Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Third Biggest Threat

The third biggest threat to the survival of this country is the American people. Let us take a look at our situation. People are being pulled in multiple directions and taught to fear each other. Yes, we have divisive leadership that is driving us apart to win elections. Our president does what politicians do – get more people to vote for them and their friends. It is our fault, if we fall for this drivel.

We now have a lot of super rich people in this country. These people need to realize that this trend is unsustainable. Instead of making huge profits, companies need to lower prices, raise wages for their employees and reduce compensation of company leadership. If not, much will be taken from them. There is no excuse for excess greed that hurts our country. It cannot stand for long.

We have a good portion of our population that will not vote. We have a lot of people that have lost hope in the political process and have ceded defeat, thus no vote. Our best chance of change is being heard and our votes are a way to have a voice.

We have a portion of our population that think only Black lives matter, unless you weigh less than five pounds or live in the inner city. They only want to resolve the problem that is the least detrimental to them – death by police. Criminal activity is so rampant that we have a large portion of people of color willing to accept and support the criminals and attack the only people that can protect us against them. It is irrational to want the policing to stop.

People in poverty are told who is to blame for their fate. They are being taught that only government can help them. If you believe what you are told, you are stuck where you are. At the same time, a few enlightened people in their neighborhoods realize they can help themselves and find a way out.

We have a whole generation of children that have been taught they do not have to work to survive – the world owes them something. That guarantees more people in poverty. When their parents die, in whose basement will these kids reside? Who will have a basement? Who will have a house? People all over the country are buying houses they cannot afford and we know where this leads.

Until the last few years, most people felt upwardly mobile. They saw a way to improve their standard of living and took chances to do better. Now most are afraid to take a chance. People are agitated and disgruntled and how can we blame them, even if we allowed it to happen to ourselves.

Some people think the solution to climate change is to shut down our industry. News flash – the climate is not going to stop changing. It has been happening for 8,000,000 years and shutting down the coal business is not going to make a difference. Enlightened dinosaurs tried for 600,000 years to change the climate and got killed by a rock. Killing the economy only guarantees that people will not have enough money to change their living conditions.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Or better yet, have you heard about the tail wagging the dog? That is going on to a huge extent in this country. Remember the sport vernacular, “What goes around comes around.” Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Second Biggest Threat -- Part II

Both parties are complicit in presenting government statistics that are deceiving. They hide the true unemployment numbers in a manner that gives them cover for their failures. Washington politicians are colluding against all of us.

Do you have any idea how many family members congresspersons have on the payroll? No you do not, because they will not tell you. Most of them even have family members working as lobbyists, so they can funnel money into their families through legislation.

Both parties spend too much money for what we get for the expenditure. We have allowed them to create a political system that pulls the wool over our eyes on a daily basis. Campaign finance is a real boondoggle. There are Super PACs everywhere with people collecting money for their re-election. They claim to be supporting particular constituencies, but in fact most of the money is used in a manner that benefits a candidate or group of like-minded candidates. John Boehner and Harry Reid have their own PAC slush funds, as do many other congress persons in leadership positions. They stay in the fringes of the tax laws, and it appears government workers are above the law.

What does the Republican Party leadership stand for? They stand for getting re-elected and getting more Republicans elected -- nothing else. When Ted Cruz worked with house members trying to get Republicans to vote against another big government spending bill, he was chastised by all the Republican leadership for taking a stand. The truth is, this government should have been shut down until the Democrats would come to the bargaining table in a fair debate over issues. Instead our Republican leaders attack the only people trying to represent the will of the people.

Donald Trump is running for President. Every time he makes a statement telling the truth about what is going on in this country, he is ridiculed and chastised by Republicans in leadership positions. Telling the truth might cost them votes. I want a Republican Party that will do what is right and not what gets them re-elected. I despise our Republican leadership. Republicans need a new leader that can persuade people to support the truth and the American people.

Republicans and John Boehner in particular are really good at show votes. They pass measures in the house over and over again that make them look good to their constituents, all the while knowing the legislation cannot pass the senate or a presidential veto. When the Republicans finally got a majority in both houses, Boehner would no longer submit the legislation. Republicans make public statements all the time supporting their constituent positions, then go other places and tell a different story. This is deception, lying and ill-advised as it guarantees us bad government.

