Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Views: Racism In The USA

I have talked about race before in my blog posts, but in this post I will discuss my thinking that lead me to the conclusions I draw. Some things I will address are because I have heard statements in the recent past that make no sense to me.

A recurring theme I hear is that this country is inherently racist. I agree that there are some racists here, but they are not all white people as educators, the Democrats and news media would have you believe. The majority of people here are not racist. Most people just want to live their lives being responsible for their own problems. No one likes being blamed for circumstances they had nothing to do with. I think as a people, we are all being subjugated by the political elites in Washington, DC.

People in government usually act in a manner that will get them re-elected. That means they will cater to the people most likely to vote for them, so laws enacted normally support the positions of political constituents. Businesses normally take actions and positions that support the majority of their customers. In this country and for the immediate future, white people will benefit more from the decisions these entities make. Some people feel this is racist, but there is no racism involved, just human nature.

Our demographics are changing continuously and in the next 20 years or so, white people will no longer be a majority. In this country the Hispanic and Asian populations are growing faster than other races. It may be a better country because of this but there are no guarantees.

I do not know any Black people that were slaves. I do not know any white people that were slave owners. Most people that fit in those categories are long deceased. I also am not aware of anyone subjugating Black people. I do know some Blacks that think the deck is stacked against them. I am sorry for that. We are stuck with some inherent biases as I described in paragraph three. I think social awareness is dawning in some people and hopefully things are continually getting better.

Most of the slaves in the world we live in today are children and young females. I am sure everyone agrees that slavery should be stopped everywhere.

People that want things to change have two methods available that will work. Protesting and revolution is one way. Education and involvement is the other. In one the outcome is unpredictable and the other guarantees a better world.

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