Friday, May 8, 2015

Lowest Common Denominator

Have you heard of Adam Swift? He is a philosopher and a professor at the University of Warwick in England. He stated recently that parents reading to their children puts other children at an unfair advantage. I know most of my friends find this incredible, because when we were being educated our parents and teachers wanted to make us more well-informed, more knowledgeable and more aware of our place in the world so we could get good jobs and contribute to society.

Now it appears educators in England have joined with teachers and professors in the United States to make sure everyone is the same. That is why our educators continue to put less emphasis on facts of math, science and facts of life and more emphasis on conditioning children to be fairer in their dealings with the world. The idea is no longer for students to get a good education, but to be less educated while being conditioned to consider others before yourself. Our children are being taught that if they get smarter they are taking advantage of others. Yes our educators are doing their best to make our children as stupid as possible, because it is unfair for them to be smart.

Our children are being taught to run races where everyone crosses the finish line together. My generation of folks finds this abhorrent. The reason we think that is because our life experience has demonstrated that people who work harder and longer have advantages over people who are not willing to do the same. Our teachers are teaching socialism. Many of our college educators were influenced by teachers unions. Unions were created out of socialist ideas where everyone is treated the same, regardless of their willingness to work or not to work.

The Pilgrims tried socialism, where everyone worked and shared the benefits of their labor. The result of their experiment was that the longer the program went on fewer and fewer people were willing to work. Something for nothing is appealing to a large hoard of our population. Socialism leads to depravity.

I want a world where everyone loves their children and grandchildren. I want a world where children are read to every night and taught to read and cipher every day. I want a world where children are taught to be better than they were yesterday. Where children are not taught to be better than others, but to be better than themselves. We should be expecting other parents and educators to do the same. Instead of striving for the lowest common denominator, we should be raising the bar for higher achievers, wherever we find them. Education should be about teaching children to be their best, so they are capable of giving a hand up or a hand out to those that do not have the same capabilities or advantages. Educators and politicians should be working on ways to improves education of the poorer students to achieve parity, not holding back children of privilege.

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