a crime.

Lois learner appears to have conspired with the White House lawyers to use the power of the IRS to marginalize tea party groups. The Holder Justice Department will not prosecute her because she is a good corrupt Democrat.

Hillary Clinton is allowed to destroy e-mails to hide activities she took while being the Secretary of State. That is obviously okay with this administration and with the news media.

Policemen are accused of not being fair to Black people. I am sure this is true in some instances and this needs to stop. My personal feeling is that occasionally a police officer might be unfair to anyone they deal with in the heat of the moment, but this is not the norm. The “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot.” Lie got several police officers killed only because they wore the uniform. In other words they lost their rights because someone hated them. Are the Black perpetrators being charged with hate crimes? What do you think? If you are a minority, you will not be charged for a hate crime by this administration.

I think people have a right to ply their trade and have the right to refuse service to anyone. It is stupid to turn away customers and if they turn away enough customers, they go out of business. But they should have a right to go out of business.

I have not heard of any business turning away gay customers, although it could happen. On the other hand, marriage is a custom that is over two centuries old and the institution was created for a purpose. Now we are being forced to change the definition of marriage without thinking about the implications or limitations. This is scary. I think the debate is far from over on the marriage issue.

We do not make atheists go to church, but they have the right to disrupt church activities. I do not think so.

It is time for American people to fight for the rights that are being taken away from them on a daily basis. George Bush did it over national security, allowing the NSA to spy on American people. The Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department act like only minorities have rights.

I repeat. I want to live where the laws apply to everyone equally. Nothing else is fair.

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