Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Got Trouble

I say we got trouble right here in River City. We got trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P which stands for pool. Don’t we wish it was that simple? We got trouble in Detroit, we got trouble in Chicago, we got trouble in Baltimore, we got trouble in New York City, we got trouble in Ferguson and we got trouble in California. Almost anywhere you look where Democrats have been in charge the last fifty years, we got trouble. It appears that many people thrive on their troubles and look for someone to blame beside themselves. Maybe this is normal. I do think their problems will not go away as long as people are not taking individual responsibility for their actions.

Those are some specific places in the country that have trouble and probably will continue to have trouble. I read an article from a progressive website the other day that said the reason people in the south cannot change what they believe is because they were raised to believe what they believe. There is much truth to that. The implication of the article was that southern people cannot help themselves because of how they were raised. Another implication was that because people call themselves progressives they can change. I have lived over 70 years and fifty or so of them I have been politically aware and all I see is the problems Democrats bring on themselves continue to be problems.
They routinely demonize Republicans and conservatives because we take individual responsibility and resolve our own problems. To progressives this is blasphemy – how dare us solve our own problems – what do we think government is for, anyway?

We have more people out of work in this country than we have had in our history. We have more people on food stamps than we have had in our history. Our national debt is the highest it has ever been. Our GDP is tracking near zero growth. NASA’s charter to conquer space has been modified to monitor global warming and make sure we reach out to Muslims. I do not mind reaching out, but NASA used to mean something to the world – now it is a joke. Our Navy does not have enough ships to deploy our Marines, so the Marines are getting rides on foreign ships. What happened to the Navy ships? They are being used to measure sea ice to monitor global warming. We are arming people to fight ISIS that will not fight and refuse to send arms to people that will fight.

President Obama is the smartest president in our history, so I am sure the problems are all caused by the bad advice he gets. Maybe he needs new friends.

One thing that our president has done is brought the lingering racial problems of the country closer to the surface. My hope is this will turn out to be a good thing for all of us. I do not think any of the problems will be resolved by Washington, DC, but maybe there is hope. I think additional Black and Hispanic people need to be involved in our government to help resolve the issues, rather than on the streets protesting. Bringing issues to the surface for discussion is a good thing. Revolution is different.

Revolution is a good means to make big changes. The downside of revolution is that you do not just rid yourself of the bad stuff, you also lose everything good that was there before. Even with all our flaws this country became the most powerful country in the world in less than 200 years. The framers of our country that gave us our Constitution knew we could only be destroyed from within. That seems to be where Progressives are heading. Once the United States of America is gone there will never be another like it. People may wake up to find they got what they wanted and lost what they needed.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unite Our Citizens

The anger need to stop. I understand some of the Saul Alinsky tactics and why they are being used, but like a lot of contrived actions, there are side effects that we need to avoid. There is more animosity in this country than I have seen before in my lifetime. I think the divisions were caused intentionally to help win elections. It is the end result that is unfortunate and abhorrent. We are living in an atmosphere that encourages hatred.

 The rhetoric is getting louder and the blame is getting placed faster and in more places: internet blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and news media. Many seem to be angry with anyone different from themselves in looks or thoughts. Any small difference of word usage can bring attacks from long-time allies

Just the fact that we elected a Black man as president seems to have generated more animosity among the Black population. Perhaps it is just more apparent now. There seems to be a festering resentment among Black people that white people are their enemy. I do not believe the white people are the enemy of the Black people. I think the Black population is being coached and taught they are disadvantaged and hated by white people, but I think this is a false narrative.

There are some racists in this country. They come from all races. Unfortunately racism is only recognized by the current administration and the news media when the racist is white. Others of the same race need to help minimize the influence of racists within their race. I think white people do that. Most white people do not celebrate racists – racists are mostly shunned and condemned. I hear Black people talking about the hatred of Black people being encouraged on talk radio and Fox News. That is a common theme among Democrats and Black people because that is what they are told all the time. They do not know for themselves, because they do not listen to talk radio and Fox News. These are not the only lies being told to the masses, but it is one that needs to stop. We need a leader that unites people, not one that divides people.