Look at the Corker Amendment. It allows congress the ability to vote against the Iran deal. That is the agreement that Obama and Kerry were willing to take the Iranian position on all issues. The bill is written in such a way that the president can veto it and still get his agreement in effect. Another type of meaningless show vote for the Republicans.

We are in dire straits folks. Government is not on our side. Government is on the side of big money donors that will keep the same people getting re-elected to keep hurting the people they are supposed to represent. Is there any hope? Maybe the next couple of posts will provide some answers to that question.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Second Biggest Threat -- Part I

The last three posts I made talked about how dangerous the Progressives in the Democrat Party are to this country. While I believe that to be the truth, I think there is an almost equally bad group running the Republican Party. We are living in a time when no one in our federal government actually responds to the people. People in both parties make gestures of doing good work, but things never seem to work out like they plan.

Our national debt is enough to destroy this country, just like debt has ruined many families’ finances in the last six years. No jobs means no way for families to pay their debt and government subsidies only give people enough to live on with not much extra.

The basic economic difference between the Democrat and Republican parties is that Democrats kill jobs while they overspend. Republicans overspend also, but just on different things. This is a glimpse on nation debt by party and by president: Democrats: Obama -- $5 trillion in one term, Clinton -- $1.5 trillion in two terms. Republicans: George W Bush -- $4.9 trillion in two terms, George HW Bush -- $1.6 trillion in one term, Ronald Reagan -- $1.7 Trillion in two terms. Keep in mind, this is not what they spent; spending was a lot more. This is just what they put on the credit card for American tax payers to pay.

My opinion is that the big-spending Republicans are the 2nd greatest threat to the survival of the United States of America. Republican leadership lies to the American people, their fellow legislators and garners Democrat support for most of the bills they pass.

Remember in 2010 when Joe Miller won the Alaskan Republican primary over Lisa Murkowski? Senator Murkowski was a vote the big spending Republicans could count on, so the party would not support Miller. Instead they put their money on Murkowski as a write in candidate. You see – the party does not care what the people want, they just want to keep the status quo.

Remember in 2014 when the incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander was running far behind Tea Party candidates in Tennessee? Of course the Republicans flooded this big spending Republican with money. As a last resort, Alexander made a pitch to Democrats in Tennessee to cross over and support him. The Democrats did not mind, because Alexander votes like a Democrat which is exactly what the Republic leadership wants.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner make speeches that make them sound like conservative Republicans, but it is just to get votes. It has nothing to do with the truth.

Why do Republican leaders want a big government with big expenditures? Because it makes them and their families rich off our tax money. When they get through bilking us as “public servants,” they move into lobbyist positions to keep the cash flowing into their pockets.

Big spending Republicans are not our friends.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Biggest Threat -- Part III

The Progressives started off going directly at the Constitution through the courts and made slow progress. They found the Christians still believed in the Constitution and the Christians were in their way. Religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution was a stumbling block for Progressives. So the Progressives mounted a campaign to belittle and minimize Christians. The Christians, being good people are mostly turning the other cheek. The Christians are ill-equipped to do battle in this arena.

The Democrats and public sector unions got together in a big way. The union offers a large voting block and a lot of thugs to assure people stay within their grasp. The unions offer political campaign support and manpower for door to door canvassing. The Democrat politicians guarantee the union members large pay increases, big bonuses and dream retirement plans. Bonuses in our government have become entitlements – you get them no matter how bad you are at the job. Essentially the Democrat party has bought bad government and sold it to us with our own tax money.

The Democrats through the teacher’s unions have gained control of our academic system. Educators have devised curricula that admonishes success and admires social justice. White children are being taught they are the cause of all the problems in the world. Educators have re-written our history to eliminate all our heroes and elevate the stature of radicals.

