Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Got Trouble

I say we got trouble right here in River City. We got trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P which stands for pool. Don’t we wish it was that simple? We got trouble in Detroit, we got trouble in Chicago, we got trouble in Baltimore, we got trouble in New York City, we got trouble in Ferguson and we got trouble in California. Almost anywhere you look where Democrats have been in charge the last fifty years, we got trouble. It appears that many people thrive on their troubles and look for someone to blame beside themselves. Maybe this is normal. I do think their problems will not go away as long as people are not taking individual responsibility for their actions.

Those are some specific places in the country that have trouble and probably will continue to have trouble. I read an article from a progressive website the other day that said the reason people in the south cannot change what they believe is because they were raised to believe what they believe. There is much truth to that. The implication of the article was that southern people cannot help themselves because of how they were raised. Another implication was that because people call themselves progressives they can change. I have lived over 70 years and fifty or so of them I have been politically aware and all I see is the problems Democrats bring on themselves continue to be problems.
They routinely demonize Republicans and conservatives because we take individual responsibility and resolve our own problems. To progressives this is blasphemy – how dare us solve our own problems – what do we think government is for, anyway?

We have more people out of work in this country than we have had in our history. We have more people on food stamps than we have had in our history. Our national debt is the highest it has ever been. Our GDP is tracking near zero growth. NASA’s charter to conquer space has been modified to monitor global warming and make sure we reach out to Muslims. I do not mind reaching out, but NASA used to mean something to the world – now it is a joke. Our Navy does not have enough ships to deploy our Marines, so the Marines are getting rides on foreign ships. What happened to the Navy ships? They are being used to measure sea ice to monitor global warming. We are arming people to fight ISIS that will not fight and refuse to send arms to people that will fight.

President Obama is the smartest president in our history, so I am sure the problems are all caused by the bad advice he gets. Maybe he needs new friends.

One thing that our president has done is brought the lingering racial problems of the country closer to the surface. My hope is this will turn out to be a good thing for all of us. I do not think any of the problems will be resolved by Washington, DC, but maybe there is hope. I think additional Black and Hispanic people need to be involved in our government to help resolve the issues, rather than on the streets protesting. Bringing issues to the surface for discussion is a good thing. Revolution is different.

Revolution is a good means to make big changes. The downside of revolution is that you do not just rid yourself of the bad stuff, you also lose everything good that was there before. Even with all our flaws this country became the most powerful country in the world in less than 200 years. The framers of our country that gave us our Constitution knew we could only be destroyed from within. That seems to be where Progressives are heading. Once the United States of America is gone there will never be another like it. People may wake up to find they got what they wanted and lost what they needed.


  1. I remember the day I saw on the news almost eight years ago. Obama had already come out with his controversial stimulus plan. Then I saw that NASA was losing so much of its budget that we no longer had a shuttle program. Now the world watches our heroes hitching rides with Putin to the Int'l space station.

    As for wanting more Hispanic and Black people involved in our government instead of on the street protesting, that sounds nice. But Hispanic and Black politicians are often the people leading the protesters. Hispanics win elections in California by running on a platform that includes giving California to Mexico. The trend of winning with that craziness is going to get worse according to census trends. When I was a kid you had to learn some English to become an American citizen. Now, instead, English is no longer our national language and we have to do everything in English AND Spanish.

    Is the America I am so proud to be part of still alive?

    1. Thanks for the comments, AJ. A lot of what I was brought up with is gone. New is not always better.