Monday, July 27, 2015

The Second Biggest Threat -- Part II

Both parties are complicit in presenting government statistics that are deceiving. They hide the true unemployment numbers in a manner that gives them cover for their failures. Washington politicians are colluding against all of us.

Do you have any idea how many family members congresspersons have on the payroll? No you do not, because they will not tell you. Most of them even have family members working as lobbyists, so they can funnel money into their families through legislation.

Both parties spend too much money for what we get for the expenditure. We have allowed them to create a political system that pulls the wool over our eyes on a daily basis. Campaign finance is a real boondoggle. There are Super PACs everywhere with people collecting money for their re-election. They claim to be supporting particular constituencies, but in fact most of the money is used in a manner that benefits a candidate or group of like-minded candidates. John Boehner and Harry Reid have their own PAC slush funds, as do many other congress persons in leadership positions. They stay in the fringes of the tax laws, and it appears government workers are above the law.

What does the Republican Party leadership stand for? They stand for getting re-elected and getting more Republicans elected -- nothing else. When Ted Cruz worked with house members trying to get Republicans to vote against another big government spending bill, he was chastised by all the Republican leadership for taking a stand. The truth is, this government should have been shut down until the Democrats would come to the bargaining table in a fair debate over issues. Instead our Republican leaders attack the only people trying to represent the will of the people.

Donald Trump is running for President. Every time he makes a statement telling the truth about what is going on in this country, he is ridiculed and chastised by Republicans in leadership positions. Telling the truth might cost them votes. I want a Republican Party that will do what is right and not what gets them re-elected. I despise our Republican leadership. Republicans need a new leader that can persuade people to support the truth and the American people.

Republicans and John Boehner in particular are really good at show votes. They pass measures in the house over and over again that make them look good to their constituents, all the while knowing the legislation cannot pass the senate or a presidential veto. When the Republicans finally got a majority in both houses, Boehner would no longer submit the legislation. Republicans make public statements all the time supporting their constituent positions, then go other places and tell a different story. This is deception, lying and ill-advised as it guarantees us bad government.

Look at the Corker Amendment. It allows congress the ability to vote against the Iran deal. That is the agreement that Obama and Kerry were willing to take the Iranian position on all issues. The bill is written in such a way that the president can veto it and still get his agreement in effect. Another type of meaningless show vote for the Republicans.

We are in dire straits folks. Government is not on our side. Government is on the side of big money donors that will keep the same people getting re-elected to keep hurting the people they are supposed to represent. Is there any hope? Maybe the next couple of posts will provide some answers to that question.


  1. I look forward to the next couple of posts. I remember taking Economics I and Economics II as a senior in college. I enjoyed these classes. I absorbed and retained a lot of the lecture material. I remember learning about PACs and super PACs. I took these classes in northern California so no surprise I do not remember hearing terms like "slush fund". I am not sure it would have made any difference where I took the classes. It was only after a few years passed that I looked back and saw clearly that universities are a breeding ground for young liberals. Still, this blog entry sheds light to the fact that this is a problem with both major parties. I wish schools would teach this stuff. I was taught what a PAC is supposed to be, not what it really is. That would be a great move in the right direction.

  2. PACs did not exist when I took economics in college. The Democrats changed election laws because they were not getting as much campaign money as Republicans. PACs were invented as a way to get around election laws. Then the government started regulating PACs, then people modified their PACs to get around the new laws. The real perversion of PACs takes place with individuals in congress that have personal PACs they call leadership funds. All of these are created to get around election laws, but congress persons have found yet another way around laws that keep them from getting to use the money like they wish. If the government would quit helping us with new regulations, life would be much easier.