Over the years things have changed, but too slowly for the Progressives. They want socialism and they want it now. Along came an ideologue named Barack Obama to give it to them. He nudged every law and pushed the limits of the Constitution since he got into office. He wants the Progressives to win and realized the easiest way to do that was by getting more Democrat votes. He started off with a jobs program. His idea of a jobs program was to kill jobs – that is how you get more Democrats – you put the populace into poverty. His policies and the policies of the Democrat Congress assured for the eight years of his Presidency as many people as possible would be put out of work.

Do you realize we are going ½ trillion dollars further in debt every year under this president? Yes, corporate taxes are the highest in the world, but so many people are out of work and on welfare that we have an economy that is unsustainable. Tax and spend is the Democrat way and it always will be.

President Obama started off trying to get statehood for Puerto Rico and is still pushing for it. He has flooded our country with illegal immigrants on the hope at some point they will become Democrat votes. Early in his administration he had justice department representatives in jails and prisons signing up Democrat voters. Now he is releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets of the country to gain more voters. My prediction is that he will pardon 10,000 people before he leaves office. Nudge is a lesson he understands.

President Obama has made it clear that his priority is not the American People. If he cared about us, he would not be flooding the country with diseased people and criminal elements. If he cared he would be putting people to work, but that would cost him votes. President Obama sees himself as a citizen of the world and he wants to diminish the United States, because he thinks we have been too successful at the expense of other countries. And here we are. All we need is Hillary to complete the job Obama started.

Still to come: The second and third biggest threats to the United States of America.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Biggest Threat -- Part II

I have stated many times that I do not think the United States can be destroyed by external forces. I think the biggest danger to our country is being destroyed from within. I am positive the biggest threat to the United States of America is Progressivism. That is right – I believe the Progressives in the Democrat party are our biggest danger. Now do not twist my words like the Democrats and the media did with Donald Trump’s statement about the Mexican immigrants. I did not say all Democrats are bad. I said very clearly there is a Progressive group within the Democrat party that is dangerous to the well-being of the United States and the world. Most Democrats that I know are good people that think Obama is wonderful. That is okay with me, we just see a different picture of the world. Personally, I think most Democrats believe the hype from their party, thus never know the truth about what Republicans believe and work to achieve. I do not understand why they do not recognize the poverty the Democrat party has caused for them.  

The Progressives movement began soon after the Civil War and was started from the noble idea of making a society better for all people, not just an affluent few. The Progressive Era is considered to be the period between 1890 -1920. Progressivism started as a social movement and soon evolved to a political movement. Among the problems they were trying to resolve were poverty, greed and racism and their tools for solutions were providing a good education, providing a safe environment and a good place to work. Corporate greed was always a target of their mantra.

The distortions to the movement continued as time went on and nowadays Progressives, who used to be called liberals, want the same outcome for everyone. They hate capitalism. A thing Progressives have found along the way is that knowledge, law and order and our Constitution are in their way.

Free speech is in their way. Progressives only want free speech if you support them. They want no speech in opposition. Is this not the way of dictatorships? The Progressives have managed to get control of most of the mainstream media and have been trying for years to shut up talk radio and have fought Fox News since its inception. President Obama and the FCC have taken steps to allow them to censor the internet. Even the good Democrats hate Fox News, because they tell the truth about what is going on. They tell the stories that mainstream media will not tell you, because it does not fit their agenda, Go figure. Talk radio and Fox News tell people the whole truth and the Progressives movement cannot succeed if people know the truth.

Progressive tactics are dirty. For them the ends justify the means. If you do not think so look how they disparaged Bill Clinton’s love interests. Remember how Teddy Kennedy went after Robert Bork. Remember the lies they conjured up against Clarence Thomas. Remember Harry Reid lying on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney’s taxes. I know you cannot remember the numerous lies President Obama was willing to tell about Obamacare. That completely ignores the bribes they made to get votes for this worst piece of legislation in our history.  Progressive’s goal is to get their way and winning is all that is important. You have to give them credit for persistence – they never stop trying to destroy people that oppose them.

