Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hiding the Truth

I think something else is going on here. I have been under the impression that Democrats get elected because a huge number of them do not know the truth about what is going on. This group is generally referred to as “low information voters.” I think they contribute, but it is even more apparent that many knowledgeable people actually know the truth and do not care. Many Democrats openly support known criminals and are happy to re-elect corrupt officials.

There are some people that truly believe the Democrat Party platform is better for the country than what the Republicans have to offer. Most of these people are straight forward in what they believe and support. Like me, they also want to root out corruption when they find it. I respect these Democrats and I appreciate their opinions. Democrats control most of the news outlets and they are very good at misrepresenting every one that opposes them. Most devoted Democrats pretty much ignore what Republicans have to say, because they have already received the distortion of what is said from the Democrat Party.

Four times in the past week I have seen Democrat strategists on TV denying the fact that most cities and states controlled by Democrats are in trouble with economic problems, crime infestations, drug gangs and squalor. Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore and New York City are prime examples. A one term Democrat mayor in New York City has turned the clock back twenty years by creating an atmosphere that encourages the criminals to rob, maim and murder other citizens. The Democrat pundits on TV say Republican run cities are having trouble also. Of course, no one can name a city or state where this is true. I do not think these people are stupid, I just think they like sounding like they are stupid, because they get paid to do so. This is sick.

I have written many posts, essays and articles about how the media works hard to hide stories that do not support the Democrat story line. I have also written about how hard Obama and the Democrats have tried to silence talk radio, Fox News and The Drudge Report. The reason they want these news outlet silenced is that they actually tell the truth.

Think about these things. The Democrats and the Planned Parenthood crowd do not want to show mothers pictures of the babies in the womb before they kill them. They have fought every effort to make the ultrasounds available to expectant mothers.

StemExpress went to court to suppress videos of them buying aborted whole babies and baby parts from Planned Parenthood. These people are only successful behind closed doors, because the truth is bad for business.

Obama cited executive privilege to keep people from finding out his involvement with Eric Holder in the “Fast and Furious” gun running program. His administration also refused to disclose communications with the IRS related to the illegal blocking approval of tax exempt status for Tea Party committees that supported Republican causes. Corruption is rampant in our government.

I think Democrats are masters of suppressing the truth. Our news media is complicit and guilty along with them. Our left leaning educators are trying to re-write our country’s history. We need to fight these people on every avenue to expose the truth. 

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