Friday, May 1, 2015

What We Do

Every super salesperson knows that people make decisions based on emotion and use logic to defend their decisions. This implies that if you are a human being, many of the actions you take are based on emotion. It really does not matter if you are a person that cares about others or a selfish individual that cares primarily about themselves, we all act on emotions that occasionally get us in trouble. I know some people that are never emotional, but that is because I only see them when there is no stress. After all is this not the preferred time to socialize? Even at work a stressful atmosphere is not a desirable environment.

Think about this for a minute. Okay, that is long enough. For a salesperson to sell you something they realize they can be more successful if they provide some stress for you. The gimmicks they use are limited time offers, one-of-a-kind deals, being convinced that the fabric matches your eyes and a lot of other jibber-jabber that amounts to the same tactics. My advice is when you are making purchases walk away as soon as you feel the stress.

Now suppose you are in a position of responsibility and occasionally stress is part of the job. Now you cannot walk away when you feel the stress. You have to face it. Can you face it unemotionally? If you answer yes, I will agree with you to a point. But, if the situation is prolonged, stress keeps escalating and emotions are guaranteed to rise, especially if there is physical exertion involved. How do people make decisions in stressful situations? Personally, I do not do stress well – my temper flares too quickly. Because I know who I am, I take a lot of effort to avoid stressful situations.

Some people thrive on pressure. I thrive on pressure. Pressure and stress are completely different thing. You can work under pressure for days at a time and be successful, but when something unusual happens pressure can turn stressful. How people react to pressure is usually by resolving one problem or one issue at a time. If you are a thinking person, you can be proactive and recognize at what point the situation can go out of control to produce stress. If you recognize the warning signs, you may be able to avoid sticky situations.

What if you cannot? How do people make decisions in stressful situations, when emotions are high, anger is high and something has to be done quickly? A person’s response depends on many thing, but I think a person’s character must set the limitations on what a person does. Character is who we are. Are you a person of integrity or a person that holds a grudge and wants to settle the score when things do not go your way? Every individual has a full range of options, but a person with integrity has self-imposed limits on actions they will take.

If you are a policeman chasing someone that you think is a lawbreaker or if you are the lawbreaker evading the policeman, you are both in a stressful situation. In the final analysis, every person must be judged by their actions. Because of what I said earlier, I try not to be in pursuit. I do hope that people that chase me are people of character.

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