The Democrats thrive when their constituents are convinced they are unable to help themselves. Look at all the Democrat enclave cities in the United States. Every one that has been controlled by the Democrats for over fifty years is in worse poverty then they were fifty years ago and they get worse every year. I think this is bad news and I think there is a solution,

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Biggest Threat -- Part I

This is the first of three parts on the biggest threat to the United States of America. Enjoy.

I find it interesting what people think are threats to us. Often the threats people perceive are because of the jobs they hold. Most of the threats the general populace feel are created by media propaganda. A recent Pew Poll tells us the biggest threats to the world are ISIS, the economy and climate change. Talk about getting caught in the “hype.” Our CDC is warning us not to kiss chickens until the bird flu epidemic goes away. Would you like to know who is in charge of messaging at the CDC? Not me. Why would I need another idiot in my life?

The New America Organization thinks white supremacists groups are the biggest threat to us. Of course, President Obama has been saying this since he ran for President promising to get us out of wars and declared Islam a peaceful religion.  President Obama is increasing the Muslim immigrant population to this country right now and that should scare everyone, at least while ISIS is in recruitment.  An estimated six million Muslims have immigrated to the United States since Obama was elected. Marine General Joseph Dunford, who is probably going to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, thinks Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS are our biggest threats. According to James Clapper, the United States intelligence agencies think cyber warfare is the biggest threat to us. Intelligence in this instance refers to the job they do collecting information, not how smart these people are.

What I think about outside threats is not much. None of them would keep me awake at night. I think Russia under Putin is scary. I think he is a distinct threat to the neighbors of Russia. Putin has their navy running submarines up and down our coasts and is challenging all the NATO nations’ air space. Russia might start WWIII, but not much of it will be fought here and it is a war they cannot win. China is building up its military and wants to be the dominate factor in all mid and far east issues. We can curtail them to some extent, but because they are there, they already dominate the area. Still that is no threat to us, unless we engage them there. Iran, North Korea and ISIS are pains in the neck and they can do small damage to us inside this country. They can kill some people and make a lot of noise, but their influence is not going far from where they are.

Cyber warfare is a problem that needs to be addressed and I suspect we are doing so. I do not expect to see newspaper articles telling what our government is doing in the cyber security area. Our scientists and engineers are as good as any in the world, even if we do have to borrow a few Indians and Germans to help us out occasionally. We can even import a few Chinese guys that are pretty smart, if the current generation of American students does not meet the mark.

If you kiss chickens routinely, you are on your own; my ideas will not help you. If you think global warming is a serious issue, you cannot even help yourself. The world will never have enough money and resources to control the global weather. The best you can hope for is being able to destroy the economic engine that gives us the ability to protect ourselves from the changing climate.

The economy is a serious problem. Right now the world is in recession and that is because we are keeping it there. Yes, we have more influence on world economy than anyone else. China could compete with us on economic influence and someday they may, but not today. Like I said, the economy is a serious problem and a bigger story and I will discuss it in more detail in part III of this series.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Do We Do Now?

Why stop now. The Confederate Flag was removed from the South Carolina legislature building. Who cares – it should not have been there to begin with. The American Flag and State flags should adorn government buildings. But, now there are calls to dig up Confederate soldiers buried on government land. There are calls to change the names of streets named for confederate soldiers. This is not going to be nearly enough.

We need to expel these states that allowed ownership of slaves. We need to admit Lincoln was wrong forcing these reprobates to stay in the United States. South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas need to be expelled from the United States. They should be ridiculed and chided and called the Condemned States of America.

All the white folks who have ancestors that owned slaved should have their names on a wall of infamy inside the halls of Congress in Washington, DC so everyone will know to chastise and shame them, if you ever meet any of them or anyone that has the same name.

All the Democrats who were Ku Klux Klan members should be dug up and burned and their gravestones demolished. We should go after their families and ancestors, also. Anyone that has the same last name as a Confederate officer should be forced to change their name or be moved to a Condemned state.

Every flag with a big X on it should be considered suspect; it may be a subtle way of supporting Confederate and racist ideas.

All the schoolteachers that ever taught “American History: From the Civil War to the Present” should be sent to the Condemned States. Everyone that ever wrote a book about the civil war should join them. They know too much. Anyone who made or sold Confederate flags will soon join these evil doers. We cannot allow this history to stand. We have to get rid of everything that might look like sympathy for the Confederate cause.

