Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Solutions -- Part II

All immigration should stop until we have the means to integrate the people that have been flooded into our country. Our borders should be secure. Congress needs to review and update our immigration laws. They must also stop issuance of H1-B visas to people whose only reason for entry into the country is to replace one of our citizens on their job so corporations can make a larger profit.

This paragraph is a repeat of one I used a few days ago. It is worth repeating, since it means a lot to all of us. “We now have a lot of super rich people in this country. These people need to realize that this trend is unsustainable. Instead of making huge profits, companies need to lower prices, raise wages for their employees and reduce compensation of company leadership. If not, much will be taken from them. There is no excuse for excess greed that hurts our country. It cannot stand for long.”

The federal student loan program has made college unaffordable for most people. Student loans should be managed by the banks we deemed too big to fail, so we bailed them out with taxpayer money. These banks should furnish student loans at affordable rates. Federal government student aid should be limited to grants for the young people with the least opportunity to go to college.

National religious holidays should be limited in number, but include celebrations of all faiths. We are still predominately a Christian country, but other religious groups’ numbers are increasing and should not be excluded. At some point it may make sense to have a holiday period that celebrates all religions.

We need to turn loose the capitalist engine that provides the ability for everyone to be successful. We need to modify tax codes and reduce regulatory burdens that are keeping businesses from growing. Obamacare must be modified to allow small businesses to again become the driving factor in our labor force. We need a flat tax with no exceptions or exclusions. Corporate taxes should be reasonable and competitive and not punitive.

Vote and get your friends to vote. Voting is a responsibility each of us should take seriously. We should vote from a position of knowledge. Discussing your voting criteria and expectations should be part of the process. The discussions are often how we teach each other and we all need to know more.

We need to push for term limits for congress. Congress and congressional staff should abide by all the rules they enact to take away our freedoms. The IRS should collect taxes from all government workers. Not paying taxes should be cause for dismissal from government service.

Stop supporting news media that does not support you and your beliefs. Boycott them until they change.

Unemployment payments need to be controlled by state governments. Unemployment benefits should never rival what a person could make on a minimum wage job. Welfare should only be allowed for people that actually need welfare.

We must rebuild our military strength to assure peace in the world. Peace should always be our military objective.

Government hiring should be put on hold, until we get the budget under control. Redundancies should be removed from governing agencies. Having multiple agencies with the same responsibilities is ludicrous. Many agencies have gone rogue and need to cease to exist. HUD, Education, and the EPA could disappear and we would all be better for it. Congress must limit the rule making ability of agencies it creates.

We must elect a president that all people can respect and one that represents all people in the country. After all, we are The United States of America. We should all be able to say that with pride.

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