Saturday, May 30, 2015

President Obama's Legacy

Have you noticed that most of the news media is ignoring Black criminals and disparaging the police officers who keep us safe? This may be the biggest legacy item our current President has in store for us – lawlessness. The President’s disdain for police officers has been evident for many years.

The first time I remember him showing his disdain for police was in 2009 when Henry Louis Gates did not have a key and was trying to break into his own home. The Boston police arrived and Gates was very uncooperative with them. With no evidence and no facts the President stated, “The police acted stupidly.” In this instance I agree someone acted stupidly, but it may not have been the police. This rush to judgement by President Obama has occurred several times. As usual the news media follows this President’s lead.

The next occurrence I remember was in the Treyvon Martin case. Martin was a Black youth that died in a struggle for a gun owned by a Hispanic neighborhood watch person named George Zimmerman. Attorney General Eric Holder held his own investigation of the case. President Barack Obama said, “If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon.” The local district attorney would not bring charges against Zimmerman, but because of pressure from Holder, Obama and a complicit news media, the state prosecutor filed charges against Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted, but the racial fires were burning.

Next came Michael Brown being shot by a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri. Because the news media ran with the lies from Brown’s friend about what occurred, race relations were set back many years in this country. Then Eric Holder sent Justice Department investigators to do their own investigation and they determined the same thing that the original local investigation concluded. The shooting was justified. The facts did not deter the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative by protesters and Black members of Congress. After the Justice Department investigation, Holder sent community organizers to retrain Ferguson policemen.

You get the idea. Our current government is anti-police and they have made it very clear. Unfortunately our news media is complicit, again – what happened to investigative reporters? The President may give lip service about police support, but as usual his actions do not match his words. Now all over the country police officers are being murdered. There are never any protests about murdered police officers, just a lot of blue uniforms at their funerals.

Add to this that under this President the Department Of Homeland Security is forbidden from deporting known criminal illegal aliens. Anyone that might vote Democrat is allowed to stay here. Do not forget my prediction that President Obama will give amnesty to thousands of criminals on his last day in office.

Add one more thing. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making speeches about the lack of understanding between the police offers and the communities they protect. What do you suppose her solution will be? I will make a prediction – it will not be about retraining the criminals and asking them to stop being criminals. The only interest among the Democrats is fixing the police.

I think President Obama’s legacy is going to be an increase in murders, rapes, robberies and mayhem. I hope his family is proud. At least, they should be safe, with their Secret Service protection.

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