Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Views: Religion, Abortion and Gay Marriage

I have never been a particularly religious person. I was raised a Baptist and if I went to a church it would probably be a Baptist church. When the government asks my religion I always write Baptist. If you answer none, they send the Christians to see you. I have never made any decisions based on my religious beliefs. I do appreciate Christian Values and I think those values are the foundation of our government in the United States. Christians are under attack in this country and I do not understand why the Christians do not fight back harder than they do. If the Christians ever decide to speak, they will overwhelm all the opposing groups, because they are so many of them – they are just more passive by training.

Educators are teaching people there is no basis for religion because it opposes science – those are just words and opinions. There is not necessarily a conflict with science and religion. Evolution is a fact. Religious beliefs are based on faith. Some scientists have faith.

People that claim religion are ridiculed if they act in a manner that is against their faith. No one is perfect, everybody does things they should not do; it is human. I think it is better to have values and sometimes not live up to them than to have no values to live up to. If I had to choose between being a Christian that failed and being someone that ridicules them for their failure, I would rather be the Christian.

I think abortion is a bad idea. In the world today contraceptives are readily available, even with the Republicans in power regardless of what the Democrats tell everyone. I think the abortion issue should have never gone to the court system. Abortion should be a personal matter for the lady involved and her doctor. I think it is best that spouses or parents be involved in the decision making, but basically it is up to the lady and the doctor. Pro-choice is a misnomer and the left is good at the propaganda game. Pro-choice as the term is used actually means pro-abortion. Pro-life actually means birth is preferred, but you actually have a choice. The political right is a distant second in the naming game.

The thing that is intentionally overlooked by the pro-choice group is the rights of the unborn child. Calling it a fetus is a way to ignore the life being destroyed. If a lady is going to have an abortion, she should do so with all the knowledge available. To me, that includes recognition of the life being sacrificed. All that being said, I would never criticize someone that wants an abortion. I will criticize the political movement encouraging abortions. I believe that is what Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice group does.

Gay marriage is another issue that should never have been taken to the court system. That only guarantees that the courts will stay involved for the next 100 years. I have gay friends and I had gay family members. All three gay members of my family have deceased. I am getting to the age that the family I grew up with is dying away. I think gay people deserve the same respect everyone else is entitled to, just because we are all human beings. I also have no objection to gay marriage. I do think it is worthwhile to have some discussion before 8,000 years of tradition is tossed aside. The direction we have taken is two sides stating their positions and neither side listening to the other. That is not a discussion. The definition of marriage we lived by before was created by religion and adopted by the law. Our redefinition of marriage law should be rigorous, concise and specific. The court did not do this and if the court decision on the definition is not confirmed by legislation, the fighting will continue. Congratulation to my gay friends that wish to marry.  

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