Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Put Our People Back To Work

These are a few steps we need to take to get our people back to work. The steps never change, people just choose to ignore their necessity. Jobs requires job creators, which are primarily small businesses. Small business normally grow because big businesses cannot fill low profit local needs of citizens, provided with a personal touch. Small businesses grow in proportion to big businesses. If you do not believe that, watch next time a new Walmart store is opened. How long does it take for the new Walmart to be surrounded by smaller stores? A New York minute, even in Texas.


Lower corporate taxes as an incentive to bring corporate headquarters back to the United States with enough cash available to grow their business.

Introduce a flat rate personal tax code with no deductions that is inclusive – everyone should be invested in the country. A flat rate guarantees the people with the most money pay the most tax.

Tax rates should be the minimal amount necessary to run the government and protect the people. Tax money should never be used for wealth distribution which is not a government function.


Take police powers away from the EPA. This should become a monitoring and reporting agency and Congress should have responsibility to act on their reports as necessary.

Repeal Dodd-Frank so smaller banks can thrive and provide funding for small business owners.

Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley which has created a paperwork nightmare for big businesses.


Replace Obamacare with a health system that reduces cost while addressing patient’s health instead of a focus on health insurance.      

Assure that no government employees are exempt from laws passed by Congress.


Enact an energy policy that encourages nuclear energy, clean coal and allows drilling offshore and drilling and fracking on public land.

Approve the XL pipeline.

Place a hiring freeze on all Federal Government employees.

Stop all government paid bonuses – they are only incentives to cheat the system.

Change work rules so that employees can be disciplined, not just shuffled.

Change unemployment data reporting to better reflect actual unemployment conditions.

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