Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family Health Update

Sorry I have not written in a week or so. We are struggling through some family issues at this time. I will try to get back to my Thought and Ideas the end of the week,

Kathi and I are doing fine. Our boys are well also. AJ is in Austin, Christopher is in Pasadena and Kathi and I are staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson.

The last report I made on family illness, Kathi's stepfather, Jim Hathaway was in the hospital with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. He was moved from Patient's Hospital in Pasadena last week to the Kindred Nursing Home across the beltway from the hospital. Early this morning he passed away from the pneumonia from which he was unable to recover. Jim has been a member of the Clark family for 45 of his 86 years – a long blessed life. He will be missed by all of us. His funeral is Friday at 2:00 pm at the Paul U Lee Funeral Home in La Porte, TX.

Jim's Children, Rick Hathaway, Becky Boyd and Jon Hathaway have been seeing to Jim's care at the hospital and nursing home. They also made funeral arrangements.

Kathi's brother Larry Clark was in the Methodist Hospital recovering from pneumonia brought on by his weakened condition while recovering from leukemia. Larry has since been released from the hospital and returned home, only visiting the clinic two days per week. Kathi and I took him to the clinic on Thursday. He is still weak and we use a wheel chair to get him around the clinic. At home he is able to get round using a walker, but we watch him pretty close. His legs do not support him if he stands for too long.

Saturday we got a call from Larry that his wife, Andrea was having severe stomach pain. We came over and found her laying flat on the floor at the foot of her bed trying to find a position that would relieve the pain. Pain medication on hand was little help. Andrea needed to go to the hospital for evaluation, but she could not walk. Kathi called an ambulance and had her transported to Patient's Hospital.

We were not very hopeful that the doctors would find the cause of the problem, because she had gone to the emergency room numerous times before and their best diagnosis was irritable bowel syndrome. This time they actually found a problem. Andrea had a obstruction caused by a hernia.

They called in a surgeon, Dr. Gelber. He operated on Andrea's stomach on Sunday afternoon. She is recovering in Patient's Hospital and will be there several more days.

In the meantime, Kathi and I are staying with Larry at his home. I stay with him when Kathi needs to go to the hospital to check on Andrea. Kathi has been using their spare bedroom for the last few days, since Andrea is away from home. I have been acting as gofer and staying in our RV in Dickinson at night.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers that have come our way. We appreciate all thoughts.

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