Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Climate Change News

Most of the readers know my position on the climate change debate. I am firm in my belief that there are no climate scientists. By definition, a scientist is a person that uses scientific methods to search for the truth. This is not the approach the climate change people have taken on the issue. Politicians, originally led by Al Gore decided what the answers should be regarding climate change and created a computer program to manipulate the data that supported the pre-conceived conclusion. A few years ago Al Gore realized the data did not support global warming, so he changed the name of his initiative to climate change. He gets paid tremendous amounts of money for his seminars and speeches.

Government grants are only available to people who are willing to say global warming is real, regardless of the data. In fact, climate change political operatives work hard to discredit anyone that disagrees with them. Philippe Verdier was a popular weatherman on French TV. He recently released a book called “Climate Investigation” that denies global warming. He was promptly removed from his television job. I hope he makes enough money on his book so that losing his job is not catastrophic to him.

Climatologists that support global warming refuse to share their source data. When the climate change politicians discovered actual data does not support their computer program, President Obama assigned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to go around the world and change actual data.

They have been reporting warming temperatures and Antarctic ice loss for years. NASA finally discovered what most real scientists already knew. Antarctic ice is increasing each year. Everyone at NASA did not get the memo. Eric Rignot is a NASA glaciologist that still thinks Antarctica ice melting is going to raise sea levels three feet in the next 60 years. There is some supposition that one NASA group may be using old data.

The United Nations championed the global warming idea as a means to transfer money from successful countries to poorer countries. There are many more poor countries, than successful countries, so there are a lot of voices clamoring for this money transfer to take place.

There is a another UN sponsored climate change meeting the end of November and into December of this year (2015) to try and get an international climate change treaty. At the last meeting they held, they tried to pass a treaty that set up an international climate court that would hear climate accusations. The UN wants poor countries to sue rich countries for causing the climate to change and get big bucks for the harm we cause them. That attempt failed. The basic difference from the last attempt at a treaty is that they changed the word from court to tribunal for this go around. There are more poor nations than rich nations, so guess who wins the majority vote.

My understanding is that Barack Obama is anxious to sign this treaty, because it will make him a foreign affairs legend – what a legacy.  As a matter of fact, 130 poor countries will not sign the new UN treaty being developed, unless big money transfers are made available from wealthy countries to poorer countries. Would you believe China and India are considered poor countries and could sue the United States, when they are causing most of the air pollution? We need a president that does not despise his own country. We are being led by the enemy. Thank you Democrats.


  1. My comment to you is this. These "climatologist" are scientist, who are supposed to be experts when it comes to science. Science is the truth, "whether you believe it or not".

    1. Scientists do not make up data, Paul. And that's the truth.