Friday, September 18, 2015

How To Fix It

We are at a crossroads in our country. It’s time for a new beginning. We need to forget the past and look to the future. How often do we hear these things? I hear it all the time, probably more now because we are approaching a new presidential election. The truth is we wake up in a new world every day. Things change constantly. Our literature has progressed from cave drawings and stone tablets to instant messages and e-books available all over the world in an instant. Our travel abilities have progressed from walking from village to village to the point that masses of people move between continents within weeks. Even armies can move from peaceful confines to the battlefield within days, including all the equipment they need to fight and kill one another. Their back up support for sustainability follows them within a month. The point I am trying to make is that the world situation is so dynamic that ideas from yesterday are not necessarily going to be useful tomorrow – there are too many strong players involved.

In the United States all the newspapers and the Democrat Party tell us that our current economic condition is the new normal. That is something I agree with as long as we have a Democrat president. Democrat policies are driven from what they consider noble goals. I will not argue their intent. Their intent is to keep Democrats in power so they can assure our government can take care of everyone. They see the government as the master and people as subjects. Democrats think freedom means people can only be suppressed by our government and not a foreign power.

Democrats try to accomplish their goals with punitive tax policies that penalize people that are successful, so they have money to give to their supporters and services to give to people that are less successful. They want businesses to be controlled by the government and they use excessive regulation of businesses, so they do not have a choice about compliance. Democrats give lip service to defending our country, but every Democrat president since FDR has reduced the size of the military. They do this because they want to spend the money on domestic social issues. Like I said before, their goals may be noble. The results of their policies are where I have objections.

What the Republican political class wants most is to stay in power. They want pretty much what the Democrats want, but they like to spend the money differently, mostly because they have different friends and supporters than the Democrats.

What Republican citizens and our few conservative politicians want is somewhat different. Conservatives believe the power of our country and the power of our government comes from the wishes and support of free people. Conservative principles are based on the power of the individual. Conservatives want every individual to have the right and ability to improve their position in life and prosper to support themselves and their families. This requires maximum freedom for people and business and major constraint on the government.

When a conservative says freedom, they mean freedom from the government. With a conservative Republican government, there is no normal economy. Conservatives want an economy that is dynamic and unlimited in its ability for people to prosper. They want a limited government to allow business to prosper and use regulation only when businesses infringe on people’s rights or unfairly hurt other businesses. Conservatives believe in the Constitution. They believe that the main job of the Federal Government and the president is to protect the citizens of this country, not tuck them in at night. Conservatives believe every individual deserves respect. They also recognize that some people are in dire straits and cannot get out of the hole by themselves. Conservatives choose to offer a hand up, not a handout, with the provision that the hand up stops when it is no longer needed. They believe that each individual will choose to prosper, if they are given the opportunity.

A lot of my Democrat friends seem to be okay with 93,000,000 people that cannot get a job and many other people only able to find part time work. They seem to be okay with 19,000,000,000 debt. It is not okay with me. I want a tax system and regulation system that is intended to maximize tax income for the government to reduce our debt and free businesses to create jobs, so we can get our neighbors back to work. I refuse to accept the Democrat definition of the new economy. We can do much better. All we need is a president that thinks we can do better and is willing to demonstrate that fact. That person will never be a Democrat.

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