Monday, September 21, 2015


If we do not put our people back to work, nothing else really matters. The United States of America is the country that controls the world economy.  Until we recover, the rest of the world will not recover. Politicians are giving speeches and debating trying to get elected to the job as President of the United States and none of them are focusing on the most important problem we face – the economy. The economic policies currently being used do not seem to be working.

If we do not fix the economy, we cannot help ourselves or other countries attack the perceived need for global warming solutions. We will not be able to rebuild our military. We will not be able to reduce the size of government. We will not be able to pay our debt. We will not be able to repair the inner cities and retrain the people to become productive citizens. We will not be able to release prisoners from jails and prisons with a reasonable expectation of them leading successful, productive lives. We will not have the money to relocate the 200,000 Muslim immigrants coming our way. We will not be able to educate 50,000,000 students every year in fifty different languages. College will never be affordable, much less free, unless we can fix the economy. Our State Department cannot keep funding our enemies to buy weapons to kill us, unless we fix our economy. We cannot afford the death committees required to reduce the cost of Obamacare if we do not fix our economy. We cannot afford medical care for veterans if we do not fix the economy. We cannot create enough immigration courts to resolve our illegal immigration issues without a thriving economy. We cannot continue to pretend to fight ISIS unless we grow the economy. We cannot continue to borrow 500,000,000 more every year if we do not fix our economy. We cannot fight the war on poverty if we do not fix the economy. The Justice Department cannot impede police from arresting minority lawbreakers, if we do not fix the economy. Housing and Urban Development cannot afford to keep enrolling Democrat voters, if we do not fix the economy.

For the last seven years the priority of our government has been to bring about economic justice by punishing companies and people with money, while preventing the catastrophe of the temperature rising one degree one hundred years from now. The result of this endeavor is companies hoarding cash, companies moving their headquarters to other nations, rich people getting richer and poor people getting poorer, while our government shuts down businesses, creating more poor people.

“It’s the economy Stupid.” We have heard that term for a long time. Do you know why? It is because it is true and will always be true. We became the greatest power in the world because “Yankee ingenuity” was used to solve problems while letting the entrepreneurs work in a relatively free environment. When a better product is needed, someone comes up with one as long as it is profitable. Take away the profit incentive and you have the European economy. Thanks, but no thanks.

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