Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Put Our People Back To Work

These are a few steps we need to take to get our people back to work. The steps never change, people just choose to ignore their necessity. Jobs requires job creators, which are primarily small businesses. Small business normally grow because big businesses cannot fill low profit local needs of citizens, provided with a personal touch. Small businesses grow in proportion to big businesses. If you do not believe that, watch next time a new Walmart store is opened. How long does it take for the new Walmart to be surrounded by smaller stores? A New York minute, even in Texas.


Lower corporate taxes as an incentive to bring corporate headquarters back to the United States with enough cash available to grow their business.

Introduce a flat rate personal tax code with no deductions that is inclusive – everyone should be invested in the country. A flat rate guarantees the people with the most money pay the most tax.

Tax rates should be the minimal amount necessary to run the government and protect the people. Tax money should never be used for wealth distribution which is not a government function.


Take police powers away from the EPA. This should become a monitoring and reporting agency and Congress should have responsibility to act on their reports as necessary.

Repeal Dodd-Frank so smaller banks can thrive and provide funding for small business owners.

Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley which has created a paperwork nightmare for big businesses.


Replace Obamacare with a health system that reduces cost while addressing patient’s health instead of a focus on health insurance.      

Assure that no government employees are exempt from laws passed by Congress.


Enact an energy policy that encourages nuclear energy, clean coal and allows drilling offshore and drilling and fracking on public land.

Approve the XL pipeline.

Place a hiring freeze on all Federal Government employees.

Stop all government paid bonuses – they are only incentives to cheat the system.

Change work rules so that employees can be disciplined, not just shuffled.

Change unemployment data reporting to better reflect actual unemployment conditions.

Monday, September 21, 2015


If we do not put our people back to work, nothing else really matters. The United States of America is the country that controls the world economy.  Until we recover, the rest of the world will not recover. Politicians are giving speeches and debating trying to get elected to the job as President of the United States and none of them are focusing on the most important problem we face – the economy. The economic policies currently being used do not seem to be working.

If we do not fix the economy, we cannot help ourselves or other countries attack the perceived need for global warming solutions. We will not be able to rebuild our military. We will not be able to reduce the size of government. We will not be able to pay our debt. We will not be able to repair the inner cities and retrain the people to become productive citizens. We will not be able to release prisoners from jails and prisons with a reasonable expectation of them leading successful, productive lives. We will not have the money to relocate the 200,000 Muslim immigrants coming our way. We will not be able to educate 50,000,000 students every year in fifty different languages. College will never be affordable, much less free, unless we can fix the economy. Our State Department cannot keep funding our enemies to buy weapons to kill us, unless we fix our economy. We cannot afford the death committees required to reduce the cost of Obamacare if we do not fix our economy. We cannot afford medical care for veterans if we do not fix the economy. We cannot create enough immigration courts to resolve our illegal immigration issues without a thriving economy. We cannot continue to pretend to fight ISIS unless we grow the economy. We cannot continue to borrow 500,000,000 more every year if we do not fix our economy. We cannot fight the war on poverty if we do not fix the economy. The Justice Department cannot impede police from arresting minority lawbreakers, if we do not fix the economy. Housing and Urban Development cannot afford to keep enrolling Democrat voters, if we do not fix the economy.

For the last seven years the priority of our government has been to bring about economic justice by punishing companies and people with money, while preventing the catastrophe of the temperature rising one degree one hundred years from now. The result of this endeavor is companies hoarding cash, companies moving their headquarters to other nations, rich people getting richer and poor people getting poorer, while our government shuts down businesses, creating more poor people.

“It’s the economy Stupid.” We have heard that term for a long time. Do you know why? It is because it is true and will always be true. We became the greatest power in the world because “Yankee ingenuity” was used to solve problems while letting the entrepreneurs work in a relatively free environment. When a better product is needed, someone comes up with one as long as it is profitable. Take away the profit incentive and you have the European economy. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

How To Fix It

We are at a crossroads in our country. It’s time for a new beginning. We need to forget the past and look to the future. How often do we hear these things? I hear it all the time, probably more now because we are approaching a new presidential election. The truth is we wake up in a new world every day. Things change constantly. Our literature has progressed from cave drawings and stone tablets to instant messages and e-books available all over the world in an instant. Our travel abilities have progressed from walking from village to village to the point that masses of people move between continents within weeks. Even armies can move from peaceful confines to the battlefield within days, including all the equipment they need to fight and kill one another. Their back up support for sustainability follows them within a month. The point I am trying to make is that the world situation is so dynamic that ideas from yesterday are not necessarily going to be useful tomorrow – there are too many strong players involved.

