Friday, May 22, 2015


Are you stuck? What holds you back? What is your anchor?

I had a boss named Bill Kennedy who told me his theory on why good people obey the rules. His theory is that it is because good people hate authority. They do not want anyone telling them what to do, so they take the steps necessary to make sure no one has to tell them anything. From the outside it looks like obedience, but the truth is, it is defiance. This implies that independent people that do their job well are doing it so other people will leave them alone. This also implies that the best workers are in fact the most rebellious. It is an interesting concept and I suspect there is some truth in these beliefs.

If you push good people too far, don’t they turn out to be the most formidable enemies? Smart hard-working people, you want working with you and not against you. This means the best bosses are surrounded by good workers that take their instructions and get to work, expecting the boss to get out of the way. This is a concept management will never understand. The big money they waste on consultants leads management to believe they have to transform workers – balderdash.

I think everyone would like to be thought of as a good worker. By analogy you can apply these ideas to husbands, wives and children. Almost everyone that breathes wants to be independent. Anchors keep people from being the best they can be. Remember my belief that all limitations are self-imposed. If you think you cannot do something, what makes you think that? Some of the things that anchor people where they are: laziness, obsession, drugs, lack of knowledge, bad habits, being the wrong color, being the wrong ethnicity and many other excuses. Yes, all of these things can be used as excuses for a person’s failure – their anchor.

How do you weigh your anchor? First you have to recognize that you are not a group, you are an individual that can control their own destiny. You decide what you want to accomplish and you set goals to achieve the ends you have in mind. Then you go to work. You go to work removing the anchors holding you back. You get out of bed every day and budget your time to work on your goals. You have to recognize that obsession is an illness to overcome. You develop a plan to move past a drug dependence. You fight for the knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. You recognize habits that are holding you back and rid yourself of them. If you think your skin color or ethnicity is holding you back, you have already lost. Remember step one is to recognize that you are an individual and can control your own destiny.

Would we all be better if we were all defiant?


  1. This could help so many people. Many of the examples of self-imposed limitations listed here are familiar to me. The theory Bill Kennedy shared with you is interesting.

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading my blog.