Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unite Our Citizens

The anger need to stop. I understand some of the Saul Alinsky tactics and why they are being used, but like a lot of contrived actions, there are side effects that we need to avoid. There is more animosity in this country than I have seen before in my lifetime. I think the divisions were caused intentionally to help win elections. It is the end result that is unfortunate and abhorrent. We are living in an atmosphere that encourages hatred.

 The rhetoric is getting louder and the blame is getting placed faster and in more places: internet blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and news media. Many seem to be angry with anyone different from themselves in looks or thoughts. Any small difference of word usage can bring attacks from long-time allies

Just the fact that we elected a Black man as president seems to have generated more animosity among the Black population. Perhaps it is just more apparent now. There seems to be a festering resentment among Black people that white people are their enemy. I do not believe the white people are the enemy of the Black people. I think the Black population is being coached and taught they are disadvantaged and hated by white people, but I think this is a false narrative.

There are some racists in this country. They come from all races. Unfortunately racism is only recognized by the current administration and the news media when the racist is white. Others of the same race need to help minimize the influence of racists within their race. I think white people do that. Most white people do not celebrate racists – racists are mostly shunned and condemned. I hear Black people talking about the hatred of Black people being encouraged on talk radio and Fox News. That is a common theme among Democrats and Black people because that is what they are told all the time. They do not know for themselves, because they do not listen to talk radio and Fox News. These are not the only lies being told to the masses, but it is one that needs to stop. We need a leader that unites people, not one that divides people.

Police departments should be hearing the voices of their community. On the other hand, communities should understand the value of the policing agencies. Neighborhoods need a strong police presence. The majority of people in inner cities know this, because they see the troublemakers that live in their neighborhoods. Policing is necessary.

 Having the courts step in on all the divisive issues is not a solution – the courts often make matters worse. Take the abortion issue for instance. The Democrats invented “war on women” as a label for people who cannot find the morality in killing children. The courts and congressional solutions always center on how long it is until the baby takes a breath. We as a people have really distorted the natural course of nature.

I hope our next president has plans to reunite the country. We need a leader that will set the tone for the country and start bringing us back together. I want someone that will encourage me to love my neighbor. I want someone that does not have to divide the country to get elected. I personally need someone that does not make me angry with every divisive speech. We have tried a community organizer, now let us elect someone that recognizes the value in harmony.

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