Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Third Biggest Threat

The third biggest threat to the survival of this country is the American people. Let us take a look at our situation. People are being pulled in multiple directions and taught to fear each other. Yes, we have divisive leadership that is driving us apart to win elections. Our president does what politicians do – get more people to vote for them and their friends. It is our fault, if we fall for this drivel.

We now have a lot of super rich people in this country. These people need to realize that this trend is unsustainable. Instead of making huge profits, companies need to lower prices, raise wages for their employees and reduce compensation of company leadership. If not, much will be taken from them. There is no excuse for excess greed that hurts our country. It cannot stand for long.

We have a good portion of our population that will not vote. We have a lot of people that have lost hope in the political process and have ceded defeat, thus no vote. Our best chance of change is being heard and our votes are a way to have a voice.

We have a portion of our population that think only Black lives matter, unless you weigh less than five pounds or live in the inner city. They only want to resolve the problem that is the least detrimental to them – death by police. Criminal activity is so rampant that we have a large portion of people of color willing to accept and support the criminals and attack the only people that can protect us against them. It is irrational to want the policing to stop.

People in poverty are told who is to blame for their fate. They are being taught that only government can help them. If you believe what you are told, you are stuck where you are. At the same time, a few enlightened people in their neighborhoods realize they can help themselves and find a way out.

We have a whole generation of children that have been taught they do not have to work to survive – the world owes them something. That guarantees more people in poverty. When their parents die, in whose basement will these kids reside? Who will have a basement? Who will have a house? People all over the country are buying houses they cannot afford and we know where this leads.

Until the last few years, most people felt upwardly mobile. They saw a way to improve their standard of living and took chances to do better. Now most are afraid to take a chance. People are agitated and disgruntled and how can we blame them, even if we allowed it to happen to ourselves.

Some people think the solution to climate change is to shut down our industry. News flash – the climate is not going to stop changing. It has been happening for 8,000,000 years and shutting down the coal business is not going to make a difference. Enlightened dinosaurs tried for 600,000 years to change the climate and got killed by a rock. Killing the economy only guarantees that people will not have enough money to change their living conditions.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Or better yet, have you heard about the tail wagging the dog? That is going on to a huge extent in this country. Remember the sport vernacular, “What goes around comes around.” Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

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