Monday, May 11, 2015

Adages and Quotations

Most people have heard the adage, “Success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get.” The first time I heard that statement was on a comedy record by Brother Dave Gardener when I was in high school. I went for a lot of years thinking the adage was true and it maybe it is.

An old Henry Ford quotation I have heard for years: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.”

Everyone has heard of Thomas Edison and his statement, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

I also remember hearing, “The Road to success is paved with hard work.” This is similar to what Edison was talking about.

I saw an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw the other day and he said, “The only difference between you and someone you envy is that you settled for less.” Wow, Doctor – that is good.

Dr. Phil also said, “You should spend 5% of your time recognizing you got a bad deal and 95% of your time deciding what you are going to do about it.”

Something I have always believed is that all limitations are self-imposed. I have thought for a long time, that I could achieve anything I wanted to do. I have argued this point with a lot of people. I am always right and the people that argue with me are always wrong on this issue. The main requisite for success is having a vision where you see yourself succeeding. The rest is hard work.

We have a lot of disgruntled people in this country and much of the animosity is being encouraged by government officials. If you think you are a victim, you are. If you do not think of yourself as a victim – you are not. There are millions of excuses to fail, but why bother. All you need is one. Being a failure is easy.

Being successful requires desire, planning, work and more work. We have prisons full of people that take no responsibility for their situation. We have rioters in the streets that take no responsibility for their situation. Most of my friends and I are able to pity them, because we know they have the solution to their own problems inside them. I hope there are clues in this blog post that help someone.

I have come to the conclusion that happiness is the work you do on the road to success.


  1. Positivity is contagious. I am glad I read this at that start of the day