Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Most of my posts this year have been political in nature. I am a conservative and almost always vote for Republican candidates. I have a lot of liberal or Democrat friends and we have some lively discussions. As a matter of fact, I had one lady unfriend me on Facebook because she did not agree with my opinions. I thought we were having a political discussion about an issue and I think she took it as a personal affront to herself. I am sorry about that.

I appreciate everyone’s opinion and am glad to occasionally get a new point of view or a new perspective. It is always interesting to find out how people came to form their viewpoints.  I find many people believe a lot of propaganda. People make decisions on things for a lot of different reasons. Most of the time people share the views of their parents. Some people’s opinions are based on their life experiences. Many, many people are swayed by the choice of publications they read.

A few things are clear. People that hate Republican positions do not know what Republican positions are – they only know what the Democrat Party line is about Republicans. For instance most people that hate Rush Limbaugh never listen to him. Rush Limbaugh’s position has always been to support policies that help everyone. Liberals will never get that message, they only hear the spin. People that hate Fox News never listen to Fox News. Most news media is biased. Fox presents the fairest presentation of both sides of issues of any national news organization. Newspapers like the New York Times and TV news like CBS News generally report stories that support Democrat Party talking points.

Personally I like to confirm what I read or hear from several viewpoints. I hear breaking news stories on nation news channels, including Fox News on issues I have been aware of for weeks. This implies that breaking news nowadays is what is new to the reporters. We are way past reporter going out and finding stories. I miss Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

I am sincere in my wish for a Happy Thanksgiving to all, regardless of political persuasion, color or nationality. We are all citizens of the world in a world that is in constant turmoil. We will never be at peace everywhere, but we can always be thankful for our friends and family.

Thanks for taking time to read this blog. I listen to and appreciate your input. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Thoughts on Immigration

The first two years Barack Obama was in office, he, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ran rough shod over congress, Republicans and Democrats alike. None of the bills Republicans were interested in could get brought up in either house. Harry Reid decided how many amendments were allowed on each bill and entered all the amendments himself to keep the Republicans from changing any of the laws they passed. Reid scheduled votes at midnight the day before congress recesses to force both Dems and Reps to go along with what he (and I assume Obama) wanted passed.

Reid then took a budget bill passed by the House of Representatives, gutted the house language and turned it into Obamacare. By using what was originally a budget bill generated in the house Reid could use the reconciliation process to pass Obamacare. That means they could pass the bill with 50 votes and Republicans could not filibuster the bill. They still had to bribe three Democrat Senators and hoodwink another to get the fifty votes required to pass the bill. This may be the most disingenuous piece of legislation to pass congress in the history of our nation.

Then Reid again changed the senate rules to allow Obama to stack all the courts with liberal Democrats with only 50 votes. Republicans could object, but they could not stop them and now federal courts are full of left-leaning judges.

These tactics were unheard of in modern times and helped get us into the situation we are in now in congress. Harry, Nancy and Barack then went on a tirade in the media talking about Republican obstruction, knowing with the rule changes the Republicans could not obstruct anything.

Even with all these shenanigans going on, Democrats did not try to pass an immigration bill, even though Obama promised to do so during his first term in office.

Obamacare was so objectionable to the public that the mid-term election of 2010, Republicans won enough seats in the House of Representatives that the Republicans became the majority. The triumvirate of Reid, Pelosi and Obama could no longer run rough shod over the country, using congress as a weapon against the people.

Then Obama decided it was time to talk about immigration. The Democrats always want full amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the country, thinking that will firm up the Democrat voting bloc in the country. Democrats made a deal with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s that if he gave illegal aliens amnesty, they would help close the border to more illegals entering. That never happened and it never will. Each time a Democrat is in office they try to flood Republican states with illegal aliens, thinking these are their voters of the future. Obama could not get an immigration bill through congress, so he started writing executive orders to give semi-legal status to illegal aliens he was flooding into our country from Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Nicaragua and lately even from Cuba. Obama and his State Department were putting ads in Newspapers and TV inviting potential Democrat voters to flood states controlled by Republicans.