In the United States all the newspapers and the Democrat Party tell us that our current economic condition is the new normal. That is something I agree with as long as we have a Democrat president. Democrat policies are driven from what they consider noble goals. I will not argue their intent. Their intent is to keep Democrats in power so they can assure our government can take care of everyone. They see the government as the master and people as subjects. Democrats think freedom means people can only be suppressed by our government and not a foreign power.

Democrats try to accomplish their goals with punitive tax policies that penalize people that are successful, so they have money to give to their supporters and services to give to people that are less successful. They want businesses to be controlled by the government and they use excessive regulation of businesses, so they do not have a choice about compliance. Democrats give lip service to defending our country, but every Democrat president since FDR has reduced the size of the military. They do this because they want to spend the money on domestic social issues. Like I said before, their goals may be noble. The results of their policies are where I have objections.

What the Republican political class wants most is to stay in power. They want pretty much what the Democrats want, but they like to spend the money differently, mostly because they have different friends and supporters than the Democrats.

What Republican citizens and our few conservative politicians want is somewhat different. Conservatives believe the power of our country and the power of our government comes from the wishes and support of free people. Conservative principles are based on the power of the individual. Conservatives want every individual to have the right and ability to improve their position in life and prosper to support themselves and their families. This requires maximum freedom for people and business and major constraint on the government.

When a conservative says freedom, they mean freedom from the government. With a conservative Republican government, there is no normal economy. Conservatives want an economy that is dynamic and unlimited in its ability for people to prosper. They want a limited government to allow business to prosper and use regulation only when businesses infringe on people’s rights or unfairly hurt other businesses. Conservatives believe in the Constitution. They believe that the main job of the Federal Government and the president is to protect the citizens of this country, not tuck them in at night. Conservatives believe every individual deserves respect. They also recognize that some people are in dire straits and cannot get out of the hole by themselves. Conservatives choose to offer a hand up, not a handout, with the provision that the hand up stops when it is no longer needed. They believe that each individual will choose to prosper, if they are given the opportunity.

A lot of my Democrat friends seem to be okay with 93,000,000 people that cannot get a job and many other people only able to find part time work. They seem to be okay with 19,000,000,000 debt. It is not okay with me. I want a tax system and regulation system that is intended to maximize tax income for the government to reduce our debt and free businesses to create jobs, so we can get our neighbors back to work. I refuse to accept the Democrat definition of the new economy. We can do much better. All we need is a president that thinks we can do better and is willing to demonstrate that fact. That person will never be a Democrat.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Influence of Benjamin Franklin

Everyone knows the name Benjamin Franklin. He was a successful printer, inventor, statesman and activist from Philadelphia that was involved in the formation of our country. In fact I believe Franklin was the most influential of our founding fathers.

Franklin was a member of the Second Continental Congress which chartered a five member committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. Other members of the committee were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman.

You see how functional our Congress is today. We have great communication with fast news media and people generally have a sense of what the thinking is in other parts of the country. In the late 1700's people communicated through the mail delivered by horse drawn vehicles. Even delegates did not always understand the thinking of their constituents.

People from different colonies were more interested in their colony than the group of colonies as a whole, so you can bet there were some severe arguments over any policies the Continental Congress wanted and what the committee members thought was the intent of the Declaration of Independence. I think Franklin's value to the acceptance of this document was more what he did lobbying outside the Congress than the influence he had in Congressional sessions.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft, which included an objection to the slave trade. The Continental Congress made 86 changes which included dropping the anti slave trade language over Jefferson's strenuous objections. Jefferson's language was reduced by about 25%. Robert Livingston, one of the committee members that wrote the Declaration would not sign it, because he thought it was too soon to declare independence.

When the Revolutionary War started, Franklin was sent to France to enlist their support for our rebellion against British rule. He was successful in this endeavor and after the war was over, Franklin was a negotiator of the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the war.

