Friday, August 28, 2015

War on Women?

You see Democrats in the news every day talking about the Republican's “War on Women.” Let us analyze how the war is progressing and see if the war charges have merit. I do think there is a war on women and children, but the Republicans do not bear this responsibility.

We have over 5, 600 hospitals and over 25,000 clinics that provide health care for men women and children. About 1,900 of these clinics provide family planning services. This 1,900 includes Planned Parenthood and Obria Medical Clinics. Obria is a free clinic that supports women's health issues and was formerly known as Birth Choice. Most people have not heard of Obria. The reason is, they are family counselors that have most of their clientele opt for having babies they keep or babies that are offered up for adoption. The only family planning centers in the news are the Planned Parenthood group that specializes in abortions. The Democrats under President Obama have arranged for Planned Parenthood to get our tax money to support the abortion industry.

We have 160 million women in this country. Planned Parenthood serves 2.7 million women each year. That means the Democrats do not want to subsidize the health of 157,000,000 women that do not want abortions – they only want to support the abortionists. Why is this? I think the Democrats use women and women's health as a wedge issue to use against Republicans. They show no indication they are actually interested in women's health; They are only interested in the political power the charge gives them in elections.

Planned Parenthood does not want women to make informed decisions, which is why they advise women not to see the ultrasound results. They encourage abortions. I know women who have had abortions and I know women that have had babies they gave up for adoption. There are lingering psychological effects that these ladies carry with them forever. That part of the war the Democrats will not address.

Birth control pills and devices have been available for women for over 50 years. Abortion pills or “morning after” pills have not been around as long, but they are all readily available. When some religious groups objected to offering abortion pills, the Democrats made this a “War on Women” issue. Birth control means are still available for all women, but the Democrats claim not letting a woman have an abortion is warlike. Go figure.

Imagine the ladies being raped, sodomized and murdered by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. President Obama and the Democrats seem at peace with this issue. They offer no protests and refuse to get involved to help these women – obviously Democrats do not know what “War on Women” really looks like.

We have about 60,000,000 women in this country that cannot get a job under President Obama and Democrat policies. That means mothers are forced on the welfare roles to provide sustenance for their children. Democrats like trapping people on welfare, because they almost always vote for Democrats to keep their government assistance flowing. I think a good portion of this 60,000,000 women would like to go to work so they can do more than just get by. This is the real “War on Women” that Democrats will not talk about. It is a war on women, children and families that needs to stop. It is so unfortunate that Democrat devalue women by giving them things, instead of encouraging them to help themselves to earn the money the need to support their families and garner the pride that goes with being self-sufficient. Women deserve better. We all deserve better.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hiding the Truth

I think something else is going on here. I have been under the impression that Democrats get elected because a huge number of them do not know the truth about what is going on. This group is generally referred to as “low information voters.” I think they contribute, but it is even more apparent that many knowledgeable people actually know the truth and do not care. Many Democrats openly support known criminals and are happy to re-elect corrupt officials.

There are some people that truly believe the Democrat Party platform is better for the country than what the Republicans have to offer. Most of these people are straight forward in what they believe and support. Like me, they also want to root out corruption when they find it. I respect these Democrats and I appreciate their opinions. Democrats control most of the news outlets and they are very good at misrepresenting every one that opposes them. Most devoted Democrats pretty much ignore what Republicans have to say, because they have already received the distortion of what is said from the Democrat Party.

Four times in the past week I have seen Democrat strategists on TV denying the fact that most cities and states controlled by Democrats are in trouble with economic problems, crime infestations, drug gangs and squalor. Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore and New York City are prime examples. A one term Democrat mayor in New York City has turned the clock back twenty years by creating an atmosphere that encourages the criminals to rob, maim and murder other citizens. The Democrat pundits on TV say Republican run cities are having trouble also. Of course, no one can name a city or state where this is true. I do not think these people are stupid, I just think they like sounding like they are stupid, because they get paid to do so. This is sick.

I have written many posts, essays and articles about how the media works hard to hide stories that do not support the Democrat story line. I have also written about how hard Obama and the Democrats have tried to silence talk radio, Fox News and The Drudge Report. The reason they want these news outlet silenced is that they actually tell the truth.

