Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Biggest Threat -- Part III

The Progressives started off going directly at the Constitution through the courts and made slow progress. They found the Christians still believed in the Constitution and the Christians were in their way. Religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution was a stumbling block for Progressives. So the Progressives mounted a campaign to belittle and minimize Christians. The Christians, being good people are mostly turning the other cheek. The Christians are ill-equipped to do battle in this arena.

The Democrats and public sector unions got together in a big way. The union offers a large voting block and a lot of thugs to assure people stay within their grasp. The unions offer political campaign support and manpower for door to door canvassing. The Democrat politicians guarantee the union members large pay increases, big bonuses and dream retirement plans. Bonuses in our government have become entitlements – you get them no matter how bad you are at the job. Essentially the Democrat party has bought bad government and sold it to us with our own tax money.

The Democrats through the teacher’s unions have gained control of our academic system. Educators have devised curricula that admonishes success and admires social justice. White children are being taught they are the cause of all the problems in the world. Educators have re-written our history to eliminate all our heroes and elevate the stature of radicals.

Over the years things have changed, but too slowly for the Progressives. They want socialism and they want it now. Along came an ideologue named Barack Obama to give it to them. He nudged every law and pushed the limits of the Constitution since he got into office. He wants the Progressives to win and realized the easiest way to do that was by getting more Democrat votes. He started off with a jobs program. His idea of a jobs program was to kill jobs – that is how you get more Democrats – you put the populace into poverty. His policies and the policies of the Democrat Congress assured for the eight years of his Presidency as many people as possible would be put out of work.

Do you realize we are going ½ trillion dollars further in debt every year under this president? Yes, corporate taxes are the highest in the world, but so many people are out of work and on welfare that we have an economy that is unsustainable. Tax and spend is the Democrat way and it always will be.

President Obama started off trying to get statehood for Puerto Rico and is still pushing for it. He has flooded our country with illegal immigrants on the hope at some point they will become Democrat votes. Early in his administration he had justice department representatives in jails and prisons signing up Democrat voters. Now he is releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets of the country to gain more voters. My prediction is that he will pardon 10,000 people before he leaves office. Nudge is a lesson he understands.

President Obama has made it clear that his priority is not the American People. If he cared about us, he would not be flooding the country with diseased people and criminal elements. If he cared he would be putting people to work, but that would cost him votes. President Obama sees himself as a citizen of the world and he wants to diminish the United States, because he thinks we have been too successful at the expense of other countries. And here we are. All we need is Hillary to complete the job Obama started.

Still to come: The second and third biggest threats to the United States of America.

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