Then the founders had to write our Constitution. Seventy three delegates were appointed, but 18 refused the appointment, including Patrick Henry. Some of the other 55 delegates that were well known were George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. All of these people had strong domineering personalities, as did most of the other delegates to the convention.

Franklin, being the oldest member of the delegation, recognized the value of getting a document to guide our government that was comprehensive, inclusive and long-lasting. Knowing how important it was to the success of our country, he used his influence in one-on-one settings to help people reach consensus. My conclusion is that the high standing of the Constitution as a legal document today is attributable to the efforts of Benjamin Franklin.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

House Leadership

I think conservatives in the United States are extremely disgusted with the Republican Party leadership, which seems to stand for getting re-elected and keeping Republicans in power in Congress and nothing else. They only pass bills that Obama wants passed. The Tea Party groups worked hard to get Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, based on promises that once in power they would stop the reckless Obama agenda. What conservatives got in return was a slap in the face from Congressional leadership.

Back in July of this year, Representative Mark Meadows from North Carolina filed a motion to vacate the chair in the House of Representatives. This was essentially a warning shot across John Boehner’s bow, that if he did not stop running the president’s agenda and fight back, like he said he would, he could be replaced as Speaker of the House. John Boehner and his cohorts did a little whipping of Republicans in the house and found out if the resolution is ever called for a vote, Boehner would not have enough Republican support to maintain his job as Speaker.

The Meadow’s resolution is still hanging and any member of the House can call a privileged resolution and demand a vote on the resolution at any time. The only way Boehner could keep his job is to convince Democrats to vote for him. It would not surprise me if he would do that, since every bill he passes he passes with Democrat support. Incidentally, if the Speaker’s chair is vacated, anyone can be nominated to fill that position – not necessarily a member of Congress.

My personal feeling is that if John Boehner is not willing to de-fund Planned Parenthood and hold the line on Federal spending, which may shut down the government, I think Boehner will lose his job. It may not matter much, but for sure he will not be the Speaker in the next Congress. I think it is time for him to go. I have thought that since he first got the Speaker’s job. He has been in Congress 24 years and retirement would be good for him.

Do you remember Trent Lott? He was a disgraced Senator who resigned his position to become a lobbyist. In a leaked communication from Trent Lott to Boehner, Lott encouraged Boehner to quickly turn the Tea Party elected Representatives around so they could continue conducting business as usual. At that point, I knew the Republican leadership was my enemy. They have a gravy train where former Congress persons become lobbyists and feed money back to their friends in Congress. They all get rich on our tax dollars. I say – NO MORE.

Republicans are afraid they will lose their jobs if the government is shut down. I am not convinced that is true. Republicans always give in before all the dies are cast. Not only that, if they are going to vote like Democrats anyway, I do not give one iota if they keep their jobs.

Elected officials should do what is best for their constituents and our country, not what is best for their financial future. Give us more conservatives and less mealy mouths in congress. Donald Trump is leading the charge and should be an inspiration for others to do what is right. I want someone in Washington that is on my side. I want someone who cares more about doing their job than keeping their job. That is not John Boehner.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Black and Blue

Our children are being taught in school that I am an oppressor. If you are a white male in the United States, your children are being taught to hate you, because you are evil. White women get a little break. They are suppressors also, just not as bad as the men. I even have a friend who thinks Christians are the cause of the world’s problems – I suspect he assumes white Christians are worse.

Newspapers have jumped on the Black Lives Matter band wagon, along with President Obama. Our president has made it clear he believes the police are always wrong when they try to arrest a Black person. His protégé, Eric Holder was one of the worst racists we have had in power in this country. He and Obama have similar leanings.

There has been a rant about Blacks being suppressed by police departments all across the country. A group out of Oakland California has been advocating killing cops for years. Van Jones, who used to work for President Obama in the white house is a small time community organizer supporting cop killers. Newspapers and TV news media are complicit in the cop killing narrative because they seem to always take the side of the rioters and killers. This may sell the news, but it is certainly an injustice to our society.