Police departments should be hearing the voices of their community. On the other hand, communities should understand the value of the policing agencies. Neighborhoods need a strong police presence. The majority of people in inner cities know this, because they see the troublemakers that live in their neighborhoods. Policing is necessary.

 Having the courts step in on all the divisive issues is not a solution – the courts often make matters worse. Take the abortion issue for instance. The Democrats invented “war on women” as a label for people who cannot find the morality in killing children. The courts and congressional solutions always center on how long it is until the baby takes a breath. We as a people have really distorted the natural course of nature.

I hope our next president has plans to reunite the country. We need a leader that will set the tone for the country and start bringing us back together. I want someone that will encourage me to love my neighbor. I want someone that does not have to divide the country to get elected. I personally need someone that does not make me angry with every divisive speech. We have tried a community organizer, now let us elect someone that recognizes the value in harmony.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Internet and the Truth

I read things on the internet and on Facebook every day that are obviously not true. I am by nature a skeptical person and I do read a lot of things. It seems that my reading is more news articles these days and not the literature I have been enjoying the last few years. Personally, I think taking things out of context to change the meaning of what people actually say is demeaning, lying and wrong. I try to do some research before I post anything on my blogs. I share my opinions frequently and I encourage feedback and enjoy hearing other opinions. I recommend that if you read anything I write that you do not think is true, check it out for yourself – do not take my word for anything. This is a recommendation I suggest for anything you read anywhere. If a statement is in disagreement with what you know or believe, check it out – this is called education – that is how opinions change.

The most egregious posts I see on Facebook are usually political in nature and may come from either party or ideology. The saddest part about these posts is they are often shared by people who support the party or point of view of the original, knowing the facts are inaccurate. This is sad. We owe more to ourselves than to pass on information we know to be false.

There are many well-known biased websites that I hear quoted all the time. I do not visit any of these websites personally, because if you make a comment to correct anything, the regular readers slay you in print for having an opinion different from their own. Most of the people I know are older and have formed their opinions based on their life experiences. Being older does not mean we are past learning or changing our opinions, although these changes come less frequently as time goes on.

In real life right now we have many, many politicians that are secretive and deceptive. We have always had politicians that stretched the truth and told their story their way. We all know this. I use hyperbole myself, on occasion. I also like irony, when I recognize it. We have always had politicians that are less truthful than others, but I do not remember a time in my life where I thought so many politicians were being untruthful with their constituents. I feel our decision-making for elected officials is flawed, because we keep sending people to Washington that will not listen to what the populace is telling them. We need to fix this.

Before you jump on the bandwagon believing something you read on the internet, see if it passes your own smell test. Do not share political and hateful diatribe without thought. Be true to yourself. I have friends that think differently than I do and most of the time I respect their opinions, even when we do not agree. Let us be part of the solution to reduce untruth on the internet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Education

Our next president must address the broken educational system in this country. Our educational system is broken from pre-k through college. There are many corrections that need to be made. I will only itemize a few.

The Department of Education needs to be disbanded. The only purpose for this department is for the federal government to influence what is taught in schools and how it is taught. The department withholds funds from school districts that do not comply with their demands. States send tax money to the federal government and the Department of Education gets its share and doles it back out to the states. This problem was exacerbated in 1979 when Jimmy Carter separated DE from Health, Education and Welfare. Federal mandates take teacher's and principal's time to fill out forms for the Fed. Many school districts have hired extra staff to administer federal paperwork requirements. This department raises the cost of education and test scores have decreased since the day it came into existence.

In many school districts parents are treated like outsiders. School teachers and school administrators turn parents away that want to be involved in their children’s education. This arrogance is ignorance. Many students, especially in inner cities are in schools that have an atmosphere not conducive to learning. School choice would solve the problem, but it is not allowed in most instances because the teachers unions are against it. You see – the poorer preforming schools are often the ones where you cannot get rid of bad teachers because of union rules. Instead, many school districts pay bad teachers to stay home – there is no way to fire them.

