Thursday, May 28, 2015

In Defense of Rand Paul

Rand Paul like his father Ron Paul is a Libertarian and their beliefs on foreign policy are much misunderstood by the American people. I can certainly understand why the Democrats do not understand him. It is basically because they do not care what any Republican thinks or says. The news media continually misrepresents and lies about Republican policy positions. Rand Paul is no exception.

Note: I use the term essay loosely, because I never adhere to strict protocol for my diatribes. I prefer to write like I think, without consideration of the rigorous training I had in proffering the English Language.  

This essay is in response to Republican and Conservative journalists and politicians criticism of Rand Paul. I am not saying I approve of Rand Paul’s positions or policy statements, but sometimes I do. I am more concerned that people dismiss him out of hand without even trying to understand his point of view. This is not a good trait for Republicans, because it mimics Democrat strategy to minimalize Republican voices. Shame on each of us if we dismiss part of the dialog without trying to understand its meaning.

Rand Paul’s foreign policy position is simple. He understands the President’s job is to uphold our Constitution and protect the people of the United States – note that I did not say American people. Our President does not have a Constitutional responsibility for Canada, Mexico, Central America or South America. He is responsible for the United States of America.

Rand Paul, like his father, proposes that our military should be used to protect the United States and stay out of everyone else’s business. It appears that our military history since WWII has been protection of the petroleum industry. As an aside, I might note that President Obama has been anti-oil business in the United States since he became President.

Back to Rand Paul’s positions. Rand Paul believes that Osama Bin Laden created al Qaeda in response to the United States establishing an air base in the Eskan Village near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Why would he believe that? Simple. Bin Laden said so, He objected to the United States military being close to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This makes it pretty clear that the creation of al-Qaeda was a response to our military activity.

We used that air base to mount attacks on Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait because he believed Kuwait was slant drilling under Iraq to get Iraqi oil. I do not know if this is true or not and it really does not matter. What matters in this essay is our reaction to the event. Our reaction was The Gulf War. Desert Storm and Desert Shield followed in years after.

We executed Saddam Hussein and were instrumental in removing Mohammad Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, Hosni Mubarak, the President of Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Libya. There can be no doubt that we helped create the chaos in the Middle East. And what we are choosing to argue about in this country is which President is responsible.

Rand Paul’s message is clear. If we mind our own business, the world is better off. Looking at the situation we have gotten ourselves into, I think we owe him the right to speak and be understood.

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