Think about these things. The Democrats and the Planned Parenthood crowd do not want to show mothers pictures of the babies in the womb before they kill them. They have fought every effort to make the ultrasounds available to expectant mothers.

StemExpress went to court to suppress videos of them buying aborted whole babies and baby parts from Planned Parenthood. These people are only successful behind closed doors, because the truth is bad for business.

Obama cited executive privilege to keep people from finding out his involvement with Eric Holder in the “Fast and Furious” gun running program. His administration also refused to disclose communications with the IRS related to the illegal blocking approval of tax exempt status for Tea Party committees that supported Republican causes. Corruption is rampant in our government.

I think Democrats are masters of suppressing the truth. Our news media is complicit and guilty along with them. Our left leaning educators are trying to re-write our country’s history. We need to fight these people on every avenue to expose the truth. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Worst President

I know most of you do not spend much time thinking about who was the worst or best president of the United States. Most of the time we make off-handed remarks about who we think is worst or best based on our own political ideology and the emotions caused by current events. G.W. Bush and B.H. Obama get a lot of votes and blame right now, because they are current in our minds. Historians are still arguing about who is best and worst. It is hard to be objective when there is so much criteria to choose from. Most presidents have a few opportunities to do some good things and a myriad of opportunities for failure.

What criteria would you use to decide who is best and worst? I have a few things that feel important to me, but others may have differing criteria. This is a list of things historians and academics often consider when they participate in surveys:

Crisis management
Political skills
Communication skills

I would add handling foreign affairs and the moral of citizens.

This is a list of presidents generally considered the best and worst:

BEST                                                      WORST
Abraham Lincoln                                    Andrew Johnson
George Washington                                James Buchanan
Franklin Roosevelt                                  Franklin Pierce
Teddy Roosevelt                                     Millard Fillmore
Thomas Jefferson                                    John Tyler
John Adams                                             Hebert Hoover
Harry Truman                                          Jimmy Carter
Dwight Eisenhower                                 Barack Obama           
Ronald Reagan                                        George W Bush
James Madison                                        Benjamin Harrison

One thing I see from my research is that historians think presidents get better the longer they are dead. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Some notable presidents left off either list are Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton. I intentionally left James Garfield and William Harrison off the list because they served less than a year in office. My hope is that our next president can join the list of the best. We need someone that will unite the citizens and heal some of the wounds that are driving us apart. A person with character and compassion with leadership skills is greatly needed. I have hope.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Wrong Side of History

“The wrong side of history” is a term used a lot in recent years. Have you ever thought about what this statement means? It sounds cool to say, but the message is “I am right and you are wrong if you disagree with me.” Do you suppose President Obama and John Kerry have gained some prognostic powers since they moved into their current positions? Do you think they can visualize history from where they stand or speak? Personally, I doubt it.

They are not the only ones who use the phrase. Like everything else Democrat leaders say, their followers start using the same terminology. This repeated erroneous message is a Democrat tactic deigned to produce an outcome they desire. I read the same terminology in print many places. I even read the other day that America was on the wrong side of history. Could be, but I do not think we will know that for sure by the end of the year.

People are still writing history books of events that occurred millennia ago. Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard have written eight history books in the last three or four years -- none of them cover current events.  People are still writing history books about the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Third Reich, the diminishing of the Greek influence in our culture and a myriad of other topics.

So why do so many people think they can predict what history will say about this moment in time. They cannot and that is not their intent. Their intent is to get their way and to ridicule their opposition. Sometimes it means you are beating me now, but sooner or later I will win, because I am right and you are wrong. It take a lot of gall to think you can predict the future and even more to say so publicly.

Think about a scenario when Joe Smyth wanted to marry a young woman in the neighborhood. His wife and their neighbors would have been repulsed by the idea. So Joe reported that he had a vision and now he had his God directing himself and his followers to do exactly what he himself wanted to happen.  Who could possibly object when he got a message directly from God?

Think about the Native American tribes and tribal cultures of Africa you have seen in the movies. They always had a witch doctor or spirit leader to give them guidance on probable outcomes of actions tribal members wished to take. In Haiti, there are still practitioners of voodoo arts that give people guidance on what the future looks like when you carry out your plans.

