Monday, May 25, 2015

Divided We Fall

When you juxtapose leadership with community organizing we find one gives you togetherness and the other gives you the opposite. Isn’t it ironic? When Barack Obama was running for President, he was going to be the savior that brought all people together. A high, noble idea. But, like all Progressive rhetoric you get the opposite of the promise. Now we have Black vs blue, Islamic militants vs everyone, women vs men, anti-abortionists vs baby-killers, haves vs have-nots, traditionalists vs same-sex marriage proponents, Gays and essentially everyone else vs Christians and open border proponents vs law and order advocates. I am not sure how much more government help I can take, but please stop bringing us together.

To win elections, President Obama declared a “war on women” for Republicans. Remember it was the Progressives who introduced the idea, not the Republicans. Obama wanted his second election for President so much that he claimed the Islamist militants were on the run. The administration even allowed an American ambassador to die trying to make it appear the Islamists were no problem.

For foreign policy, Obama made an apology tour that made the United States sound like the bad guy in every world conflict. The result of his togetherness effort is that our allies no longer trust us and the people that used to envy our success now despise us. Obama stopped the wars so the Islamic people would stop hating us and all Americans would love him.  The result is more Islamic militants outside and inside this country are trying to kill us. Now most of the Middle East is in turmoil and more countries are being drawn into the fray. The effort to get a legacy item by a treaty with Iran has given Iran lease to fight against our interests everywhere without impunity. Now it appears everyone in the Middle East will pursue atomic weapons.

Obama and his administration take every opportunity to accuse police of misconduct when a Black person is killed by the police, whether justified or not. They seem to be willing to ignore Black criminals and paint them as victims of racism. Now many have declared open season on police officers. As officers pull back, crime increases and people are in greater danger. The very people Obama is trying to help are now in a more precarious position.

The year leading up to this Memorial Day had featured more flag desecration, fewer students saying the pledge of allegiance and more people banning flags from their presence than ever before. Honoring the military has become a side-show at sporting events, not a patriotic tribute.

We need schools that make everyone better, not brainwashing students to be socialists. Our history is important and the truth should be taught, instead of ideology. We owe our children a better education than they are getting.

We need a President who will actually bring us all together. Communities that have a problem with police departments should be guided toward a solution to that problem. We need someone who will point out to Progressives the fact that Republican men also have mothers, wives and daughters. We need leadership to encourage a workable immigration law. We need leadership to guide the Congress to modify laws that allow small businesses to thrive, so people can go back to work. We need someone that understands the solutions to problems caused by a freezing, warming or changing climate is the same – prosperity. Solutions are hard to come by when there is no money. To keep all options open we need a President that will bring us all together working for common goals. 

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