When the Tea Parties were formed around the country protesting tax increases, a major political party went all out to marginalize these people that objected to President Obama’s policies. They sent infiltrators into Tea Party groups carrying racist signs and the news media completely ignored the message the Tea Party was trying to deliver and instead focused on the infiltrators. The news media made it possible to brand the Tea Party members as racists and that lie is still being told.

I was watching Megan Kelly on a Fox News show last evening and she had a group to discuss Black Lives Matter, and killing police officers and other related topics. One thing that became apparent quickly is that a lot of people are angry based on erroneous information. The thing that is consistent with all the demonizers is that they are Democrats. This includes teachers, professors, civil rights leaders, most of the federal government employees and news organizations.

Republicans are consistently branded as racist. I will not defend all Republicans against this charge, because there are some racists amongst the Republicans. People of color are told all the time that Republicans hate them. This has never been the truth. The Republican Party is open to everyone and accepts everyone that wants to join them.

The Republican Party did not leave the Black people behind. Up until Franklin Roosevelt started giving government handouts, most Black people were Republicans. The Blacks deserted the Republicans, not the other way around. FDR managed to keep the country in recession for thirteen years and by that time, most of the Black people and others in the inner cities were stuck with the Democrat Party and their handouts. In other words the Black population chose to be suppressed by the Democrat Party and in large numbers are still making that choice.

Now we have Black Lives Matter and no one else’s life can matter – they resent anyone that even implies other lives matter. Well I think they are wrong. I think Black lives matter. I think policemen matter. I stand behind the men in blue, or tan or brown or green. I think law enforcement is taking the blame for government policies. I think we all need to respect and listen to one another. We can do better thinking for ourselves and not listening to hate preachers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Favorite President

I read an article a couple of days ago about Quentin Tarantino stating that Obama was his favorite president in his lifetime. The reason he stated this was that President Obama is a lame-duck president and he is doing a lot of things anyway. He stated, “I think his “doesn’t-give-a-sh__ attitude is cool.”

I respect my Democrat friends and I appreciate their point of view, but I question their objectivity. Some of the claims they make defy common sense. I grant that Obama is a popular figure. He shows up on all the popular television shows that support Democrats, no matter what they do or say. News media supports Obama, never questioning to find out the truth about anything.

I have some Democrat friends who like Obama and I even have a friend who posts a lot of “Occupy Democrats” information on Facebook. A recent post was talking about how Republicans are upset about Obama’s scandal free administration.

The last few years I have watched Democrat supporters ignore lies, ignore depravity, ignore theft and any other illegal or ethical violation to support and re-elect Democrats. Now we have Democrats praising cop-killers and encouraging and advocating more cops be killed. Get this – these people want cops killed and are willing to overlook the immigrants killing American Citizens and young Black men killing each other. They want to kill cops and support Planned Parenthood killing babies.

I do not understand. Where have the morals gone? They for sure do not reside anywhere near the Democrat party.

The Obama administration has been scandal free if you ignore gun-running under the watchful eye of Eric Holder. The Obama administration has been scandal free if you ignore Lois Lerner, breaking the law by sharing confidential IRS information with Democrat political operatives and other government agencies. The Obama administration has been scandal free if you ignore the Veterans Administration letting veterans die so administrators could get government bonuses. The Obama administration has been scandal free if you ignore the Russian spy ring operating in the United States and Obama sent them to Russia with no statement, no complaint, and no regrets. The Obama administration has been scandal free if you ignore the lies Obama told personally and the lies and bribes the administration and congress made to pass Obamacare. The Obama administration is scandal free if you ignore the fact that Obama allowed an ambassador and others to die in Benghazi so he could win an election. The Obama administration is scandal free if you ignore Obama giving $500 billion to his friends like Solyndra in the green business. The Obama administration is scandal free if you ignore the criminal aliens Obama has put on our streets to rape, maim, rob and kill us.

What Democrats mean by scandal free is that you are not caught and imprisoned. If the Obama administration lies, denies and hides the truth behind executive privilege, they are scandal free because the truth is not in them. As long as you never admit anything, there is not scandal to a Democrat.

Are you beginning to see a pattern? The Democrats think Republicans are stupid because they believe in law and order. It makes it so hard to get things done when you have rules standing in the way. I have seen nothing in recent history that tells me the Democrats have any honor -- but they do seem to revere cop killers.