Friday, November 20, 2015

My Thoughts on Immigration

The first two years Barack Obama was in office, he, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ran rough shod over congress, Republicans and Democrats alike. None of the bills Republicans were interested in could get brought up in either house. Harry Reid decided how many amendments were allowed on each bill and entered all the amendments himself to keep the Republicans from changing any of the laws they passed. Reid scheduled votes at midnight the day before congress recesses to force both Dems and Reps to go along with what he (and I assume Obama) wanted passed.

Reid then took a budget bill passed by the House of Representatives, gutted the house language and turned it into Obamacare. By using what was originally a budget bill generated in the house Reid could use the reconciliation process to pass Obamacare. That means they could pass the bill with 50 votes and Republicans could not filibuster the bill. They still had to bribe three Democrat Senators and hoodwink another to get the fifty votes required to pass the bill. This may be the most disingenuous piece of legislation to pass congress in the history of our nation.

Then Reid again changed the senate rules to allow Obama to stack all the courts with liberal Democrats with only 50 votes. Republicans could object, but they could not stop them and now federal courts are full of left-leaning judges.

These tactics were unheard of in modern times and helped get us into the situation we are in now in congress. Harry, Nancy and Barack then went on a tirade in the media talking about Republican obstruction, knowing with the rule changes the Republicans could not obstruct anything.

Even with all these shenanigans going on, Democrats did not try to pass an immigration bill, even though Obama promised to do so during his first term in office.

Obamacare was so objectionable to the public that the mid-term election of 2010, Republicans won enough seats in the House of Representatives that the Republicans became the majority. The triumvirate of Reid, Pelosi and Obama could no longer run rough shod over the country, using congress as a weapon against the people.

Then Obama decided it was time to talk about immigration. The Democrats always want full amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the country, thinking that will firm up the Democrat voting bloc in the country. Democrats made a deal with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s that if he gave illegal aliens amnesty, they would help close the border to more illegals entering. That never happened and it never will. Each time a Democrat is in office they try to flood Republican states with illegal aliens, thinking these are their voters of the future. Obama could not get an immigration bill through congress, so he started writing executive orders to give semi-legal status to illegal aliens he was flooding into our country from Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Nicaragua and lately even from Cuba. Obama and his State Department were putting ads in Newspapers and TV inviting potential Democrat voters to flood states controlled by Republicans.

Obama’s foreign policies have created a vacuum in the Middle East and a continuous war zone in Syria and Iraq allowing ISIS to grow and spread. Obama and the Democrats are using different tactics, but the same rhetoric to try and flood our county with immigrants from Syria and Iraq, knowing there is no way to assure that this immigration mob is ISIS free and of course it is not.

I have nothing against any of the immigrants, but I do have serious issues with this unlawful president that is willing to sacrifice American citizens to grow the Democrat party. He is a proven liar and not smart enough to listen to professionals that report to him. He only listens to political operatives for advice and guidance.

Under these circumstances, I would not agree with any immigration initiative this president wants us to address. I am in favor of stopping all immigration, until we get a president that cares more about the American people than he does about political victories. I want the border sealed and I want every individual that crosses our border to be documented and entered into a database so they can be counted like all other inhabitants of this country. If they want to be Americans, let’s treat them like we treat Americans. Or has being illegal become a protected class under this president? After all his is releasing criminals from jails all over the country. I thought safety of the American people was his only job. Someone should mention it to him.