Friday, July 17, 2015

The Biggest Threat -- Part I

This is the first of three parts on the biggest threat to the United States of America. Enjoy.

I find it interesting what people think are threats to us. Often the threats people perceive are because of the jobs they hold. Most of the threats the general populace feel are created by media propaganda. A recent Pew Poll tells us the biggest threats to the world are ISIS, the economy and climate change. Talk about getting caught in the “hype.” Our CDC is warning us not to kiss chickens until the bird flu epidemic goes away. Would you like to know who is in charge of messaging at the CDC? Not me. Why would I need another idiot in my life?

The New America Organization thinks white supremacists groups are the biggest threat to us. Of course, President Obama has been saying this since he ran for President promising to get us out of wars and declared Islam a peaceful religion.  President Obama is increasing the Muslim immigrant population to this country right now and that should scare everyone, at least while ISIS is in recruitment.  An estimated six million Muslims have immigrated to the United States since Obama was elected. Marine General Joseph Dunford, who is probably going to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, thinks Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS are our biggest threats. According to James Clapper, the United States intelligence agencies think cyber warfare is the biggest threat to us. Intelligence in this instance refers to the job they do collecting information, not how smart these people are.

What I think about outside threats is not much. None of them would keep me awake at night. I think Russia under Putin is scary. I think he is a distinct threat to the neighbors of Russia. Putin has their navy running submarines up and down our coasts and is challenging all the NATO nations’ air space. Russia might start WWIII, but not much of it will be fought here and it is a war they cannot win. China is building up its military and wants to be the dominate factor in all mid and far east issues. We can curtail them to some extent, but because they are there, they already dominate the area. Still that is no threat to us, unless we engage them there. Iran, North Korea and ISIS are pains in the neck and they can do small damage to us inside this country. They can kill some people and make a lot of noise, but their influence is not going far from where they are.

Cyber warfare is a problem that needs to be addressed and I suspect we are doing so. I do not expect to see newspaper articles telling what our government is doing in the cyber security area. Our scientists and engineers are as good as any in the world, even if we do have to borrow a few Indians and Germans to help us out occasionally. We can even import a few Chinese guys that are pretty smart, if the current generation of American students does not meet the mark.

If you kiss chickens routinely, you are on your own; my ideas will not help you. If you think global warming is a serious issue, you cannot even help yourself. The world will never have enough money and resources to control the global weather. The best you can hope for is being able to destroy the economic engine that gives us the ability to protect ourselves from the changing climate.

The economy is a serious problem. Right now the world is in recession and that is because we are keeping it there. Yes, we have more influence on world economy than anyone else. China could compete with us on economic influence and someday they may, but not today. Like I said, the economy is a serious problem and a bigger story and I will discuss it in more detail in part III of this series.


  1. Great Blog and great entry. Facts, author opinion and humor. You get it all. Kissing chickens, bird flu, Center for Disease Control. I was hooked

  2. I really do not think anyone is kissing chickens and I think people in our government should know better.