Friday, August 28, 2015

War on Women?

You see Democrats in the news every day talking about the Republican's “War on Women.” Let us analyze how the war is progressing and see if the war charges have merit. I do think there is a war on women and children, but the Republicans do not bear this responsibility.

We have over 5, 600 hospitals and over 25,000 clinics that provide health care for men women and children. About 1,900 of these clinics provide family planning services. This 1,900 includes Planned Parenthood and Obria Medical Clinics. Obria is a free clinic that supports women's health issues and was formerly known as Birth Choice. Most people have not heard of Obria. The reason is, they are family counselors that have most of their clientele opt for having babies they keep or babies that are offered up for adoption. The only family planning centers in the news are the Planned Parenthood group that specializes in abortions. The Democrats under President Obama have arranged for Planned Parenthood to get our tax money to support the abortion industry.

We have 160 million women in this country. Planned Parenthood serves 2.7 million women each year. That means the Democrats do not want to subsidize the health of 157,000,000 women that do not want abortions – they only want to support the abortionists. Why is this? I think the Democrats use women and women's health as a wedge issue to use against Republicans. They show no indication they are actually interested in women's health; They are only interested in the political power the charge gives them in elections.

Planned Parenthood does not want women to make informed decisions, which is why they advise women not to see the ultrasound results. They encourage abortions. I know women who have had abortions and I know women that have had babies they gave up for adoption. There are lingering psychological effects that these ladies carry with them forever. That part of the war the Democrats will not address.

Birth control pills and devices have been available for women for over 50 years. Abortion pills or “morning after” pills have not been around as long, but they are all readily available. When some religious groups objected to offering abortion pills, the Democrats made this a “War on Women” issue. Birth control means are still available for all women, but the Democrats claim not letting a woman have an abortion is warlike. Go figure.

Imagine the ladies being raped, sodomized and murdered by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. President Obama and the Democrats seem at peace with this issue. They offer no protests and refuse to get involved to help these women – obviously Democrats do not know what “War on Women” really looks like.

We have about 60,000,000 women in this country that cannot get a job under President Obama and Democrat policies. That means mothers are forced on the welfare roles to provide sustenance for their children. Democrats like trapping people on welfare, because they almost always vote for Democrats to keep their government assistance flowing. I think a good portion of this 60,000,000 women would like to go to work so they can do more than just get by. This is the real “War on Women” that Democrats will not talk about. It is a war on women, children and families that needs to stop. It is so unfortunate that Democrat devalue women by giving them things, instead of encouraging them to help themselves to earn the money the need to support their families and garner the pride that goes with being self-sufficient. Women deserve better. We all deserve better.

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