I am really sorry for the people that feel offended by a flag. I am sorry we have some in our society that are suppressed. I feel more sorrow for people that think they are suppressed. I am sorry for people that do not think they are quite as capable of success as other people. I am sorry we have a political party that teaches groups of people that everything that happens to them is someone else’s fault.

Nothing is going to change for oppressed people as long as they keep electing the people that suppress them. Nothing is going to change for oppressed people unless they decide they have the inner strength to help themselves. Nothing is going to change as long as the oppressed refuse to do the things that make other people successful. Nothing is going to changes as long as the youth put no value on human life. Nothing is going to change when you think the people that keep you safe are the enemy. Nothing is going to change until young ladies stop having babies out of wedlock. Nothing is going to change if men do not respect the women they impregnate. Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to change until change occurs within the people that feel oppressed. The secret to success is within each of us. As long as you think you cannot succeed, you cannot. As soon you visualize a way out, there is a way.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Views: Racism In The USA

I have talked about race before in my blog posts, but in this post I will discuss my thinking that lead me to the conclusions I draw. Some things I will address are because I have heard statements in the recent past that make no sense to me.

A recurring theme I hear is that this country is inherently racist. I agree that there are some racists here, but they are not all white people as educators, the Democrats and news media would have you believe. The majority of people here are not racist. Most people just want to live their lives being responsible for their own problems. No one likes being blamed for circumstances they had nothing to do with. I think as a people, we are all being subjugated by the political elites in Washington, DC.

People in government usually act in a manner that will get them re-elected. That means they will cater to the people most likely to vote for them, so laws enacted normally support the positions of political constituents. Businesses normally take actions and positions that support the majority of their customers. In this country and for the immediate future, white people will benefit more from the decisions these entities make. Some people feel this is racist, but there is no racism involved, just human nature.

Our demographics are changing continuously and in the next 20 years or so, white people will no longer be a majority. In this country the Hispanic and Asian populations are growing faster than other races. It may be a better country because of this but there are no guarantees.

I do not know any Black people that were slaves. I do not know any white people that were slave owners. Most people that fit in those categories are long deceased. I also am not aware of anyone subjugating Black people. I do know some Blacks that think the deck is stacked against them. I am sorry for that. We are stuck with some inherent biases as I described in paragraph three. I think social awareness is dawning in some people and hopefully things are continually getting better.

Most of the slaves in the world we live in today are children and young females. I am sure everyone agrees that slavery should be stopped everywhere.

People that want things to change have two methods available that will work. Protesting and revolution is one way. Education and involvement is the other. In one the outcome is unpredictable and the other guarantees a better world.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Views: Religion, Abortion and Gay Marriage

I have never been a particularly religious person. I was raised a Baptist and if I went to a church it would probably be a Baptist church. When the government asks my religion I always write Baptist. If you answer none, they send the Christians to see you. I have never made any decisions based on my religious beliefs. I do appreciate Christian Values and I think those values are the foundation of our government in the United States. Christians are under attack in this country and I do not understand why the Christians do not fight back harder than they do. If the Christians ever decide to speak, they will overwhelm all the opposing groups, because they are so many of them – they are just more passive by training.

Educators are teaching people there is no basis for religion because it opposes science – those are just words and opinions. There is not necessarily a conflict with science and religion. Evolution is a fact. Religious beliefs are based on faith. Some scientists have faith.

People that claim religion are ridiculed if they act in a manner that is against their faith. No one is perfect, everybody does things they should not do; it is human. I think it is better to have values and sometimes not live up to them than to have no values to live up to. If I had to choose between being a Christian that failed and being someone that ridicules them for their failure, I would rather be the Christian.

I think abortion is a bad idea. In the world today contraceptives are readily available, even with the Republicans in power regardless of what the Democrats tell everyone. I think the abortion issue should have never gone to the court system. Abortion should be a personal matter for the lady involved and her doctor. I think it is best that spouses or parents be involved in the decision making, but basically it is up to the lady and the doctor. Pro-choice is a misnomer and the left is good at the propaganda game. Pro-choice as the term is used actually means pro-abortion. Pro-life actually means birth is preferred, but you actually have a choice. The political right is a distant second in the naming game.

