Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Where has our society driven us? Are we at the point to where there is a litmus test for everything? Should people be fired or hated for single issues? Political correctness is a means to get the opposition to shut up. It may work with some, but I cannot shut up. It is wrong to ask me to stop talking, when I am struggling so hard to find something on the left that makes sense.

Should subdivisions be burned because environmentalists do not like builders clearing land to build new homes as the Earth Liberation Front did in San Diego a few years back? The “Flood Wall Street” marchers discussed burning homes of people that worked on Wall Street as an anti-capitalist protest. They also advocated taking sledgehammers and destroying buildings. They even went as far as advocating going to schools to shame children whose parents worked on Wall Street. How sick is this? These same groups of people protest bullying, unless they are the bullies.

I think the left learned their tactics from unions. Union members are often violent during contract disputes or any other time they are openly opposed. Many have been beaten by union thugs. Even friendly, mild mannered strikers turn to vandalism during contract disputes. Company executives and negotiators are often targeted in their homes, scaring families that have nothing to do with negotiations.

Steve Zwick writing in Forbe’s magazine in 2012 advocated for burning home of climate change deniers. Think about that. Climate change people hide their data and falsify temperature measurements and still have the gall to threaten people who disagree with them. Go figure.

The LBGT community has been successful causing people to lose their jobs because they oppose gay marriage. In the case of Brendon Eich, he lost his job as CEO of Mozilla because he donated $1,000 to support Proposition 8 in California almost ten years ago. Does anyone think this is right? How could you? Craig James recently filed suit for being fired by Fox Sports in 2013. He claims it was for a position he took against gay marriage when he was running for U. S. Senate in 2012.

PETA has sent death threats to and vandalized property of Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist that has a hobby as a hunter. When he recently killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, he became a pariah. The people of Zimbabwe do not care, since they are the ones often eaten by lions. Only the PETA folks in the United States care. These people are vicious. They should have moved in with Cecil and protected him.

People on the left have acted that way for a long time and now the people in the right are jumping on the bandwagon. The Republican elitists may be more misguided. They decided Donald Trump should not run for president, because he told the truth. Donald Trump said that the better people from Mexico were already here and the ones coming across the border now are mostly criminals, drug dealers and gang members. Consider this statistic: From the period of 2008 – 2014 38% of the murders in Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Texas were committed by illegal aliens. That’s right. During that time period about 6,000 of our citizens were killed by people that should not even be here.

Democrats lost me a long time ago because of their destructive ideology. There is also a lot wrong with Republicans, but if Republicans are going to start making decisions based on political correctness, they will lose me too. Donny will not win the presidency for a whole host of reasons, but we had Republicans wanting to ban him for a single issue – which was telling the real inconvenient truth -- shame on them. Maybe the Republicans all need Rand Paul to school them on the Constitution.


  1. I have read a lot of blog entries this week. That was at the top of my list. I have spent my life moving to liberal areas, in my defense I was mostly doing this to check out music scenes I wanted to be part of for a while. Maybe it is the books I am reading but I am more and more attracted to smaller towns, more sparsely populate, away from this sort of politics. Great blog entry. Thanks Arlon.

  2. Thanks for reading, AJ. Plenty of small towns in Wyoming and Montana.

  3. I am glad I have the settings for your blogs so that I get an email any time there is a comment to your entries. I guess it is no surprise you mention those two states since you know the books I read. I will speak to you and also continue to read your blogs and comment when II have something to offer. Thank you