Friday, June 5, 2015

Crime Problems

I assume most of the people that read my blog are knowledgeable about current events. That means we all know that robberies, rapes, murders and other violent crimes are more prevalent in large cities and more prevalent in large cities that are governed by Democrat politicians. These facts are undeniable, but every Democrat politician tries to blame something other than themselves for their bad statistics.

New York City and Baltimore are great examples of what happens in the crime arena when liberal government is at its best. Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped the “stop and frisk” policy that had been in place since Rudy Giuliani was mayor. A Black man named Eric Garner with a criminal history was caught in the act breaking the law and was confronted by police officers. The police tried to arrest the man and he resisted arrest strenuously – the officers responded in kind and Eric Garner died. Mayor de Blasio placed all the blame on the policemen making the arrest and openly chastised the police department for several weeks following the event. The result of the mayor’s policy and rhetoric is violent crimes are up 50% in that city.

In Baltimore, Freddie Gray, another Black man and known criminal resisted arrest and died as a result of the injuries he sustained most likely at the hands of police officers and before his arrival at the police station. Protesters were in the streets of Baltimore soon after the announcement of Gray’s death. The Baltimore mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake held a press conference and told the people of the world the police should stand back and give the protesters “freedom to destroy.” And they did. Rioters became a mob and the destruction went on for several days while the mayor hem-hawed around trying to decide what the police actions should be. Then the mayor lied several times and said she did not give the rioters “freedom to destroy” and claimed she never said those words. Next the state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby charged and had all six policemen involved with Freddie Gray arrested within days of the event. This was a really, really quick investigation and it took another month to update the charges. The result is arrests are down and crime is up -- more gun crimes in Baltimore than they have had in forty years.

No one should die by the hands of police officers. But who wants to be arrested? No one. This means some of the people apprehended are going to fight back. Police personnel spend their lives among the worst in our society day in and day out. We still expect them to act with common sense and most of the time they do. It is a tough job and I do not have the temperament for it. Most police officers do have the temperament for it or they would not be there. They are well trained and familiar with the laws and procedures that guide them. They go to the worst places and see worse things than most of us are willing to acknowledge, much less be around or tolerate. They deserve some respect. The police should also hold themselves to a high standard and make every effort to arrest law-breakers with the least violence necessary to get the job done.

A big problem we are having in this country at this time is educators teaching everyone their problems are because of “white privilege.” Students are being taught that bad behavior by “people of color” is not their fault and they should be treated differently when caught. School consultants out of San Francisco called the Pacific Education Group are instructing principals and teachers to stop disciplining “people of color” because their living environment is different than the background of the white people that make the rules. Yes, they are moving this training into elementary schools. Do you suppose we will have any good teachers left when the minorities find out they will not be disciplined? Where are we going and what are the liberals doing to our country? Be vigilant. Pay attention to your school's curriculum.

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  1. I am confident a very high percentage of police officers use great patience and restraint. You wrote about this issue much better than I would.