The thing that is intentionally overlooked by the pro-choice group is the rights of the unborn child. Calling it a fetus is a way to ignore the life being destroyed. If a lady is going to have an abortion, she should do so with all the knowledge available. To me, that includes recognition of the life being sacrificed. All that being said, I would never criticize someone that wants an abortion. I will criticize the political movement encouraging abortions. I believe that is what Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice group does.

Gay marriage is another issue that should never have been taken to the court system. That only guarantees that the courts will stay involved for the next 100 years. I have gay friends and I had gay family members. All three gay members of my family have deceased. I am getting to the age that the family I grew up with is dying away. I think gay people deserve the same respect everyone else is entitled to, just because we are all human beings. I also have no objection to gay marriage. I do think it is worthwhile to have some discussion before 8,000 years of tradition is tossed aside. The direction we have taken is two sides stating their positions and neither side listening to the other. That is not a discussion. The definition of marriage we lived by before was created by religion and adopted by the law. Our redefinition of marriage law should be rigorous, concise and specific. The court did not do this and if the court decision on the definition is not confirmed by legislation, the fighting will continue. Congratulation to my gay friends that wish to marry.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beliefs of a Conservative Republican

Some of the feedback I get on my blogs and on Facebook makes it clear to me that most Democrats do not have a clue about what Republicans and conservatives think. As soon as I state that I am a conservative Republican many people assume I am a gun loving racist religious fanatic. I even get feedback telling me I need to listen to both sides of the story. The truth is I do know both sides of almost every issue. It is obvious to me that most Democrats only know one side. It is understandable that that would be true, because most news media only tells one side of the story. In fact many left-leaning news programs are no longer purveyors of the news, but delve in political commentary.

The most fair and honest news coverage available in America is Fox News. They always tell both sides of the story. Study after study is done about the news media and Fox News is always the most fair – always. Even I do not use Sean Hannity as an example, because he relies on talking points and he makes his right-leaning bias obvious. Hannity’s techniques mirror all left-leaning news presenters and commentators. I never rely on one source for a news story. I am skeptical by nature and I like to hear and read several version of important stories before I decide on what I believe to be true.

President Obama is fortunate to have a news media that will regurgitate what they are told by him and everyone working for him. Reporters, news administrators and editorial writers on the left do not care what the truth is, they are only interested in reporting information that supports their political beliefs. Their major failure is not that what they say is necessarily wrong, but that they refuse to air or print stories that contradict their opinions.

All the rhetoric I hear from the left makes me think all Democrats and progressives think the same thing. The reason I think that is because they use exactly the same words and talking points on news stories, in interviews and in Facebook posts. There are often distortions of Republican views and words on the internet and these distortions are reported as news by the media and become Democrat talking points that are repeated by people who should know better. If a Republican makes a stupid remark, which they often do, news reporters feel obligated to ask every other Republican what they think about the stupid remark. It is a “gotcha” technique that is never used against Democrats.

Republicans and conservatives do not think or talk alike. We are not that sophisticated. We think and act like uncontrollable individuals, which is mostly true. We cannot get our story together, because we do not have a story – we just say what we think, not what we are told.

My next few blogs on my “Thoughts and Ideas” blog will take a few subjects and state my views on them. Many of my friends on the left may not even believe what I tell them I believe because of their own bias. That is okay with me. I will focus on some of the current hot button issues such as the court system and gay marriage and some lingering issues like religious freedom and abortion. Science vs religion is always interesting. Some other topics I will discuss are gun control, biased policing, sentencing guidelines and election fraud vs voter suppression.

Some of my beliefs are self-explanatory and need no elaboration. I may show those in a list. Some of my beliefs I will need to describe how I came to the conclusions I have drawn. One of my basic beliefs is that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Even something this basic and essential has exceptions. Feedback is always welcome on Facebook or comments in my blog.