Obama’s foreign policies have created a vacuum in the Middle East and a continuous war zone in Syria and Iraq allowing ISIS to grow and spread. Obama and the Democrats are using different tactics, but the same rhetoric to try and flood our county with immigrants from Syria and Iraq, knowing there is no way to assure that this immigration mob is ISIS free and of course it is not.

I have nothing against any of the immigrants, but I do have serious issues with this unlawful president that is willing to sacrifice American citizens to grow the Democrat party. He is a proven liar and not smart enough to listen to professionals that report to him. He only listens to political operatives for advice and guidance.

Under these circumstances, I would not agree with any immigration initiative this president wants us to address. I am in favor of stopping all immigration, until we get a president that cares more about the American people than he does about political victories. I want the border sealed and I want every individual that crosses our border to be documented and entered into a database so they can be counted like all other inhabitants of this country. If they want to be Americans, let’s treat them like we treat Americans. Or has being illegal become a protected class under this president? After all his is releasing criminals from jails all over the country. I thought safety of the American people was his only job. Someone should mention it to him.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

National Debt and Budget Deficit

The Obama administration claims they have reduced the deficit by two-thirds. Another claim along the same lines, Obama likes to say he reduced the deficit more than any president in history. They also like to blame the deficit on George Bush 43. I will not spend much time trying to defend GW, because he did not do us any favors budget wise. Add to that the fact that he and Hank Paulson did not realize the country’s finances were at a breaking point until the end of his term is inexcusable.

I also know that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress Obama’s first two years in office and they passed budgets that were 25% higher than the last Bush budget. Obama was thrilled with these budgets and signed happily. They went on a spending spree like the country has never seen before.

We wasted over a trillion dollars on green energy projects. Most of the green energy companies went bankrupt within a year with all the company executives getting big bonuses to shutter their businesses. This was a major money transfer of our money to Obama’s friends.
National Debt by Year
I know our national debt is going up, because the debt clock keeps increasing and Obama has asked Congress to raise the debt limit every year, except one. Let me get back to my original quest to determine what they mean about reducing the deficit by two-thirds. This seems to indicate we are spending less, but are we? I will analyze what the Obama administration is referring to when they claim to reduce the deficit more than any administration in history.

Take a look at the charts. On the National Debt by Year chart it is obvious to see that our national debt increased every year under our last two presidents. So that is not what the Obama team is referring to with their claim. The Surplus / Deficit by Year chart seems to provide the answer. A couple of observations. GW Bush’s first year he had a surplus. He inherited a budget under control at the end of the Clinton Administration.
Surplus / Deficit by Year
Obama’s first budget marks their high for spending in the red. If they would have solved the crisis and stopped there, some accolades might be due, but because of the spending spree they went on to grow the government, they economy started to slow and subsequent years the deficit stayed high. After sequester the budget was decreased, thus the deficit decreased. So when the Obama administration claims they reduced the deficit by two-thirds, they mean they are still spending more than they bring in, but we are not going down the drain quite as fast. They are competing against their own high of minus $1.4 trillion down to minus $448 billion. Obama’s claim to reduce the deficit more than any president in history is only possible because he raised it so high to begin with.

It is kind of like Sears used to do. They liked to raise their prices a few weeks before they had a sale. It is called sleight of hand in some circles. We need a president and congress to attack the budget like Clinton and Newt Gingrich did. We need to reduce government spending and pay down our debt.

All Hillary and Bernie talk about is how much more of our money they are willing to spend to buy more votes. That is a really dumb idea.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family Health Update

Sorry I have not written in a week or so. We are struggling through some family issues at this time. I will try to get back to my Thought and Ideas the end of the week,

Kathi and I are doing fine. Our boys are well also. AJ is in Austin, Christopher is in Pasadena and Kathi and I are staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson.

The last report I made on family illness, Kathi's stepfather, Jim Hathaway was in the hospital with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. He was moved from Patient's Hospital in Pasadena last week to the Kindred Nursing Home across the beltway from the hospital. Early this morning he passed away from the pneumonia from which he was unable to recover. Jim has been a member of the Clark family for 45 of his 86 years – a long blessed life. He will be missed by all of us. His funeral is Friday at 2:00 pm at the Paul U Lee Funeral Home in La Porte, TX.