Karl Marx thought socialism was inevitable, so anyone that objected to it was on the wrong side of the history he proposed. Mao, Che Guevara and Stalin murdered millions of objectors to their policies because they knew they were right. Boy, do we ever need more of these despots! These people are all heroes on the left, because they were effective in implementing their desires.

One thing I do know about the history of the world. Decadence has been the cause of great empires failing. I think about the effects of willing liars in our government. I think about all the cover ups that are going on inside the current administration. Why does most of the media refuse to report on Planned Parenthood harvesting dead babies for money?

I cannot predict the future and I do not have a clue which side of history I am on, but I do know the difference between right and wrong. I prefer doing what is right and ethical. I no longer believe that is a requirement for many of our politicians.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Where has our society driven us? Are we at the point to where there is a litmus test for everything? Should people be fired or hated for single issues? Political correctness is a means to get the opposition to shut up. It may work with some, but I cannot shut up. It is wrong to ask me to stop talking, when I am struggling so hard to find something on the left that makes sense.

Should subdivisions be burned because environmentalists do not like builders clearing land to build new homes as the Earth Liberation Front did in San Diego a few years back? The “Flood Wall Street” marchers discussed burning homes of people that worked on Wall Street as an anti-capitalist protest. They also advocated taking sledgehammers and destroying buildings. They even went as far as advocating going to schools to shame children whose parents worked on Wall Street. How sick is this? These same groups of people protest bullying, unless they are the bullies.

I think the left learned their tactics from unions. Union members are often violent during contract disputes or any other time they are openly opposed. Many have been beaten by union thugs. Even friendly, mild mannered strikers turn to vandalism during contract disputes. Company executives and negotiators are often targeted in their homes, scaring families that have nothing to do with negotiations.

Steve Zwick writing in Forbe’s magazine in 2012 advocated for burning home of climate change deniers. Think about that. Climate change people hide their data and falsify temperature measurements and still have the gall to threaten people who disagree with them. Go figure.

The LBGT community has been successful causing people to lose their jobs because they oppose gay marriage. In the case of Brendon Eich, he lost his job as CEO of Mozilla because he donated $1,000 to support Proposition 8 in California almost ten years ago. Does anyone think this is right? How could you? Craig James recently filed suit for being fired by Fox Sports in 2013. He claims it was for a position he took against gay marriage when he was running for U. S. Senate in 2012.

PETA has sent death threats to and vandalized property of Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist that has a hobby as a hunter. When he recently killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, he became a pariah. The people of Zimbabwe do not care, since they are the ones often eaten by lions. Only the PETA folks in the United States care. These people are vicious. They should have moved in with Cecil and protected him.

People on the left have acted that way for a long time and now the people in the right are jumping on the bandwagon. The Republican elitists may be more misguided. They decided Donald Trump should not run for president, because he told the truth. Donald Trump said that the better people from Mexico were already here and the ones coming across the border now are mostly criminals, drug dealers and gang members. Consider this statistic: From the period of 2008 – 2014 38% of the murders in Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Texas were committed by illegal aliens. That’s right. During that time period about 6,000 of our citizens were killed by people that should not even be here.

Democrats lost me a long time ago because of their destructive ideology. There is also a lot wrong with Republicans, but if Republicans are going to start making decisions based on political correctness, they will lose me too. Donny will not win the presidency for a whole host of reasons, but we had Republicans wanting to ban him for a single issue – which was telling the real inconvenient truth -- shame on them. Maybe the Republicans all need Rand Paul to school them on the Constitution.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Solutions -- Part II

All immigration should stop until we have the means to integrate the people that have been flooded into our country. Our borders should be secure. Congress needs to review and update our immigration laws. They must also stop issuance of H1-B visas to people whose only reason for entry into the country is to replace one of our citizens on their job so corporations can make a larger profit.

This paragraph is a repeat of one I used a few days ago. It is worth repeating, since it means a lot to all of us. “We now have a lot of super rich people in this country. These people need to realize that this trend is unsustainable. Instead of making huge profits, companies need to lower prices, raise wages for their employees and reduce compensation of company leadership. If not, much will be taken from them. There is no excuse for excess greed that hurts our country. It cannot stand for long.”

