Friday, April 3, 2015

What is the Purpose?

The Department of Homeland Security is offering free flights to all people in Central America that want to migrate to the United States.

This got me to thinking. The President of the United States main job is the security of the citizens of this country. So what is President Obama trying to accomplish by flooding our country with people that cannot take care of themselves? The first training they get is how to make a living from government benefits. What is the purpose? Who does that help, other than the recipients of the gifts? No One.

If this is a humanitarian gesture, why does he not say so? Why is this humanitarian effort not in the headlines? Why does he not make speeches about it? President Obama is an egotist that takes a bow for everything he does that might make him more popular. But, he has not taken a bow over this humanitarian endeavor to get as many Central American citizens as possible into the United States. The only headlines he wants about this issue are in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “Free Flights to the USA” – thanks to President Obama.

Why do we not read these stories in our newspapers? We all know why. Our news media is corrupt and biased. Our President uses his job to promote social justice which demands that he punish this country. In the not too distant future, Caucasians will no longer be the majority in this country. It is inevitable. The President may speed up the process, but will not change the timeline drastically. Our children are being taught that white people cause all their problems. Diminishing the power of the white population may be his purpose. I do not mind that at all, if the people of color replacing whites are better leaders.

My assumption is that President Obama thinks he can turn these new immigrants into citizens and get them to vote for Democrats. That may be his purpose. I think he may be disappointed. Many of the new immigrants have been fooled by slick talkers before now. They may not fall for the same rhetoric that mesmerizes Democrats in this country. Some of these people will come in wanting a better life. Many will soon realize the Democrat policies are designed to keep you where you are and conservative policies are designed to allow everyone the opportunity to do better. Unfortunately, Republicans have managed to suppress conservatives as easily as Democrats do.

I am disappointed with our news media. I am disappointed with the Democrats that support the lawlessness. I am so disappointed in conservatives in this country who would not get out and vote for Mitt Romney. Instead, by standing on the sidelines, conservatives have allowed reelection of a President that hates them. I am disappointed in myself for not howling louder.

We can absorb the immigrants coming into the country, at the expense of American citizens. I am not against immigration. I do think the number of immigrants needs to be limited to allow new arrivals to adjust to us while they learn to fit in as citizens. I think our citizenry is being treated unjustly by this administration. I think we all deserve better. I want a president whose purpose is to make our country better.

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