Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Do We Do Now?

Why stop now. The Confederate Flag was removed from the South Carolina legislature building. Who cares – it should not have been there to begin with. The American Flag and State flags should adorn government buildings. But, now there are calls to dig up Confederate soldiers buried on government land. There are calls to change the names of streets named for confederate soldiers. This is not going to be nearly enough.

We need to expel these states that allowed ownership of slaves. We need to admit Lincoln was wrong forcing these reprobates to stay in the United States. South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas need to be expelled from the United States. They should be ridiculed and chided and called the Condemned States of America.

All the white folks who have ancestors that owned slaved should have their names on a wall of infamy inside the halls of Congress in Washington, DC so everyone will know to chastise and shame them, if you ever meet any of them or anyone that has the same name.

All the Democrats who were Ku Klux Klan members should be dug up and burned and their gravestones demolished. We should go after their families and ancestors, also. Anyone that has the same last name as a Confederate officer should be forced to change their name or be moved to a Condemned state.

Every flag with a big X on it should be considered suspect; it may be a subtle way of supporting Confederate and racist ideas.

All the schoolteachers that ever taught “American History: From the Civil War to the Present” should be sent to the Condemned States. Everyone that ever wrote a book about the civil war should join them. They know too much. Anyone who made or sold Confederate flags will soon join these evil doers. We cannot allow this history to stand. We have to get rid of everything that might look like sympathy for the Confederate cause.

I am really sorry for the people that feel offended by a flag. I am sorry we have some in our society that are suppressed. I feel more sorrow for people that think they are suppressed. I am sorry for people that do not think they are quite as capable of success as other people. I am sorry we have a political party that teaches groups of people that everything that happens to them is someone else’s fault.

Nothing is going to change for oppressed people as long as they keep electing the people that suppress them. Nothing is going to change for oppressed people unless they decide they have the inner strength to help themselves. Nothing is going to change as long as the oppressed refuse to do the things that make other people successful. Nothing is going to changes as long as the youth put no value on human life. Nothing is going to change when you think the people that keep you safe are the enemy. Nothing is going to change until young ladies stop having babies out of wedlock. Nothing is going to change if men do not respect the women they impregnate. Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to change until change occurs within the people that feel oppressed. The secret to success is within each of us. As long as you think you cannot succeed, you cannot. As soon you visualize a way out, there is a way.

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