Friday, October 9, 2015

House Dilemma

The situation: John Boehner has resigned from the United States House of Representatives, thus giving up his job as Speaker of the House. His closest ally in the house, Kevin McCarthy was groomed to take over when Boehner left has now withdrawn his name as a replacement for Boehner in the speaker position. After McCarthy’s withdrawal, Republican house members were unable to agree on a consensus candidate. Rep. Peter King (R-NY), a huge Boehner supporter stated that house members were crying over the situation. I have heard reports that Democrats across the world are laughing at the inept Republicans.

Maybe so and who cares. The Democrats needed a good laugh because they do not recognize the laughable occurrences in their own party. They ignore corruption amongst their own and fight harder to get their corrupt politicians elected than a Republican will defend his or her self. When corrupt Republicans are caught red handed, they get chastised and expelled by the Republican Party. When Democrats are caught red handed, they get re-elected and praised by their party. I say let these people laugh.

The Tea Party organizations began soon after Obama was first elected to the presidency. He along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi passed Obama’s first budget that increased cash flow into Washington by 25%. At the same time they raised taxes on individuals and corporations that stymied our economy and in subsequent years have driven 90,000,000 people out of the workforce.

For the next two elections the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party groups organized to get people elected that supported their point of view.   Remember Trent Lott the predecessor of John Boehner as Speaker of the House and a newly hired lobbyist. I will never forget the communication from Lott to Boehner after the first Tea Party representatives got into the House of Representatives. Trent Lott advised Boehner to get to these people early and turn them around so the Republicans could keep the status quo.

I say let the house Republicans cry. They have had us crying for years. I want all these establishment politicians sent home to become rich lawyers and authors of books that tell of the great deeds they accomplished as “the people’s servants.” I want them crying all the way home.

Do not worry about John Boehner and his future. He will retire from congress with about $220,000 per year government retirement income and I predict before the next election he will become a lobbyist making twice as much more than his retirement income. That is the corrupt system Boehner and his friends have been fighting to preserve.

The errors John Boehner made were many. He was the worst negotiator in the world. He usually announced six months ahead of time that he was giving in on everything Obama wanted. He announced he was not willing to fight for anything Republicans are supposed to believe in. Boehner and his cohort in the Senate, Mitch McConnell felt the most important thing was to get a majority in both houses of Congress so Republicans could be in charge. Well, the electorate gave them that. In return, they gave us exactly what Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gave us. I say send all these Washington elitists home crying.

For years all John Boehner was interested in representing was big money donors to keep getting him re-elected. He lied to the public and told a completely different story went he met with the National Chamber of Commerce. Boehner wanted more immigration to give businesses cheaper labor at our expense. He supported amnesty for all illegal immigrants. He was not on our team.

Boehner biggest mistake was not listening to his house membership. He openly ridiculed “The Freedom Caucus” which consisted mostly of Tea Party elected representatives. He removed them from committee chairmanships and did everything he could to minimize their influence. Boehner and Kevin McCarthy lied to their membership to get votes for bills they could not get honestly. Boehner was big on “show votes” that did not have a chance to become law, but allowed house members to go home and tell their constituents they tried. All legislation of significance passed by Boehner required Democrat support. Basically he wrote off one third of his own Republican house membership and this led to his current situation.

The truth is the outcome of the rest of Obama’s tenure is going to be the same as if Boehner had stayed. His leaving does not change the power of the presidency. If the new speaker is not willing to listen to and elicit support from all his Republican membership, that speaker will be a failure also. You cannot take people’s voice away and expect to stay their leader. We need a speaker that listens to his people and his constituents to unite the Republican Party. We need a speaker that will make his case publicly to the American people. We need a leader in the speaker position. We need leadership.

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