Wednesday, September 9, 2015

House Leadership

I think conservatives in the United States are extremely disgusted with the Republican Party leadership, which seems to stand for getting re-elected and keeping Republicans in power in Congress and nothing else. They only pass bills that Obama wants passed. The Tea Party groups worked hard to get Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, based on promises that once in power they would stop the reckless Obama agenda. What conservatives got in return was a slap in the face from Congressional leadership.

Back in July of this year, Representative Mark Meadows from North Carolina filed a motion to vacate the chair in the House of Representatives. This was essentially a warning shot across John Boehner’s bow, that if he did not stop running the president’s agenda and fight back, like he said he would, he could be replaced as Speaker of the House. John Boehner and his cohorts did a little whipping of Republicans in the house and found out if the resolution is ever called for a vote, Boehner would not have enough Republican support to maintain his job as Speaker.

The Meadow’s resolution is still hanging and any member of the House can call a privileged resolution and demand a vote on the resolution at any time. The only way Boehner could keep his job is to convince Democrats to vote for him. It would not surprise me if he would do that, since every bill he passes he passes with Democrat support. Incidentally, if the Speaker’s chair is vacated, anyone can be nominated to fill that position – not necessarily a member of Congress.

My personal feeling is that if John Boehner is not willing to de-fund Planned Parenthood and hold the line on Federal spending, which may shut down the government, I think Boehner will lose his job. It may not matter much, but for sure he will not be the Speaker in the next Congress. I think it is time for him to go. I have thought that since he first got the Speaker’s job. He has been in Congress 24 years and retirement would be good for him.

Do you remember Trent Lott? He was a disgraced Senator who resigned his position to become a lobbyist. In a leaked communication from Trent Lott to Boehner, Lott encouraged Boehner to quickly turn the Tea Party elected Representatives around so they could continue conducting business as usual. At that point, I knew the Republican leadership was my enemy. They have a gravy train where former Congress persons become lobbyists and feed money back to their friends in Congress. They all get rich on our tax dollars. I say – NO MORE.

Republicans are afraid they will lose their jobs if the government is shut down. I am not convinced that is true. Republicans always give in before all the dies are cast. Not only that, if they are going to vote like Democrats anyway, I do not give one iota if they keep their jobs.

Elected officials should do what is best for their constituents and our country, not what is best for their financial future. Give us more conservatives and less mealy mouths in congress. Donald Trump is leading the charge and should be an inspiration for others to do what is right. I want someone in Washington that is on my side. I want someone who cares more about doing their job than keeping their job. That is not John Boehner.

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