The federal student loan program has made college unaffordable for most people. Student loans should be managed by the banks we deemed too big to fail, so we bailed them out with taxpayer money. These banks should furnish student loans at affordable rates. Federal government student aid should be limited to grants for the young people with the least opportunity to go to college.

National religious holidays should be limited in number, but include celebrations of all faiths. We are still predominately a Christian country, but other religious groups’ numbers are increasing and should not be excluded. At some point it may make sense to have a holiday period that celebrates all religions.

We need to turn loose the capitalist engine that provides the ability for everyone to be successful. We need to modify tax codes and reduce regulatory burdens that are keeping businesses from growing. Obamacare must be modified to allow small businesses to again become the driving factor in our labor force. We need a flat tax with no exceptions or exclusions. Corporate taxes should be reasonable and competitive and not punitive.

Vote and get your friends to vote. Voting is a responsibility each of us should take seriously. We should vote from a position of knowledge. Discussing your voting criteria and expectations should be part of the process. The discussions are often how we teach each other and we all need to know more.

We need to push for term limits for congress. Congress and congressional staff should abide by all the rules they enact to take away our freedoms. The IRS should collect taxes from all government workers. Not paying taxes should be cause for dismissal from government service.

Stop supporting news media that does not support you and your beliefs. Boycott them until they change.

Unemployment payments need to be controlled by state governments. Unemployment benefits should never rival what a person could make on a minimum wage job. Welfare should only be allowed for people that actually need welfare.

We must rebuild our military strength to assure peace in the world. Peace should always be our military objective.

Government hiring should be put on hold, until we get the budget under control. Redundancies should be removed from governing agencies. Having multiple agencies with the same responsibilities is ludicrous. Many agencies have gone rogue and need to cease to exist. HUD, Education, and the EPA could disappear and we would all be better for it. Congress must limit the rule making ability of agencies it creates.

We must elect a president that all people can respect and one that represents all people in the country. After all, we are The United States of America. We should all be able to say that with pride.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Solutions -- Part I

We must make education a priority for all people. Students and parents should have school choice plans. States, cities and school districts should make mentors available to help students stay in school. Being a good student should be encouraged by families and peers and students with the best grades should be rewarded by schools. No one and no school gets better without competition.

We must put emphasis back on family and family values. Families form a backdrop of support for children who need to be shown the way to a successful life. Children normally see their same-sex parent as a role model for their lives.

Depravity has brought down most of the failed cultures and civilizations since the beginning of Homo sapiens clustering. Our populace needs to stop deriding people of any religion and get back to the Judaeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded. Our president tells us our country was founded on Muslim values. I do not remember that, but any religious values that teaches each of us to respect each other is okay with me. All lives matter.

People taking individual responsibility for their own success is the way most successful people got there. If you think the government, a political party, a college education or anyone else will make you successful, you will have a sad, disappointing life. Take charge of yourself, get an education and get a good job so you can help your family and friends do the same.

It is obvious we have a race relations problem in this country. It is not going away. Forced housing and forced busing will make matters worse. All government buildings should be free of non-inclusive artifacts and memorabilia. Rules are made by the people in charge. Get an education. Run for office. Get elected and change the rules. Regardless of what you are told, nothing comes for free.

Police officers are essential to the safety and security of our citizens. Aggressive policing cannot stop. We cannot be lead into the trap of selective enforcement of laws or coerced into different punishment based on race. All of our citizens should be treated with the dignity and respect. There are some communities that feel some citizens are targeted by the police. There should be an outreach from mayors, police chiefs and police commissioners to explain and discuss police policies with the citizens.

Police officers work in many situations that are extremely dangerous. They deserve our respect as much as we deserve respect from them. We have a large segment of our society willing to ignore crimes committed by members of their community to focus hatred on the people trying to stop the crimes from occurring. This is inane. All citizens should want a crime free society. People that commit crimes put themselves in danger. The focus of parents, neighbors and city officials should be on turning potential criminals into better citizens.

Newly arrived immigrants to the country must avoid the welfare - poverty trap the Democrats are begging them to take. They can do better.

Gang violence is a problem within a lot of our cities. The newly imported gang members will only make it worse. This is a solvable problem requiring communities to work with the police force to incarcerate the violent offenders. Young people must be stopped from killing each other.