Friday, May 15, 2015

Have You Heard ...?

Global warming enthusiasts are in a dither because a scientist actually wants to authenticate the global warming data. Can you imagine any person that calls himself or herself a scientist would worry about a quality control check of their data? After all, a scientist’s primary calling used to be the quest for truth. That all changed with Al Gore. Nowadays politicians in the guise of global warming scientists are pushing an agenda.

 I do not talk about this much, but the agenda of the progressives of the world is to take stuff away from successful countries and give it to countries that cannot seem to help themselves. Well, this has been tried before, but on a much smaller scale. It has been a failure with every instance. What progressives do not seem to understand is that you cannot give things away successfully. If you want to help other countries give them education, so they can learn to help themselves. The United Nations is “all in” on taking money from affluent societies and distributing it to less-affluent societies. A worldwide carbon tax is the entire intent of the United Nations Global Warming Panel. Barack Obama is trying the same thing unsuccessfully in the United States. He could be a lot of help if he stopped supporting the teachers unions and started helping the kids who are getting a poor education – even in affluent schools.

Professor Terrance Healy a former vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham has concerns about the global warming data, because satellite temperatures show vastly different temperatures than are being reported as actual. As I have reported earlier in my blog posts, politicians in the guise of global warming scientists are changing actual historic data to make the data fit their computer model. This is not science.

Dr. Benny Peiser is the head of The Global Warming Policy Foundation wants a wide-ranging review of the data used by global warmers. On the other side, Bob Ward, the policy and communications director of the Grantham Research Institute on climate change admits the original data was altered, but thinks the changes are insignificant. Bobby should run for office as his credentials as a scientist are suspect.

I wrote about the US Government Global Historical Climate Network changing historic data in my February 9, 2015 blog called “Fudging the Numbers.” You can also refer my blog post on July 17, 2014 called “Global Warming.” I am not saying there is no global warming – I really do not care much. The solution to the future world problems, whether the climate is warming or not, is prosperity of the United States and the rest of the world. Scientists may not have the acumen to understand this fact. They should hire some economists, preferable economists who actually understand the definition of scientist.

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