Monday, July 20, 2015

The Biggest Threat -- Part II

I have stated many times that I do not think the United States can be destroyed by external forces. I think the biggest danger to our country is being destroyed from within. I am positive the biggest threat to the United States of America is Progressivism. That is right – I believe the Progressives in the Democrat party are our biggest danger. Now do not twist my words like the Democrats and the media did with Donald Trump’s statement about the Mexican immigrants. I did not say all Democrats are bad. I said very clearly there is a Progressive group within the Democrat party that is dangerous to the well-being of the United States and the world. Most Democrats that I know are good people that think Obama is wonderful. That is okay with me, we just see a different picture of the world. Personally, I think most Democrats believe the hype from their party, thus never know the truth about what Republicans believe and work to achieve. I do not understand why they do not recognize the poverty the Democrat party has caused for them.  

The Progressives movement began soon after the Civil War and was started from the noble idea of making a society better for all people, not just an affluent few. The Progressive Era is considered to be the period between 1890 -1920. Progressivism started as a social movement and soon evolved to a political movement. Among the problems they were trying to resolve were poverty, greed and racism and their tools for solutions were providing a good education, providing a safe environment and a good place to work. Corporate greed was always a target of their mantra.

The distortions to the movement continued as time went on and nowadays Progressives, who used to be called liberals, want the same outcome for everyone. They hate capitalism. A thing Progressives have found along the way is that knowledge, law and order and our Constitution are in their way.

Free speech is in their way. Progressives only want free speech if you support them. They want no speech in opposition. Is this not the way of dictatorships? The Progressives have managed to get control of most of the mainstream media and have been trying for years to shut up talk radio and have fought Fox News since its inception. President Obama and the FCC have taken steps to allow them to censor the internet. Even the good Democrats hate Fox News, because they tell the truth about what is going on. They tell the stories that mainstream media will not tell you, because it does not fit their agenda, Go figure. Talk radio and Fox News tell people the whole truth and the Progressives movement cannot succeed if people know the truth.

Progressive tactics are dirty. For them the ends justify the means. If you do not think so look how they disparaged Bill Clinton’s love interests. Remember how Teddy Kennedy went after Robert Bork. Remember the lies they conjured up against Clarence Thomas. Remember Harry Reid lying on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney’s taxes. I know you cannot remember the numerous lies President Obama was willing to tell about Obamacare. That completely ignores the bribes they made to get votes for this worst piece of legislation in our history.  Progressive’s goal is to get their way and winning is all that is important. You have to give them credit for persistence – they never stop trying to destroy people that oppose them.

The Democrats thrive when their constituents are convinced they are unable to help themselves. Look at all the Democrat enclave cities in the United States. Every one that has been controlled by the Democrats for over fifty years is in worse poverty then they were fifty years ago and they get worse every year. I think this is bad news and I think there is a solution,

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