Friday, July 24, 2015

The Second Biggest Threat -- Part I

The last three posts I made talked about how dangerous the Progressives in the Democrat Party are to this country. While I believe that to be the truth, I think there is an almost equally bad group running the Republican Party. We are living in a time when no one in our federal government actually responds to the people. People in both parties make gestures of doing good work, but things never seem to work out like they plan.

Our national debt is enough to destroy this country, just like debt has ruined many families’ finances in the last six years. No jobs means no way for families to pay their debt and government subsidies only give people enough to live on with not much extra.

The basic economic difference between the Democrat and Republican parties is that Democrats kill jobs while they overspend. Republicans overspend also, but just on different things. This is a glimpse on nation debt by party and by president: Democrats: Obama -- $5 trillion in one term, Clinton -- $1.5 trillion in two terms. Republicans: George W Bush -- $4.9 trillion in two terms, George HW Bush -- $1.6 trillion in one term, Ronald Reagan -- $1.7 Trillion in two terms. Keep in mind, this is not what they spent; spending was a lot more. This is just what they put on the credit card for American tax payers to pay.

My opinion is that the big-spending Republicans are the 2nd greatest threat to the survival of the United States of America. Republican leadership lies to the American people, their fellow legislators and garners Democrat support for most of the bills they pass.

Remember in 2010 when Joe Miller won the Alaskan Republican primary over Lisa Murkowski? Senator Murkowski was a vote the big spending Republicans could count on, so the party would not support Miller. Instead they put their money on Murkowski as a write in candidate. You see – the party does not care what the people want, they just want to keep the status quo.

Remember in 2014 when the incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander was running far behind Tea Party candidates in Tennessee? Of course the Republicans flooded this big spending Republican with money. As a last resort, Alexander made a pitch to Democrats in Tennessee to cross over and support him. The Democrats did not mind, because Alexander votes like a Democrat which is exactly what the Republic leadership wants.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner make speeches that make them sound like conservative Republicans, but it is just to get votes. It has nothing to do with the truth.

Why do Republican leaders want a big government with big expenditures? Because it makes them and their families rich off our tax money. When they get through bilking us as “public servants,” they move into lobbyist positions to keep the cash flowing into their pockets.

Big spending Republicans are not our friends.

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