Jim's Children, Rick Hathaway, Becky Boyd and Jon Hathaway have been seeing to Jim's care at the hospital and nursing home. They also made funeral arrangements.

Kathi's brother Larry Clark was in the Methodist Hospital recovering from pneumonia brought on by his weakened condition while recovering from leukemia. Larry has since been released from the hospital and returned home, only visiting the clinic two days per week. Kathi and I took him to the clinic on Thursday. He is still weak and we use a wheel chair to get him around the clinic. At home he is able to get round using a walker, but we watch him pretty close. His legs do not support him if he stands for too long.

Saturday we got a call from Larry that his wife, Andrea was having severe stomach pain. We came over and found her laying flat on the floor at the foot of her bed trying to find a position that would relieve the pain. Pain medication on hand was little help. Andrea needed to go to the hospital for evaluation, but she could not walk. Kathi called an ambulance and had her transported to Patient's Hospital.

We were not very hopeful that the doctors would find the cause of the problem, because she had gone to the emergency room numerous times before and their best diagnosis was irritable bowel syndrome. This time they actually found a problem. Andrea had a obstruction caused by a hernia.

They called in a surgeon, Dr. Gelber. He operated on Andrea's stomach on Sunday afternoon. She is recovering in Patient's Hospital and will be there several more days.

In the meantime, Kathi and I are staying with Larry at his home. I stay with him when Kathi needs to go to the hospital to check on Andrea. Kathi has been using their spare bedroom for the last few days, since Andrea is away from home. I have been acting as gofer and staying in our RV in Dickinson at night.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers that have come our way. We appreciate all thoughts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Climate Change News

Most of the readers know my position on the climate change debate. I am firm in my belief that there are no climate scientists. By definition, a scientist is a person that uses scientific methods to search for the truth. This is not the approach the climate change people have taken on the issue. Politicians, originally led by Al Gore decided what the answers should be regarding climate change and created a computer program to manipulate the data that supported the pre-conceived conclusion. A few years ago Al Gore realized the data did not support global warming, so he changed the name of his initiative to climate change. He gets paid tremendous amounts of money for his seminars and speeches.

Government grants are only available to people who are willing to say global warming is real, regardless of the data. In fact, climate change political operatives work hard to discredit anyone that disagrees with them. Philippe Verdier was a popular weatherman on French TV. He recently released a book called “Climate Investigation” that denies global warming. He was promptly removed from his television job. I hope he makes enough money on his book so that losing his job is not catastrophic to him.

Climatologists that support global warming refuse to share their source data. When the climate change politicians discovered actual data does not support their computer program, President Obama assigned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to go around the world and change actual data.

They have been reporting warming temperatures and Antarctic ice loss for years. NASA finally discovered what most real scientists already knew. Antarctic ice is increasing each year. Everyone at NASA did not get the memo. Eric Rignot is a NASA glaciologist that still thinks Antarctica ice melting is going to raise sea levels three feet in the next 60 years. There is some supposition that one NASA group may be using old data.

The United Nations championed the global warming idea as a means to transfer money from successful countries to poorer countries. There are many more poor countries, than successful countries, so there are a lot of voices clamoring for this money transfer to take place.

There is a another UN sponsored climate change meeting the end of November and into December of this year (2015) to try and get an international climate change treaty. At the last meeting they held, they tried to pass a treaty that set up an international climate court that would hear climate accusations. The UN wants poor countries to sue rich countries for causing the climate to change and get big bucks for the harm we cause them. That attempt failed. The basic difference from the last attempt at a treaty is that they changed the word from court to tribunal for this go around. There are more poor nations than rich nations, so guess who wins the majority vote.

My understanding is that Barack Obama is anxious to sign this treaty, because it will make him a foreign affairs legend – what a legacy.  As a matter of fact, 130 poor countries will not sign the new UN treaty being developed, unless big money transfers are made available from wealthy countries to poorer countries. Would you believe China and India are considered poor countries and could sue the United States, when they are causing most of the air pollution? We need a president that does not despise his own country. We are being led by the enemy. Thank you Democrats.