Saturday, September 5, 2015

Black and Blue

Our children are being taught in school that I am an oppressor. If you are a white male in the United States, your children are being taught to hate you, because you are evil. White women get a little break. They are suppressors also, just not as bad as the men. I even have a friend who thinks Christians are the cause of the world’s problems – I suspect he assumes white Christians are worse.

Newspapers have jumped on the Black Lives Matter band wagon, along with President Obama. Our president has made it clear he believes the police are always wrong when they try to arrest a Black person. His protégé, Eric Holder was one of the worst racists we have had in power in this country. He and Obama have similar leanings.

There has been a rant about Blacks being suppressed by police departments all across the country. A group out of Oakland California has been advocating killing cops for years. Van Jones, who used to work for President Obama in the white house is a small time community organizer supporting cop killers. Newspapers and TV news media are complicit in the cop killing narrative because they seem to always take the side of the rioters and killers. This may sell the news, but it is certainly an injustice to our society.

When the Tea Parties were formed around the country protesting tax increases, a major political party went all out to marginalize these people that objected to President Obama’s policies. They sent infiltrators into Tea Party groups carrying racist signs and the news media completely ignored the message the Tea Party was trying to deliver and instead focused on the infiltrators. The news media made it possible to brand the Tea Party members as racists and that lie is still being told.

I was watching Megan Kelly on a Fox News show last evening and she had a group to discuss Black Lives Matter, and killing police officers and other related topics. One thing that became apparent quickly is that a lot of people are angry based on erroneous information. The thing that is consistent with all the demonizers is that they are Democrats. This includes teachers, professors, civil rights leaders, most of the federal government employees and news organizations.

Republicans are consistently branded as racist. I will not defend all Republicans against this charge, because there are some racists amongst the Republicans. People of color are told all the time that Republicans hate them. This has never been the truth. The Republican Party is open to everyone and accepts everyone that wants to join them.

The Republican Party did not leave the Black people behind. Up until Franklin Roosevelt started giving government handouts, most Black people were Republicans. The Blacks deserted the Republicans, not the other way around. FDR managed to keep the country in recession for thirteen years and by that time, most of the Black people and others in the inner cities were stuck with the Democrat Party and their handouts. In other words the Black population chose to be suppressed by the Democrat Party and in large numbers are still making that choice.

Now we have Black Lives Matter and no one else’s life can matter – they resent anyone that even implies other lives matter. Well I think they are wrong. I think Black lives matter. I think policemen matter. I stand behind the men in blue, or tan or brown or green. I think law enforcement is taking the blame for government policies. I think we all need to respect and listen to one another. We can do better thinking for ourselves and not listening to hate preachers.

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