Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Solutions -- Part I

We must make education a priority for all people. Students and parents should have school choice plans. States, cities and school districts should make mentors available to help students stay in school. Being a good student should be encouraged by families and peers and students with the best grades should be rewarded by schools. No one and no school gets better without competition.

We must put emphasis back on family and family values. Families form a backdrop of support for children who need to be shown the way to a successful life. Children normally see their same-sex parent as a role model for their lives.

Depravity has brought down most of the failed cultures and civilizations since the beginning of Homo sapiens clustering. Our populace needs to stop deriding people of any religion and get back to the Judaeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded. Our president tells us our country was founded on Muslim values. I do not remember that, but any religious values that teaches each of us to respect each other is okay with me. All lives matter.

People taking individual responsibility for their own success is the way most successful people got there. If you think the government, a political party, a college education or anyone else will make you successful, you will have a sad, disappointing life. Take charge of yourself, get an education and get a good job so you can help your family and friends do the same.

It is obvious we have a race relations problem in this country. It is not going away. Forced housing and forced busing will make matters worse. All government buildings should be free of non-inclusive artifacts and memorabilia. Rules are made by the people in charge. Get an education. Run for office. Get elected and change the rules. Regardless of what you are told, nothing comes for free.

Police officers are essential to the safety and security of our citizens. Aggressive policing cannot stop. We cannot be lead into the trap of selective enforcement of laws or coerced into different punishment based on race. All of our citizens should be treated with the dignity and respect. There are some communities that feel some citizens are targeted by the police. There should be an outreach from mayors, police chiefs and police commissioners to explain and discuss police policies with the citizens.

Police officers work in many situations that are extremely dangerous. They deserve our respect as much as we deserve respect from them. We have a large segment of our society willing to ignore crimes committed by members of their community to focus hatred on the people trying to stop the crimes from occurring. This is inane. All citizens should want a crime free society. People that commit crimes put themselves in danger. The focus of parents, neighbors and city officials should be on turning potential criminals into better citizens.

Newly arrived immigrants to the country must avoid the welfare - poverty trap the Democrats are begging them to take. They can do better.

Gang violence is a problem within a lot of our cities. The newly imported gang members will only make it worse. This is a solvable problem requiring communities to work with the police force to incarcerate the violent offenders. Young people must be stopped from killing each other.

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