The Pacific Education Group (PEG) is causing havoc in all school districts that hire them. They are training school administrators that they are the problem. PEG coaches school administrators to only discipline white kids. People of color are allowed leeway for violence and destruction, since they cannot be punished. President Obama and the Department of Education are fostering these ignorant ideas. The result will be constructing more prisons to house the students that were never taught that they are accountable for their own actions.

Federal government policies under the Obama Administration have increased the cost of college to a point that only the wealthy can attend. Obama’s motive was noble, but as usual, government intervention has the opposite of the intended effect. Government money corrupts – at least it has shown to do so in the United States. The federal government lowered the standards for education grants and made student loans available to people that Obama made clear would not have to repay the loan money. The result is college tuition, fees and book prices have skyrocketed in the last six years. An example of a foolish government solution on a student loan issue is Corinthian Colleges. Corinthian Colleges are for profit schools that have been caught running student loan scams. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and President Obama are ready to forgive student loans for Corinthian students at a cost of $3.5 billion. Taxpayers are footing the bill to support scam artist and any student that attended these colleges.

School choice works everywhere it is used. It makes schools compete for students that want a good education. Politics is the only reason school choice is not available everywhere. Parents need to be involved in schools. They need to be aware of curricula and involved in helping children learn and progress. Education should be a state issue and a school district issue, not a federal issue.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Crime Problems

I assume most of the people that read my blog are knowledgeable about current events. That means we all know that robberies, rapes, murders and other violent crimes are more prevalent in large cities and more prevalent in large cities that are governed by Democrat politicians. These facts are undeniable, but every Democrat politician tries to blame something other than themselves for their bad statistics.

New York City and Baltimore are great examples of what happens in the crime arena when liberal government is at its best. Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped the “stop and frisk” policy that had been in place since Rudy Giuliani was mayor. A Black man named Eric Garner with a criminal history was caught in the act breaking the law and was confronted by police officers. The police tried to arrest the man and he resisted arrest strenuously – the officers responded in kind and Eric Garner died. Mayor de Blasio placed all the blame on the policemen making the arrest and openly chastised the police department for several weeks following the event. The result of the mayor’s policy and rhetoric is violent crimes are up 50% in that city.

In Baltimore, Freddie Gray, another Black man and known criminal resisted arrest and died as a result of the injuries he sustained most likely at the hands of police officers and before his arrival at the police station. Protesters were in the streets of Baltimore soon after the announcement of Gray’s death. The Baltimore mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake held a press conference and told the people of the world the police should stand back and give the protesters “freedom to destroy.” And they did. Rioters became a mob and the destruction went on for several days while the mayor hem-hawed around trying to decide what the police actions should be. Then the mayor lied several times and said she did not give the rioters “freedom to destroy” and claimed she never said those words. Next the state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby charged and had all six policemen involved with Freddie Gray arrested within days of the event. This was a really, really quick investigation and it took another month to update the charges. The result is arrests are down and crime is up -- more gun crimes in Baltimore than they have had in forty years.

No one should die by the hands of police officers. But who wants to be arrested? No one. This means some of the people apprehended are going to fight back. Police personnel spend their lives among the worst in our society day in and day out. We still expect them to act with common sense and most of the time they do. It is a tough job and I do not have the temperament for it. Most police officers do have the temperament for it or they would not be there. They are well trained and familiar with the laws and procedures that guide them. They go to the worst places and see worse things than most of us are willing to acknowledge, much less be around or tolerate. They deserve some respect. The police should also hold themselves to a high standard and make every effort to arrest law-breakers with the least violence necessary to get the job done.

A big problem we are having in this country at this time is educators teaching everyone their problems are because of “white privilege.” Students are being taught that bad behavior by “people of color” is not their fault and they should be treated differently when caught. School consultants out of San Francisco called the Pacific Education Group are instructing principals and teachers to stop disciplining “people of color” because their living environment is different than the background of the white people that make the rules. Yes, they are moving this training into elementary schools. Do you suppose we will have any good teachers left when the minorities find out they will not be disciplined? Where are we going and what are the liberals doing to our country? Be vigilant. Pay attention to your school's curriculum.