Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beliefs of a Conservative Republican

Some of the feedback I get on my blogs and on Facebook makes it clear to me that most Democrats do not have a clue about what Republicans and conservatives think. As soon as I state that I am a conservative Republican many people assume I am a gun loving racist religious fanatic. I even get feedback telling me I need to listen to both sides of the story. The truth is I do know both sides of almost every issue. It is obvious to me that most Democrats only know one side. It is understandable that that would be true, because most news media only tells one side of the story. In fact many left-leaning news programs are no longer purveyors of the news, but delve in political commentary.

The most fair and honest news coverage available in America is Fox News. They always tell both sides of the story. Study after study is done about the news media and Fox News is always the most fair – always. Even I do not use Sean Hannity as an example, because he relies on talking points and he makes his right-leaning bias obvious. Hannity’s techniques mirror all left-leaning news presenters and commentators. I never rely on one source for a news story. I am skeptical by nature and I like to hear and read several version of important stories before I decide on what I believe to be true.

President Obama is fortunate to have a news media that will regurgitate what they are told by him and everyone working for him. Reporters, news administrators and editorial writers on the left do not care what the truth is, they are only interested in reporting information that supports their political beliefs. Their major failure is not that what they say is necessarily wrong, but that they refuse to air or print stories that contradict their opinions.

All the rhetoric I hear from the left makes me think all Democrats and progressives think the same thing. The reason I think that is because they use exactly the same words and talking points on news stories, in interviews and in Facebook posts. There are often distortions of Republican views and words on the internet and these distortions are reported as news by the media and become Democrat talking points that are repeated by people who should know better. If a Republican makes a stupid remark, which they often do, news reporters feel obligated to ask every other Republican what they think about the stupid remark. It is a “gotcha” technique that is never used against Democrats.

Republicans and conservatives do not think or talk alike. We are not that sophisticated. We think and act like uncontrollable individuals, which is mostly true. We cannot get our story together, because we do not have a story – we just say what we think, not what we are told.

My next few blogs on my “Thoughts and Ideas” blog will take a few subjects and state my views on them. Many of my friends on the left may not even believe what I tell them I believe because of their own bias. That is okay with me. I will focus on some of the current hot button issues such as the court system and gay marriage and some lingering issues like religious freedom and abortion. Science vs religion is always interesting. Some other topics I will discuss are gun control, biased policing, sentencing guidelines and election fraud vs voter suppression.

Some of my beliefs are self-explanatory and need no elaboration. I may show those in a list. Some of my beliefs I will need to describe how I came to the conclusions I have drawn. One of my basic beliefs is that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Even something this basic and essential has exceptions. Feedback is always welcome on Facebook or comments in my blog.

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